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V2 / V-II Virginal Queen V2 卵巢保养 (1 box / 20 sachets x 5g)

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V2 / V-II Virginal Queen V2 卵巢保养 (1 box / 20 sachets x 5g)image

Sino-Germany Collaboration Biotechnology

Women of new era generation, they have to face of socio economic problem and family pressures, the most sad problem is physiological problem. From the stage of teenage period, adulthood, middle age to old age, women must face all sorts of different physiological changes according to hormone imbalance greatly which affect menstrual problems, such as fertility, dry skin, face bleak, frigidity, breast sagging, premature aging and so on.
Therefore,V-II is the best female life good helper!

Magical Effects 

  • Enough blood for menstrual regulation, female beauty stay tune
  • Menstrual pain lesser, lesser vaginal discharge, not easy to feel cold
  • Improve frigidity
  • Eliminate odours uterus
  • Cervical Cancer Prevention
  • Bust firming
  • Improve sleep, pigmentation
  • Delay menopause
  • Endocrine conditioning
  • Conditioning postpartum uterine prolapse

Main Ingredients

Kaqi Fatimah Kacip Fatimah
Maintain a youthful, anti-aging skin smooth and delicate
Enhanced femininity
Coordination of married life
Enhance the chances of conception
Strong bone, enhance memory
Menstrual allowed
Improve menstrual pain, vaginal discharge 

Papaya Extract Papaya
Promote metabolism
Enhance immunity
Prevention of cardiovascular disease
Improve diabetes, cancer
Eliminate fatigue, intestinal peristalsis
Repair of cells and tissues, bust up

Red Grape Extract Red Grape
Elimination of free radicals
Prevent platelet aggregation

Motherwort (Leonuri)/ Motherwort
Blood to regulate menstruation, bleeding, abdominal pain, vaginal discharge for women
Nephritis edema, smart head, shun gas bleeding
Tailou dystocia, uterine bleeding, menstrual disorders
Pants shrink, anti-inflammatory, diuretic
Bleeding, menstrual pain, infertility
Hematuria, uremia, the wind
Uterine cancer, breast cancer, dizziness

Oak gall extract Manjakani
Strengthen and firm the vaginal wall
Recovery vagina tight
Reduce vaginal discharge odor
Improve frigidity
Dissemination of women’s charm

Pueraria Lobata Mirifica
Promote cell regeneration
Regulating physique
Bust Up and bust friming
Eliminate toxins from the body
Increased libido
Ease the female endocrine disorders
Restore youth 

V-II 9’s most wanted of a women

1). Lack of sexual life for those loose vagina caused by compression of the female vaginal muscles toe coccyx (medicine called PC muscle) contraction Zhang sexual activity, vaginal wall exudate is seeping under stimulated. Young healthy women PC muscle function is good, elastic index is high, when in their sex life, PC muscle will lead to vaginal rhythmic compression, bring immense pleasure to both sides, PC excessive stretching and contraction of muscle fibers, the vagina becomes smooth without wrinkles, dryness and loose the majority, reflecting the decline stimulate the vaginal wall exudate reduction, followed by a request to reduce sexual libido gradually indifference, sexual pleasure base dissipated, couples career than ever before, and its direct impact on the quality of life is landing. So vaginal relaxation is married life “cooling agents”, the couple emotional “third party.” 

2). Postpartum women were genital and uterine damage care, rapid discharge of residual cells in the vagina and toxic materials, but also can quickly restore vaginal elasticity and sensitivity.

3). Office of the lack of long-term sitting outdoor sports, women’s long-term wear tights. Due to slow blood circulation, muscle metabolism and poor reproductive organs, nerve endings cell activation ineffective, reduced sensitivity.

4). Vaginal dryness, easily lead to organ damage qualitative women.

5). Gynaecological diseases, such as vaginitis, cervical decay and inflammation, endometritis, uterine prolapse, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation, vaginal odor, fungal infectious disease, uterine fibroids.

6). Sex marital disharmony life, the need to improve the condition of vaginal relaxation, improve sexual sensitivity, understanding adolescent feel, enhance vaginal muscle contraction force, hoping to get more for your husband, doting female.

7). Middle-aged women have amenorrhea due to middle-aged women after menopause, vaginal dryness and often in a closed state, the old cells can not be excreted with monthly blood.

8). Overcast blow dry, as if when deflated vaginal sex, sexual process of blowing cold air. Vaginal dryness, discoloration, sex becomes painful torture.

9). Face dull, plaques, acne who TCM theory “is exhausted woman with blood, Lai has raised blood” and mechanism based on “any two veins were washed from the cell, the uplink in the face” of. Chong and Ren second pulse blood filling material is the basis for the movement of basic female physiology, liver, kidney, spleen, stomach efficacy disorders, affecting any hard red blood filling, showing the face dull, dull, irregular menstruation. So not only is good or bad blood in the face, but the body is healthy in a real response. Either red blood filling two veins, the body healthy, the skin delicate, soft white, shiny, no pigmentation.

