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Rio Essence Stem Cell And Collagen

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"Pumps up the youthfulness in you"

Wrinkles are inevitable as people age. What if you knew the formula to reduce the signs of aging and preserve the vitality of your skin?

Introducing Rio Essence SC 1 Stem Cell & Collagen, the most innovative anti-aging health food that pumps up the youthfulness in you by generating new collagen production in your skin.

Rio Essence SC 1 Stem Cell & Collagen contains these active ingredients:

Stemcell (Lotus Extract), MarinoActiv™ (Marine Collagen), Cranberry Juice Powder, AOE™ (Blackcurrant extract), Hyaluronic Acid, Stevia Extract, Fructose and Maltose Dextrin to re-energise every cell in our body.

Anti Ageing

·         Smoothens wrinkles, Lightens facial pigmentation, adjust the amount of moisture and oil of skin.

·         Prevent overproduction of Melanin.

·         Decrease active oxygen.(Preventing from skin cancer and spots)

·         De compose fact and organize hormone

·         Control propagation of virus

·         Organize immune cells

·         Improves alertness and mental functions

·         Increase flexibility in joints and discs.

·         Regenerates cells, organ and tissue.

·         Increase vigour and vitality.

with ultimate super ingredients

(Lotus Extract)


Five to six years are needed for a cycle of a skin fibroblasts Metabolism, As we age, the metabolism if skin Fibroblasts will decrease sharply. Lotus germ extract can promote the ability of proliferation of skin fibroblastsand maintain youthful vigour.


Lotus germs cells improves the ability of the skin fibroblasts collagen. The effects on skin condition may be effected by incomplete digestion. To consume collagen orally, maintaining the function of sin fibroblasts to promote collagen Synthesis.


Lotus germ stem cell which promotes epidermal keratinocytes cell proliferation can accelerate the shedding of aging cuticle and maintain the normal thickness of epidermis.


Lotus germ cell can accelerate the recovery of epidermal keratinocytes cell after UVB burns.

Juice Powder


It provides high fiber and vitamin C contents which are essential of maintaining body health.

·         Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Prevention

·         Oral Health

·         Cardio Health and Antioxidant protection. It improves metabolism and digestive system which promotes weight loss.

Marine Collagen


Collagen consist of amino acids that is essential item to generate protein in the body till preen in human's body are composed by 20 kinds of amino acid as the body and the following 5 effects expected.

·         Regeneration of the skin

·         Fat- Burning

·         Improving Immunity

·         Improving Concentration

·         Increase bone density and improve the liver function

Hyaluronic Acid


Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is naturally present in the extracellular space of human and animal tissue as cementing substance.

·         Provides continuous moisture to the skin by binding up 1,000 times its weigh water.

·         Preventing the effects of aging.

·         Preventing joint health and eye care.



  • Lotus Stem Cells are cultured through biotechnology to retain its high quality & pureness
  • Obtains long lasting results.


  • Active ingredients merge in forming a bodyguard-like matrix to protect the cells from free radicals


  • Indeed more than just a taste treat, every sachet is lusciously packed with the goodness of beauty and health


  • 100% natural & safe, no sugar added, no preservatives, no artificial colouring or flavouring


  • RIO ESSENCE SC1 enables immediate absorption by the body


1.       What is the duration to notice the effects of consuming Rio Essence Sc1?

After consuming 1 or 2 sachet maximum everyday for a, period of 5 to 10 days, you would notice improvement tauter and hydrated skin with significant decrease in wrinkles, fine lines, open pores and pigmentations.

2.       Can Rio Essence Sc1 be consumed with other health Supplements?

Yes, Rio Essence Sc1 is a pharmaceutical grade supplement and safe consumption. It does not contain and medicinal drug ingredients.

3.       Can a women in her menopause transition years consume Rio Essence Sc1?

Yes, it is recommended and suitable for primenopausal women to consume. It help their bodies in cell activation, cell repair, endocrine system stabilization andanti aging.

4.       Can an expectant mother consume Rio Essence Sc1?

It is highly recommended that an expectant mother to consult her doctor before taking and supplement.

5.       Is Rio Essence Sc1 suitable for men?

Yes, Rio Essence Sc1 are suitable for both men and women in fighting premature asking which starts of age 25.

6.       Is there any side effect with regular use of Rio Essence Sc1?

Rio Essence Sc1 has been in existence, there has not been any reports on its side effects. Rio Essence Sc1 is manufactured in full conformity with the international safety standards. It is not a drug but registered as pharmaceutical functional supplements alike vitamins.

7.       How does it keep skin young and smooth?

Rio Essence Sc1 helps to prevent cells from Premature date due to oxidation and stimulate fibroblasts cells to promote collagen production. This results in smooth and radiant skin.

8.       Why should I take Ro Essence Sc1?

Rio Essence Sc1 promotes cell Renewed, it promotes more energetic and lesser body aches as well as firmer and smoother skin.

9.       Is there and side effect?

Our product is 100% natural and safe, which no additives, no sugar added, no preservatives, no artificial coloring or flavoring and no chemicals. 




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