Wuling Shen Plus 30 capsules X 500 mg [Best Selling Sleep Supplement]

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The Wuling Mushroom, also known as Wuling Mycelia grows in the underground white termites’ abandoned nest and is extremely scarce for its difficult acquirement. Its essential components are the lignin, cellulose, pentosan, soluble sugar, minerals as well as nitrogen substance.  The toxicology experiment on Wuling Mycelia powder has shown its nonexistence of toxic side effects such as  inducing cancerous growth, cell abnormality and tumorizing the cells. In the contribution to the therapy of insomnia, the efficiency of Wuling is 91.1% achievable whereas Wuling capsule not only promotes sound sleep but also enhances memory and cognitive function in neuro-health maintenance. In the remedy for woman menopause symptom, it helps balance endocrine secretion that boosts metabolism, upgrades immunity function and activates blood-cell growth.

The research shows that wuling is abundant of unique nutritional ingredients and the bioactive properties including adenosine glucoside, the polysaccharide, 19 varieties of amino acids, 16 out of 18 known metallic elements such as zinc, calcium, iron etc that use to be efficient in human diets and micro organic germanium.  Fat-soluble vitamins are also available including Vitamin D2 K1 E beta-carotene and the water-soluble vitamins like B1 B2 B6, vitamin E and the B6.

The modern Chinese medicine pharmacology test result on Wuling appears to have the following effectiveness:

1. Promoting immunities functions.  
2. Mind-tranquilizing function that promotes quality sleep.
3. Protective effect on neuro-functions.
4. Anti-fatigue and enhancement on tolerant capacity to resist oxygen deficiency.
5. Anti- senile functions.
6. Diuresis and reduce blood serum ammonia concentrations.
7. Promote blood growth

This is a traditional medicine.
Indication: Traditionally used for health and strengthening the body.
Recommended Dosage: 2-3 capsules 3 times daily after meals.
-Do not exceed the stated dose.
-Pregnant women are prohibited to take this herb. Breast feeding: Insufficient reliable data

-Please consult your phamarcist/ doctor before taking this product.
-Safe use of ginseng in pregnant women and children has not been established.
-Safety on long term use has not been established.
Store in a cool place below 30C, protect from light and moisture. Keep out of reach of children.
Product Registration No.: MAL20051428TC


珍稀、名贵中药 “ 乌灵参 ” (别名:雷震子)

乌灵参 - 野生乌灵参生长于地下白蚁废弃的蚁巢上,采掘困难,故极为稀少。 其主要成份是木质素和纤维素,还含有多缩戊糖、可溶性糖、矿物质及含氮物质。毒理学试验证明乌灵菌粉无任何毒副作用和致癌、致畸、致突变作用。 针对心肾不交失眠症疗有效率达 91.1 %。 " 乌灵胶囊 " 既促进镇静安眠、又能益智健脑、增加记忆,具有调节内分泌代谢平衡,增加免疫能力和造血功能,特别对妇女更年期症状都有扶正调节作用。 研究证明,乌灵(参)菌粉内含有其独特的营养成份及生理活性物质,主要的成份有腺苷、多糖、 19 种氨基酸,目前已知人体所必需的 18 种金属元素在乌灵(参)菌粉中就有 16 种,并且膳食中最易缺乏的元素,如:锌、钙、铁等,在乌灵(参)菌粉中含量较高,并有微量的有机锗。脂溶性维生素有:维生素 D2 K1 E β -胡萝卜素;水溶性维生素有: B1 B2 B6 ,其中维生素 E 和 B6 含量很丰富。

现代中医药理试验结果显示乌灵胶囊具如下效用: -
  1. 免疫功能。 镇静安眠作用。 护脑作用。 抗疲劳作用和耐缺氧能力显著地增加服药小白鼠游泳时间和爬杆时间(比对照组分别增加 140 %)表明本品有较好的抗疲劳作用。 抗衰老作用。
  2. 利尿和降低血清尿素氮作用。
造血功能 。 适用对象:小解困难或刺痛者 , 失眠者或其他更年期症状病患等。

西洋参 - 长久以来知名于其强心,润肺,补肾之功效;能有效治理虚火引致的失眠,焦虑,暴躁易怒症状。
  • 中医相信西洋参具助情壮阳成分,又能安神静心,强身提神,抗乏。 具增强人体应变能力化学物质,能安神益智,具促眠宁神,抗压,抗抑郁等心灵失调功效。 具清热润燥的功效,能宣肺、利咽、祛痰止咳、消肿排脓,对呼吸系统的保养提供了保护作用。 同时是疲劳康复剂,能增强肌肉活力。
  • 有健胃、潤腸之功效,能舒缓食欲不振症状。

包装:每盒30粒胶囊 / 每粒净重500mg


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