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Real Crystal Brave Pendant 纯天然貔貅吊坠

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Brave is the wealth of food, financial satisfied that the food Quartet. Chinese tradition is a "brave" customs, and dragon and lion dance, as there is evil in this place away, bringing joy and good luck in the role. Lucky brave to wear can make your own fortune, transport, Lucky, security and peace. Brave covered with jewels, can bring wealth.
Brave meaning mouth to suck the Quartet, earns no pay. Especially for people whose incomes are more like floating brave, the brave usually placed in the positive fiscal or partial financial position of the home or office, remember to put brave when its head-door, so that it will be from outside bite money coming in. In addition, there are a lot of people believe that wearing brave when mahjongg can bring good luck.


Obsidian brave anti negative energy, cure disease gas, stop evil villain, pressure, strengthen the stomach function.
Obsidian is ancient symbol of wealth, there are evil spirits defends the function, health is also a big help. Obsidian, sexual energy is absorbed, extremely evil spirits, can strong resolve negative energy. Obsidian, one of Buddhism Qibao, is a symbol of ancient wealth. Can improve the reproductive system to avoid fear, anxiety, and other negative energy witchcraft spells prevented violations.

黑曜石是古代财富的象征,有辟邪化煞的功能,对健康也有大的帮助。 黑曜石,属于吸纳性能量,极度辟邪,能强力化解负能量。黑曜石,佛家七宝之一,也是古代财富的象征。能改善生殖系统,避免恐惧不安,可防止咒语巫术等负面能量侵犯。

Agate: this intellectually alert, reduce fatigue and stress, help sleep, disease gas, Lucky.
Agate with its rich colors, beautiful scene was as precious stones or for technology products. Agate is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, since ancient times have been when the talisman, amulets use the symbol of friendly love and hope, help to eliminate stress, fatigue, sewage and other negative energy.
Agate ancient scholars often called the "third eye", it is said to make the people and by the fluctuation frequency resonance, enhanced power of the atom, the electrons play a role, so the love astrology, people who study spiritual surgery, is catalyst own perspective to enhance the ability of the spirit world, which explains why more Tianzhu Tibetan jewelry agate as raw materials.
Agate is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, since ancient times have been when the talisman, amulets use the symbol of friendly love and hope, help to eliminate stress, fatigue, sewage and other negative energy.





Rose quartz pendant brave, suitable for girls to wear. Pink crystal with good promotional effect of emotional transport can help improve relationships, increase popularity, and recruit students meaning rim. Pink crystal bracelet carved for the brave, and always wear, I believe the Lord allows edge emotion, popularity, undertakings have higher level.


Golden sand - best help refresh the opportunity, and can virtually attract destined elegant arrival.
Golden sand is kind of opaque ore body, in a bright shining glittering like gold studded with sequins. Wealth is one of gold sand stone, the legendary gold sheet with its orange-red golden reflected light, with Lucky energy, can enhance the wealth and the accumulation of wealth. In addition, if meditate gold sand in hand, but also promote blood circulation. Golden sand can also increase a person clear, bright, pleasant mindfulness, and make people like to pursue higher wisdom. The gravel in India known as Wishing Stone, legend that the stone is a girl's tears and dirt form, as long as the girl holding a gold sand Wishing at 0:00 in the moonlight, the desire will be realized. Golden sand stone is one of wealth, can enhance the wealth and gather energy. Reddish brown shining gold sand like gold digger baby, the most able to help refresh the opportunity, and can virtually attract destined elegant arrival.


金沙石是种不透明的矿体,在光亮的照耀下金光闪闪,像镶满了金色的亮片。金沙石也是财运石之一,传说其橙红色金片具有金色反射光,具有招财的能量,可提升财运及聚集财富。此外,若是打坐冥想时将金沙石握在手中,更可促进血液循环。金沙石还可增加一个人清澈、明朗、愉快的觉知力,能使人喜欢并去追求更高的智慧。    金沙石在印度又叫许愿石,传说这石头是由一位少女的眼泪和泥土形成的,只要少女在晚上12点手拿金沙石在月光下许愿,那么愿望一定会实现。金砂石也是财运石之一,可提升财运和聚集能量。棕红闪耀的金砂石就象淘金者的宝贝一样,最能帮助刷新机遇,并且能无形中吸引命中注定的贵人到来。 

Aventurine - to disaster evil, anti-villain, town house, Body safe, have accumulated wealth effect.

Tanglin jade can go disaster evil spirits, town house, anti-villain, Body safe, enhance leadership and decision-making ability, and can stabilize mood, improve creativity, have therapeutic efficacy. Also make every day happy gems, have accumulated wealth effect. It can make people happy, especially for the lovelorn friend who is a quote medicine, not only to comfort broken hearts, but also promote the courage to love again. Emerald green, has always been the energy of spring, it is a thriving, full of life, rich, rich, good energy, but also represent a generalized wealth can attract good friends, the help of others, good luck, good chance, good the material energy to close, which is wealth. Speculators, gamblers carry with Lucky lucky stone.



Tiger Eye: evil spirits, block villain, improve memory, stress reduction, strengthening the stomach function.
Tiger Eye is a gem of a cat's eye effect has, mostly yellow-brown, imitation silk with light pattern within the gem. Huang Hujing bracelets can be worn to ward off evil security and peace of body, natural yellow tiger eye bracelet can also play Lucky enrichment evil effect. Tiger Eye is a very suitable crystal essential travel home, it's steady magnetic field will help us better to face life, rather than retreat from life. Tiger Eye is very stable due to the magnetic field, the magnetic field so basically it would exclude much of the crowd, so do not have too many fears and taboos when worn.



Topaz - there are evil spirits of body, get rid of evil, bad luck plagued, but also lead to wealth, the growth of money and luck.

The main color is yellow topaz, yellow symbolizes power and wealth, so in addition to wearing the topaz evil of body, but also for you to incur the wealth, the growth of money and luck, to ensure that your business is booming, career success!

Topaz can help people eliminate negative emotions, including mental stress, nervous, irritable, depression can, bring more positive energy, make positive and optimistic, full of hope, growth in the face of setbacks and challenges of courage and confidence . Also you can improve your thinking ability and logical reasoning skills. In short, wearing topaz has been enhanced to allow you to EQ and IQ in two ways.




Blue sand symbolizes progress, success, victory and glory; enhance leadership and strong power, can enhance the body's righteousness, drain evil; clear the mind and relieve stress. The main origin of blue sand: Brazil, Canada. Sandstone is a beautiful blue ore, have glittering luminous point-like substance on it. This bracelet sparkling in the sun!

Blue sand symbol of courage and perseverance, seeking financial help, enrichment; beautiful blue ribbon giving courage, confidence and willpower, increase vitality and energy; wearing blue sand can calm the nerves, can concentrate, quick mind, enhance the work of concentration and learning ability of individuals; it is part of the copper upper layer of oxygen, were found together with malachite stones, blue sand with a burst of energy, people have "bravely" the courage and spirit, enhancement decisive force; contains tiny crystals reflect light, cultured super powers most helpful.



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