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Nutri Pro Balance Protein Powder help to AID MUSCLE TONE(纽西兰蛋白质增加肌肉力量)

Protein is the major food source from which blood , muscle and tissues are built.This product contains Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA)which helps to increase muscle strength and help to build muscle.It can improve maximum weight gain , help the large breed owner to boost their puppy to acheive the maximum size during their growing period and increase appetite, regain energy and health for thin,sick dog an d weakly puppy. 
It also contains Vitamin C , Calcium and Phosphorus which can help to mantain strong bone , teeth and gums. Besides, Vitamin E in the powder helps to maintain heart and circulation, healthy immune system and healthy energy level.
This product provides nutrition which comprehensive needs by the small, medium,large & giant breed and even the pregnant female
( mother and puppy). It is an important supplement for dogs and puppies to promote optimum health. it delicious taste makes dogs love it a lot. it is easy to handle and mixes well into the dog food.

纽西兰蛋白质是构建血液,肌肉及身体组织的主要食物来源。本产品含有支链氨基酸(BCAA )能助于增加肌肉力量和肌肉的形成。此产品含有维生素C,钙和磷,能保持强劲的骨骼,牙齿和牙龈。维他命E则能保持健康的心脏和血液循环,让狗狗时常保持在健康的免疫系统和能量水平。适合给大中小或特大狗狗。甚至是怀孕中的母狗和小狗。美好的味道让狗狗对之喜爱。非常方便处理, 只需均匀的加入狗狗的食物即可。

Price/价格 : RM140 ( included postage/包邮)

Tel / 电话 :016-2549377 ( Miss Tan )
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