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Return Legacy REOX Series H+ for skin moisture health treatment (1 bottle)

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Deep penetration into your skin, magical spray to erase the signs of aging~ H+

The idea of “Sub health” skin

The World Health Organization (WHO) expert explained that healthy skin should have the following characteristics: smooth and soft, delicate and transparent, flawless and moist, firm and elastic. Fast pace of modern life, stress, poor sleep, expose to air-conditioned environment in long period, increasingly serious of environmental pollutions, dust, ultraviolet radiation cause skin tissue becomes weak and lead the skin enter the “sub-healthy” state.

Sub-health skin usually has no obvious signs, but poor metabolism and poor circulation of blood cells cause dim and yellowish appearance, dry and aging skin, excessive oil secretion, red blood vessels appeared and skin sensitivity increased. If your skin finds above mentioned cases, it shows that your skin has entered “sub-healthy” state. When the signs and symptoms do occur, what to do? How to care for your skin?

H+ Skin Renewal Spray ~ 3 major functions: moisturizing, oil control and skin repairing

Return Legacy H+ is water based spray and rich in trace elements. It is proprietary blended and infused with Japan’s new technology-Micro Mineralised Nutrient Technology, (MMNT) and also commonly known as micro-clusters technology. This new technology is from Japanese heritage which allows molecules of trace elements become smaller to enhance penetration through the skin and to perform three excellent functions of moisturizing, oil control and skin repairing. Micro-cluster technology helps to penetrate trace elements into deep layer of skin, activate the skin cells, promote skin metabolism and blood circulation, and excrete aging cells through the skin directly. There is no stopping to achieve desired skin and stay young. By continuing using H+, the effect is absolutely to your satisfaction.

1. The benefits to face:

Characteristics Skin problems Benefits of Skin Renewal Spray H+
Moisturizing Dehydrated skin causes dull skin, skin dryness, tightness, partially skin peeling and form fine wrinkles and accelerate aging. Trace elements together with micro cluster makes water molecules become smaller, easily absorbed and quickly replenished. Meanwhile, toxin and waste will be excreted from body; it helps to keep the skin moist, tender, luster and enhances the skin elasticity.
Oil Control Hot weather and high temperature cause oily skin, clogged open pores, acne and all kinds of skin problems. When makeup is not removed completely, it is likely to cause acne and results in skin wrinkles and dark spots. Most of the people have understood the wrong concept that oily skin does not require water supplement. If you are only in the containment of “oil” fluctuate, do not rescue “thirst” of skin, it is unlikely to get rid of oily shiny skin. In fact oily skin needs supplement with moisturizer. When the skin restores adequate moisture balance, dry and oil skin will disappear. Enable to keep the most natural and good condition skin.
Skin Repairing Corneous layer located in the outermost skin and it protects the skin surface. Once the cuticle is damaged and thinned, it can significantly lower the skin resistance and defense ability, cause dehydrated skin and formation of fine wrinkles, sensitive skin, dark spots, acne and red blood vessels. Trace elements combined with micro cluster technology enhances the skin absorb nutrition and promotes cell growth. At the same time, the inhibitory effect of microbial breeding, improves the ability of skin to resist external stimuli, thus makes the skin to restore quickly.

2. Benefits from top to toe

Spray H+ that has infused with Micro Mineralised Nutrient Technology (MMNT), it accelerates blood accelerating circulation and body metabolism. Bacteria or free radicals are not easy to find the stationary point, effective antibacterial and bacteriostatic effect. This technology provides hydration balance to the skin; moisture skin will make you feel more comfortable.

h+ remove dirt

Features 1 of magic spray H+: Remove the dirt of the hair and scalp and excessive oil, to maintain the balance of the scalp.Method:


  • When shampooing, spray H+ into shampoo before proceeding.
  • After the hair dry, spray the H+ on the scalp and gently massage.
remove eye sensitive Features 2 of magic spray H+: Remove eyes sensitive issue, eyes become clearer and brighter.Method: Spray H+ on eyes.
freshen breathfreshen breath 2

Feature 3 of magic spray H+: Remove the tone, freshen breath.Method:


  • When brushing your teeth, spray H+ into toothpaste, which effectively keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  • Sprayed H+ into the mouth in order to maintain fresh breath.
eliminate armpit odor Feature 4 of magic spray H+: Eliminate armpit odor.Method: Spray H+ to armpit after every bath in order to eliminate armpit odor and balance the skin tone of armpit.
Accelerate wound healing Features 5 of magic spray H+:Accelerate wound healing.Method: Spray H+ into the wound part for speedy recovery.
remove odor of lower body Features 6 of magic spray H+:Remove the odor of lower body.Method: Spray H+ towards lower body after every bath to improve lower body odor problems.
balance the skin tone Features 7 of magic spray H+: Balance the skin tone of legs.Method: Spray H+ towards legs after every bath can brighten and balance skin tone.
Eliminate foot odor Features 8 of magic spray H+: Eliminate foot odor.Method: Spray H+ on feet before wearing shoes to maintain dry feet.

