Tourmaline Magnetic Therapy Braces Supports Health Care And Relieve Pain 11pcs Set

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Tourmaline Magnetic Therapy Braces & Supports Health Care And Relieve Pain 11pcs Set





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Tourmaline from the heat protector FAQ answers :

1 How long is the shelf life ?

A: This product is textile goods, there is no shelf life problems. Far -infrared and magnetic therapy products are their physical attributes , will remain in effect .

(2) After a period of time do not think the original is how strong the heat ?

A: This is generally produced for two reasons :

A. A long-term use because , sweat, dirt, grease, or dirt contamination of the skin from the heat generating surface , the heat from affecting the level of play. ( How that solve it ? ---------- Available water scrub or highly diluted dish detergent and then gently scrub scrub with water and then put immediately under sunlight exposure two hours to recover and absorb , store the sun's energy . can resume normal use )

B. Another reason is that after a period of time , our skin gradually adapted to this heat and tingling , it will feel when you do not have just started so hot , but the actual effectiveness of knee is no change.


3 no electricity will be able to heat, would not harmful ?

A: Please be assured , self-heating products do not contain any pharmaceutical ingredients , heating function entirely on physical action is completed, harmless to human body . You can see the product works principle . The reason why adding water will quickly heat is to make use of water can accelerate the movement of body fluids , thereby mobilizing the body of local blood circulation , while producing micro-current effect, raising the temperature of the skin epidermis .

4 with a long series of self-heating protector can be effective? I want to immediately bear fruit !

A: Our products are not drugs , nor is medical equipment, can promote good health instead of using far infrared function weaving and other high-tech bionic magnet materials have health benefits of daily use of these products can ease our body discomfort , so that our physical health , but its role is modest , gradual, it will not be as fast cure certain diseases like drugs. its role is similar to our physical exercise , the body is gradually promoted health, will not cause harm to the body , you also need to adhere to , so how long can vary completely effective , not everyone immediate, nor take it as a universal panacea .

5 self-heating of the proper use of protective gear :

A: The hot moxibustion brace face with water ( warm water in winter ) shot moist , and then directly attached to the skin care line in the area, about 20 minutes the skin gradually feeling the heat and tingling . Sticking more closely, the better the results. Use twice a day, every 3 hours , except during sleep should not wear , but also can be worn time and frequency of self-regulation based on their own circumstances . Skin burning when using a small number of people with sensitive skin , redness of the situation is normal and will not damage the skin , can be worn shortened.

Touch pads and skin should feel no heat , but using parts of the skin itself has a strong sense of thermal and acupuncture .

Feeling more heat when you can put off the brace , after burning off the feeling will last a long time .

Part of the population in the state is not coated surface wet heat can quickly feel the heat. But there are also a part of the population does not use painted difficult to quickly heat or wet heat is not high , this has a relationship with the user 's physical condition at the time and season.

6 must be close to the skin to use it?

A: The best is close to the skin , so that the heat effect is the best , most intense . Through clothing using heat effect will be weakened, but the negative ions, such as the effectiveness of magnetic therapy can still be effective for normal , fever function in contact with the skin of the state is the best, the more tightly affixed to the skin , fever, faster, more strong !

7 hot hot, unbearable, how to do ? Will not burn the skin ?

A: The skin just feels hot , it is the accumulation of large amounts of energy in a short time the feeling of the skin surface , not a real high-temperature burning skin , so do not worry about skin burns . Energy to be gradually penetrate the skin surface into the muscle or bone gap after heating hot feeling will weaken or disappear . In the more intense heat or stinging sensation when the product directly from the skin , over a period of time will ease disappear from .

8 Why feel hot after someone who is very comfortable to use , I only wear less than a searing will not stand it?

A: The product is not to self-heating moxibustion heat from outside the body , but rather to stimulate the body's own heat , so the heat is completely due to the user 's own health decisions. Generally the human body can withstand both heat or burning sensation even stronger within 2 hours after take off you can gradually return to normal. If you use it for a short time or can not afford to take off the heat after a very long continuous burning tingling, usually because of the extent of the user's body alpine heavy or weak constitutions , it is recommended to use shorter each time, stick with some time and actively cooperate with other fitness exercise at the same time , this situation will improve.

