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Tremella-Dx+ J´pan Enzyme Nite Slimming+Detox+Anti-aging+Whitening

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The world’s Japanese enhanced recipe (16 pack x 20gm) 

White Fungus Enzyme 

4 Crucial Market Demands: 

Detox, Slimming, Whitening, and Staying Healthy. 

Additional Benefits: 

The perfect combination of thirty efficient functions (30 in 1): 

Fat suppression, body slimming, fat reduction, lipolysis, detox of the liver, nutrient tonic, anti-melanin, prevents acne, removes blemishes, removes water retention, drains fat, improves body immunity, promotes metabolism, brightens skin complexion, improves eyesight, prevents visual diseases, liver protection,eliminates fatigue, enhances sleep, balances hormonal disorders, promotes better digestive system, rids constipation, UV and radiation protection, prevents allergy, energise body cells, blood cell cleansing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging. 

Tremella Dx+ utilises Japanese Trebeaut technology to help promote weight loss &skin whitening. 

↘Main Ingredients: 

Upgrade Ingredients Tremella Extract, 

Mix Berry Powder(Strawberry,Cranberry,Raspberry,Blueberry,Blackberry) 

Pumpkin Fruit Powder 

Vitamin C Powder,Wheat grass,Dandelion, 

Green Tea Powder,  

R.O Water 

+ L-Glutahione(new) 

-Main Ingredients: (Tremella) Fungus 

9 Major Effects: 

The White Fungus contains laxative gum, which has a strong lubricating effect. Regular consumption of Tremella Dx+ will remove most toxins from the body, thus making it an excellent solution to constipation. 

The White Fungus’ dietary fiber helps with the stomach and intestines. How so? It assists by reducing fat absorption, letting you easily lose weight. 

Tremella is also rich in natural herbal gum, added with its "Yin” properties, long-term consumption can enhance beauty, remove facial melasma and of course, freckles. 

It is also able to increase the detoxification level of the liver, protecting it from diseases; the White Fungus has also been said to have healing effects on chronic bronchitis, and even pulmonary heart diseases. 

It is rich in Vitamin D, which helps retain the body’s much needed calcium level. This is beneficial for the growth and development of the body. It is also abundant in selenium, which is capable of preventing tumors. 

The fungus also helps improve cancer patients’ radiotherapy and chemotherapy tolerance levels. How? Other than Selenium, it also contains polysaccharides, which helps enhance humoral and phagocytic activity of macrophages. It also prevents infection, promotes bone marrow growth, and prevents radiation. 

Soothe lungs and cough. The fungus can also be found in traditional treatment for Tuberculosis (TB), making it a good supplement for coughs and blood discharge. 

The active ingredient in the fungus is the acidic polysaccharides. This helps the body’s immune system with mobilising lymphocytes, strengthen white blood cells, promote blood cell formation in bone marrows, and prevent tumors from growing. 

Latest All-New Masterpiece: Also popularly known as the "White Needle” drink. 

-Second Main Ingredient: 


(Glutathione, R-Glutamyl, Cysteingl + Glycine, GSH) contains y-sulfhydryl, tripeptide glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. In fact, it can be found in most, if not all, of the body’s cells. 

Glutathione helps normalise the body’s immune system, and has anti-oxidants as well as detoxification integration, cysteine active group (also known as G-SH). 

Besides that, Glutathione also has a wide spectrum of detoxification. Not only does it detox drugs, it also has a functional food base. This helps with anti-aging, skin whitening, immunity enhancement, detox, tumor prevention, and the use of other functional foods. 

It can also help quickly get rid of melanoma, jaundice, repair damaged cells, replenish active cells to allow skin whitening for the whole body. From there, it will also help with rough skin, leaving you with smooth younger-looking skin. This gives your entire body and skin a rosy look, from the inside out, restoring skin elasticity. At the same time, it will also help reduce and remove acnes and spots. 

Another special point to note is that Glutathione also helps slow down aging cells, control cell oxidation, which in turn also prevent melanin, promote the body’s metabolism and effectively removes skin pigmentation. 


One box of Tremella-Dx+ contains 16 packets of 20gm sachets. 

Consumption method: 

Shake well before drinking 

Best to be consumed before sleep (2 packets if you wish to achieve faster and better results) 

2 litres of water have to be drank the next day after consumption, this improves the benefits 

Taste is better when chilled 

Product Verification: 

Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia 

Singapore Health Sciences Authority 

Permulab Sdn. Bhd. 

-Pregnant women, breastfeeding mums, individuals with light sickness can safely consume Tremella-Dx+. (Women who are in the later stages of their pregnancy can temporarily stop taking Tremella-Dx+, those with serious illnesses should consult a doctor before consuming Tremella-Dx+. 

Join us today in slimming down, detoxing, skin whitening, and purifying our bodies. All of this starts with Tremella-Dx+White Fungus Enzyme! 

This is the start where you will feel energy and spirit like never before! Beauty and health from the inside out starts with you, so let your dreams come true, and have the fair white skin and perfect body shape that you have always wanted! 

New package Tremella really so effective Functional enhancement! Add more detoxification and whitening ingredient!



Tremella-Dx+ (16pack x20gm)
三十種功效为一体”完美组合"(30 IN 1)

***采用日本-Trebeaut™科技补助效果 Apply Japan Tecnology TREBEAUT™ to help promote weight loss & skin whitening

升级版成分:Tremella Extract,
Mix Berry Powder(Strawberry,Cranberry,Raspberry,Blueberry,Blackberry)
Pumpkin Fruit Powder
Vitamin C Powder,Wheat grass,Dandelion,
Green Tea Powder, 
R.O Water
+ L-Glutahione(new)


谷胱甘肽(glutathione,r-glutamyl cysteingl +glycine,GSH)是一种含γ-酰胺键和巯基的三肽,由谷氨酸、半胱氨酸及甘氨酸组成。其实也存在于几乎身体的每一个细胞。谷胱甘肽能帮助保持正常的免疫系统的功能,并具有抗氧化作用和整合解毒作用,半胱氨酸上的巯基为其活性基团(故常简写为G-SH)

一盒16包, 1包20gm
- 搖一搖后打開即可飲用
- 睡前饮用效果更佳**快速達成效果可飲用2包(建議過度肥胖者)
- 隔天務必飲用2公升以上的水,已達到更好效果
全馬無限期優惠價:RM155 perbox
產品驗證:KKM/新加坡HSA/Permulab SDN BHD

今天就同我們一起瘦身排毒美白淨化身體,從Tremella-Dx+ シロキクラゲ酵素開始










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