3. Eliminate odor and sterilize (Space that produce odor as: toilet, shoe cabinet, refrigerator, car and etc.)

Micro Mineralised Nutrient Technology enables to eliminate the germs in the air and bad odor of space.

eliminate odor and sterilize 1 eliminate odor and sterilize 2 eliminate odor and sterilize 3 eliminate odor and sterilize 4

Method: Spray H+ to the spaces that produce odor such as: toilet, shoes cabinet, refrigerator, car and etc.

4. Remove pesticides of fruits and vegetables

  • Micro Mineralised Nutrient Technology enables to break down and dissolve the pesticides

remove pesticides 2 remove pesticides

Method: Add in H+ during soaking of fruits and vegetables able to eliminate pesticides and maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

Steps to apply H+ on face

  • Regardless of whether you have heavy makeup, light makeup or use of sunscreen, the fundamental key to enhancing beauty of your skin is basis daily cleansing at home.
  • Add in H+ into makeup remover and cleanser, the technology of micro cluster will minimize the molecules of makeup remover and cleanser to dissolve the residue makeup quickly.
  • Rinse the face thoroughly. It is mild and without stimulation, after cleaning, the skin is moist without the sense of tension.
  • Then spray H+ on the face. Gently pat the face dry and allow H+ to be completely absorbed.
  • The last step is to use your existing skin care products. Add in H+ into your skin care products, the skincare nutrients will be more easily absorbed and have better effects.

** When apply mask, add in H+ into it, it can enhance the effectiveness of the facial mask.
** Using component: Appropriate amount

深透入您皮肤深层,抹掉岁月痕迹的神奇喷雾 ~ H+




H+焕肤美肌喷雾 ~ 保湿、控油 & 修复3大功效

Return Legacy的H+不油腻,含有丰富的微量元素,并注入了日本崭新科技微矿化营养技术(Micro-Mineralised Nutrient Technology, MMNT)或称之为微集群(micro-cluster)技术。这项全新的日本传承能让微量元素的分子团变小、加强肌肤的穿透性能,出色的实现了保湿、控油和修复皮肤的三大功效。微集群技术将微量元素深入皮肤底层,活化皮肤细胞,促进皮肤的新陈代谢和血液循环,并且能够将老化细胞通过皮肤直接排出体外。想要拥有好肌肤,想青春永驻,其实并不难。持续使用,效果绝对让您满意。



h+ remove dirt

神奇H+ 特点1:




a)  当洗头时,将H+喷在洗发液,然后才进行洗发步骤。

b)  抹干头发后,将H+喷在头皮的部分,然后轻轻的按摩。

remove eye sensitive

神奇H+ 特点2:





freshen breathfreshen breath 2

神奇H+ 特点3:




  • 当刷牙时,将H+喷入牙膏,这有效保持牙齿和牙龈健康。
  • 常常喷H+入口腔部分,以保持口气清新无异味。
eliminate armpit odor

神奇H+ 特点4:





Accelerate wound healing

神奇H+ 特点5:





remove odor of lower body

神奇H+ 特点6:





balance the skin tone

神奇H+ 特点7:





Eliminate foot odor

神奇H+ 特点8:





3. 去异味杀菌 (产生异味的空间如:厕所,鞋柜,冰橱,汽车等)


eliminate odor and sterilize 1 eliminate odor and sterilize 2 eliminate odor and sterilize 3 eliminate odor and sterilize 4

使用步骤: 喷H+在产生异味的空间如:厕所,鞋柜,冰橱,汽车等。

4. 清除蔬菜和水果的农药

  • 微集群技术有效将蔬果的农药分解和溶解。

remove pesticides 2 remove pesticides

使用步骤: 当浸洗蔬果时,加入H+,可去除农药,保持蔬果新鲜美味。


  • 无论您是大浓妆、清新淡妆或使用防晒霜而已,每天回到家里,彻底的卸妆都是要放在保养的第一步。
  • 将H+加入卸妆液和洗脸霜,微集群技术将卸妆液或洗脸霜分子团变更细小并迅速溶解残妆。
  • 然后将脸部彻底清洁干净。它性质温和无刺激,清洗后皮肤很滋润没有丝毫紧绷感。
  • 接着再喷H+于脸部。轻拍以让喷雾完全被吸收。
  • 最后步骤便是使用您原有的护肤品。在护肤品中加入H+,护肤品的营养成分将更容易被吸收,使用效果更好。

** 敷脸时,可将H+加入面膜中,对脸部的护理效果非常好。
** 使用分量:适量即可

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