9 Why I wear for a long time do not feel the heat ?

A: There are usually two reasons:

( 1 ) Climate reasons : Average winter temperature is low and the skin dry, heat will slow or heat is not high , this time just before use to heat the wet top coat .

( 2 ) the body's own reasons : There are about 5% of people , wearing , take a long time to heat or heat is not high , it is because relatively deep capillaries or micro-circulation is poor, or low body temperature for a long time , or metabolism is not so strong , for these reasons , a long time will cause the required heat .

( 3 ) there are less than 1 % of the population due to the above physical symptoms more severe , several times prior to use may be difficult to achieve the degree of heat , it is recommended to stick with . When the product does not heat hot spots , part of it is gentle on the patient treatment , when the product is fat hot heat , the energy released is 20-30 times that it does not heat when , for the treatment of patients for the powerful .

10. Heating moxibustion brace life is how much? How to conserve wash ?

A: continuous use life of about 5000 hours under the state does not have the timing . Have a good self- energy recovery capability, so if used properly can be more prolonged use . Washing must not use any detergent , do not use soap, detergent , etc. Just scrub gently with water can . Please complete the wash within 5 minutes , washed in a cool, dry and ventilated place .

11 I feel very hot after wearing , like with the chili paste, which is not a chili ingredients ah ?

A: The self-heating moxibustion products , an encounter water or sweat molecules in the electronic materials will shift occurs , releasing a large amount of negative ions and far infrared bioelectrical , you feel , is a powerful biological current , rather than \" pepper\" , if it is chili , then, is not able to wash long times, still has fever effect .

12 Why some people reacted strongly , some people feel uncomfortable needle , there are those who have itchy feeling ?

A: This is because each person different causes of illness and different severity of infection rheumatism, cold pain siltation causes and severity vary, but also the length of the course . So everyone's feeling is different, and some people have strong thermal compared to others , and some people have a very strong feeling of pins and needles , there are those who have itching , these are normal. Do not worry about damage to the skin.

If you feel too strong , you can temporarily off , wear appropriate time in order to be able to endure .

In general , a strong sense of the needle , is due to poisoning caused by severe infection in vivo , or pores, sweat glands developed ;

There itching feeling is likely to be poor microcirculation of the skin surface , or the user 's own skin, respiratory function is not very good , so there will be a tickling sensation , usually after a period of time , more than intense symptoms will always brace for the regulation of body function gradually improved.

13 worn over a long period of time, why the heat will be weakened, how to recover heat it?

A: After a long period of time to wear due to perspiration , skin oils and dirt contaminated hot spots , there will be heat weakening phenomenon, then the need for protective gear for cleaning. General water can be cleaned , if stains heavier, with a cloth dipped in a solution of highly diluted dish detergent , and gently wipe the hot spots , and then go water clean, well-ventilated place to dry.

Usually a period of time when exposure can be protective gear and let the product absorb what the sun's energy , restore its heating effect.

14 self-heating of the product who can use it? What taboos do ?

A: Our products are magnetic nano far -infrared range , with serious heart and brain diseases and cancer , pregnant women, disabled. But whether it is a serious type of the disease need to consult a doctor, diagnosed by a doctor , the doctor will know how far infrared magnetic therapy knowledge.


  • Brand new and high quality
  • Self-heating tourmaline pad designed for whole body
  • Can effectively improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and clear the meridians, enhance immunity
  • Applicable to bone hyperplasia,cervical spondylopathy,joint pain and other symptoms of hyperthermia therapy
  • Easy to use, discreet and can be used anywhere any time
  • Safe & comfortable to wear
  • 1-2 hours per day is recommended
  • Middle layer:inlaid high penetration permanent health magnets
Package include:
  • 1 pc tourmaline neck brace
  • 1 pc tourmaline shoulder brace
  • 1 pair tourmaline elbow brace 
  • 1 pair tourmaline wrist brace 
  • 1 pc tourmaline waist brace 
  • 1 pair tourmaline knee brace
  • 1 pair tourmaline ankle brace


Item specifics:

Item Type: Braces & Supports
Material: tourmaline
Size: xl
Model Number: 11 pcs set
Color: black

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Seller Information
Seller My Easy Store
Ship-From Address Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Return/Exchange Address Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
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