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Title General Online Tutorials (Videos & Slides)
Registration Date 30/Mar/2015 12:16:18

We've created many online tutorials to help you with your journey on 11street.


 No  Tutorial Name  File TypeLanguage  Link
  Seller Registration      
   1   How to Register as 11street Seller    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   2   Seller Office Overview    Video    EN   Click here 
       Powerpoint   EN    Click here 
  Product Listing
   3   Product Management    Video    EN   Click here 
   4   How to Upload Product    Video    EN   Click here 
       Video    BM  Click here 
       Video    CN  Click here 
       Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   5   Product Bulk Listing    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   6   Bulk Update for Product Pricing    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   7   Pre-Order Sales    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   8   How to Disable a Pop-Up Blocker    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
  Order Management
   9   Order Management    Video    EN   Click here 
   10   Order Management (Cancellation, Return & Exchange)    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
  Shipping Management
   11   Shipping Management    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   12   Shipping Template    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
  Sales / Settlement Management
   13   Sales Cancellation by Seller    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   14   Settlement Management      Video    EN   Click here 
   15   Sales / Settlement Status    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   16   Order Settlement    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
  Promotion Management
   17   Promotion Management    Video    EN   Click here 
   18   Create Your Own Promotion Page    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
  Member Management
   20   Member Management    Video    EN   Click here 
   21   Change Password    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   22   Seller Cash & Credit    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   23   Seller Grade & Score    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
  Page Improvement
   24   Front Office Management    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   25   How to Increase Conversion Rate    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   26   How to Insert Youtube Video into Product Listing    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   27   How to Sync Your Product from EasyStore to 11street    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   28   GST Management    Powerpoint   EN   Click here 
   29   FAQ Selling on 11treet    Powerpoint   EN   Click here