1). V-IIplant extracts are natural foods?
V-IIplant essence is a natural drink, full conditioning of female hormones, endocrine system, muscle stimulation can restore the young, vaginal intercourse to increase the quality of contraction.
2). V-IIplant essence is safe to drink it?
V-IIplant extracts are from Germany, using high-tech Sino-Germany Collaboration Biotechnology unique formula made from the world’s recognized authority SGS tests proved non-toxic and safe to drink. Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) multiple testing agencies proved free of heavy metals, medicine and doping ingredients.
3). Which women should not drink V-IIplant essence?
V-IISecurity degree V-II plant essence is very high, but for safety reasons, pregnant and lactating women hanged.
4). Drinking V-IIplant essence how long can be effective?
Most people drink, can have a good striking effect within two weeks (28 years and older are encouraged each morning and evening a pack), the most obvious is increased secretions, pants shrink, make married life more feeling, more likely to climax met.
5). V-IIplant extracts can be long-term drinking it?
Yes, because it is a natural drink, plus the body always will be aging. Long-term drinking will make cell activity, greatly improving the quality of life, beautiful skin, more youthful, as if living in the reversal of time.
6). Plenty of people drank V-II plant essence, there will be some reaction, such as: menstrual allowed, skin, face, chest and lower body will be a little itchy feeling, what you can continue to drink it?
Yes, becauseV-II is a full-conditioning plant extracts female physiology nutrition, this process will cause the affected area of the body has all sorts of Dusk dizzy responses to this phenomenon is the better part of a brief response, ease of drinking, usually within a week will disappear.
7). V-II plant extracts and other products can drink it?
Yes, because V-II plant essence is a healthy food, not a drug.
8). Drinking V-II-dependent plant extracts drink?
Will not.
9). How to drink V-IIplant essence?
Every one to two small, empty stomach, the better. See Yee women over 28 years old sooner or later each one package.
10). Why V-IIplant essence how fast it effective?
Because V2 plant essence is the use of high-tech, dissolving sublingual absorption through the mouth, without gastric damage, quickly absorbed by the body.

活血调经、调阴养颜 改善经痛、白带、怕冷

卡琪花蒂玛 Kacip Fatimah
保持青春, 延缓老化皮肤光洁细腻

木瓜提取物 Papaya

红提葡萄 Red Grape

益母草 (Leonuri)/ Motherwort

橡树瘿提取物 Manjakani

野葛根 Lobata Mirifica

V-II 九种女性最须要
1). 性生活过频引起的阴道宽松者,女性阴道的压缩靠趾骨尾骨肌群(医学称PC肌)的缩张性活 动,阴道壁渗液是在受刺激下渗出的。年青健康的女性PC肌功能好 ,弹力指数高,在性生活的进行时,PC肌会带动阴道有节律的压缩,给双方带来无比愉悦,PC肌纤维过度拉伸和收缩,阴道变的平滑无褶皱,干涩而松弛广大, 刺激反映下降,阴道壁渗液减少,继而性请求减少,性欲逐渐冷漠,性快感基础消散,夫妻生涯大不如从前,其直接影响就是性生活质量降落。因此阴道松弛是夫妻 生活的“降温剂”,夫妻情感的“第三者”。

2). 产后女性,进行阴部和子宫损伤护理,快速排出阴道内残留细胞和有毒物资,同时还可以敏捷恢复阴道弹性和敏感度。

3). 长期坐办公室缺乏户外运动、长期穿紧身裤的女性。由于血液循环较慢,生殖器官肌肉新陈代谢较差,神经末梢细胞激活不力,敏感性降低。

4). 阴道干涩,轻易引发器官质性损伤的女性。

5). 各类妇科疾病患者,如阴道炎、宫颈腐烂和炎症、子宫内膜炎、子宫下垂、盆腔炎、附件炎、白带恶臭、真菌沾染性疾病、子宫肌瘤等。

6). 性冷淡,夫妻生活不协调,须要改善阴道松驰状况,提高性生活敏感度,领会少女时期的感到,增强阴道肌肉的收缩力,盼望得到丈夫更加对你的溺爱的女性。

7). 已经闭经的中老年女性,由于中老年女性闭经后,阴道常处于干燥和封闭状态,老旧细胞不能随着每月的经血排出体外。

8). 阴吹,阴干,性爱时阴道仿佛在放气,性进程吹冷风。阴道干涩变色,性爱变成苦楚受刑。

9). 面部晦暗、斑块、痤疮者,依据中医理论“女子以血为困顿,赖气血所养”及“冲任二脉均起 于胞中,上行于面部”的机理。冲任二脉气血充盈是女性生理运动的基础物资基本,肝、肾、脾、胃功效失调、影响任冲的气血难以充盈,呈现面部晦暗、无光泽、 月经不调。所以气血的好坏与否不单是面子问题,而是人体是否健康的一个真实反应。任冲二脉气血充盈,则身材健康,皮肤细腻、白嫩、有光泽、无色素冷静

V-II 常见问题

1). V-II植物精华素是天然食品吗? 
2). V-II植物精华素安全饮用吗?
V-II植物精华素是来自德国,采用高科技Sino-Germany Collaboration Biotechnology独特配方制成拥有世界权威SGS化验认,证明无毒及安全饮用。马来西亚卫生部(KKM)多个化验机构证明不含重金属、西药及禁药成份。
3). 哪些女性不宜饮用V-II植物精华素?
4). 饮用V-II植物精华素多久可见效?
5). V-II植物精华素可以长期饮用吗?
6). 少许的人饮用了V-II植物精华素之后,会出现一些反应,如:经期不准,皮肤,脸部,胸部及下身会有少许发痒的感觉,请问可以继续饮用吗?
7). V-II植物精华素可以和其它产品饮用吗?
8). 饮用V-II植物精华素会有依赖性吗?
9). 如何饮用V-II植物精华素?
10). 为什么V-II植物精华素怎么快见效呢?












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