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Yanhee 美白霜 Whitening cream 20g

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产品名称:Yanhee 然禧 美白霜  


主要成分: 净化水,谷胱甘肽,矿物油,传明酸,熊果苷,甘油,鲸蜡醇,保湿剂,异链烷烃,聚山梨醇酯,焦亚硫酸钠,尼泊金甲酯,乙醇酸,尼泊金丙酯,库拉索芦荟叶萃取精华,维生素E,维生素B3,聚丙烯酰胺









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Product Name:Yanhee Whitening cream
Place of origin:Thailand 
Size / Capacity:20G / branch
For people:Male / Female
[IngredientWater purification , glutathione , mineral oil, tranexamic acid , arbutin , glycerin , cetyl alcohol , humectants , iso-paraffins , polysorbate , sodium metabisulfite , methyl paraben , glycolic acid, Nigeria propylparaben , Aloe vera leaf extract , vitamin E, vitamin B3, polyacrylamide.

1.Now dilute melanin within the skin ingredients.
2 .Whitening skin , and the skin becomes shiny..
3.Moisturize the skin , making the skin firmer , become white and delicate, transparent and flexible
Component Description:

1. Purified waterPure water

2.glutathioneGlutathione:To prevent cell damage caused by ultraviolet rays . Because it is oxidized glutathione itself lose their effect. When the UV effects overThe role of glutathione , glutathione is consumed , it will be produced melanin . Therefore , continuous supplement glutathione, reduced conversion of melanin opportunity or protective skin whitening quite effective.

3.mineral oilMineral oil

4.tranexamic acidTranexamic Acid:Can rapidly inhibit tyrosinase enzyme and enzyme activity of melanocytes and melanin-concentrating prevent the occurrence , in addition to greater stability from the environment , but also can inhibit melanin production .

5.arbutinArbutin:One very well-known whitening ingredients . In the whitening ability , Arbutin more on Tyrosinase activity has excellent inhibition.


7 .cetyl alcoholCetyl alcohol:Skin oils , moisture,Not greasy,Enhanced skin absorbent ; stabilizing , thickening effect .


9.Polysorbate 60,Polysorbate10.sodium metabisulfiteSodium metabisulfite

11.methylparabenMethyl paraben

12.glycolic acidGlycolic:As an AHA,Make the skin surface of the skin lipids soft viscose , to facilitate removal of old skin , accelerating cell regeneration , reduce wrinkles and scars , increase your skin , whitening effect, due to the glycolic acid is a molecule in the more the small , easy to penetrate into the skin , which is the role of the most rapid acid.


14.aloe barbadensis leaf extractAloe vera leaf extract extract:Aloe leaf extract is rich in amino acids, vitamins , and various mineral salts, known for its moisture-binding efficacy , for the very ideal lotion can penetrate deep natural balance skin pH.

15.tocopherolVitaminE:VitaminECan delay the aging of cells , can help prevent scarring wound healing, anti-oxidation, reduce the deposition of age spots . Antioxidants, oil-soluble substance , to avoid the lipid peroxidation and protecting cell membranes .

16.Vitamin B3VitaminB3 ::Promoting the proliferation of skin cells , anti-oxidation, inhibition of melanin accumulation.



After cleansing the face , apply whitening cream evenly on the entire face and neck rubbed , to massage with your fingers , pat the skin to fully absorb , in order to achieve the best effect of whitening care . Can be used every day morning and evening after cleansing the face.


Special Note:

Do not touch your eyes , if inadvertently penetrate into the eye , wash immediately with plenty of water .

Please put a cool room and avoid direct sunlight or high temperatures.

Please put infants and young children unable to obtain.



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