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Premium Syn-AKE Blanc RevAge Silk Mask 5´s [FREE SHIPPING to W/M] + FREE GIFT

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Experience the secret of age freeze with total whitening and moisturizing effects.

Syn-AKE is one of the peptides, namely aldeline (copper peptide), which helps to promote generation of collagen fiber tissue and a unique skin tightening ingredient that normally can be found in beauty products. It is not venom or harmful but it has the characteristic of snake venom, meaning users may feel muscle tightening and cramp. It blocks nerve-muscle to received signal and creates 'freezed' muscle and tightening effect, resulting anti-aging becomes a myth in time. Also, it helps to recover fair and tender skin from beneath of your skin and makes you look more young and energetic.

Blanc RevAge Silk Mask 01A

Hollywood beauty trump numerous big names is more magical safety than the Botox and cosmetic ingredients. Mask which contains the sixth generation of potent anti-wrinkle ingredient Syn-AKE, a unique skin firming ingredients "category venom peptides" and venom secreted by the body of the serpent, as has solidified tightening effect, because of the passage of time and gravity and loss of elasticity of the skin back to life, restore firmness and elasticity of young, wrinkle repair contain groundbreaking effects SYN-AKE component and human constituents - cell structure of a protein peptide comply substance PEPTIDESOME , EGF and OXYCELL-C, etc., can identify the causes of skin aging, to infuse young cells, and immediately improve skin wrinkles, aging, and can effectively improve the genetic and hormonal changes due to natural causes internal and external causes of aging caused by surface wrinkles and internal wrinkles from the underlying skin and restore youthful vitality!!

Beauty industry latest products "venom" [Syn-AKE] has its anti-wrinkle magic comparable to Botox, neither with surgery or injections and with higher security . Such Beauty "poison", do you dare to try it?

People's facial expressions is from about 60 to neuromuscular control, regardless of frowning, laughing, yawning will affect the facial nerve, the loss of collagen and slow down metabolism, in the forehead, decrees bit and end of eye will gradually produce unsightly wrinkles. Despite the injection of Botox (botulinum toxin) to get rid of wrinkles, but often will seem unnatural, even showing a stiff expression "hard plastic surface."

In fact, the so-called beauty products venom [Syn-AKE] absolutely not true venom, is a three-peptide products, mainly analog viper venom produced by the body after the invasion of neuromuscular paralysis contraction properties, receive signals through the neuromuscular blocking the surface of wrinkles, fine lines and like pressing the pause key and your face will have an age-defying result.

•  Powerful Venom Peptides Flagship Anti-wrinkle effect.
•  Enabling the skin back to life due to loss of elasticity cause by the passage of time and gravity.
•  Restore firmness and elasticity of young skin with an unique skin firmness function and solidified tightening effect.
•  Patented whitening moisturizing formula combines with deep antioxidant, anti-irritant and inhibit melanin formation.
•  Added Q10 active Enzyme will effectively increasing uptake of glutathione whitening for 2 times.
•  Intensive direct injection to the underlying of the skins and will effectively whitening skins, reduce pigmentation, stimulate more collagen to firm up skin, restore skins moisture and increasing skins retention function.

Venom Peptides - Moisturize skin textures, help curb neuromuscular contractions that help smooth wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines.

Glutathione - Targeting whitening repel problem, get rid of yellowish skin, brightening skin color, improving skin texture, translucent white skin.

Organic Pleasant Grass - Effectively reduce the loss of hyaluronic acid of the skin, moisturizing skin, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, capturing free radicals.

Anti-bacterial Collagen - Moisturizing, nourish and repair the skin, strengthen the skin elasticity and the efficacy of soft tissue.

Pomegranate Extract - Prevention of skin aging and fine lines regeneration.

Seaweed Extract - Effectively promote skin metabolism and update the activation of cells, Increase skin moisture, and significantly improve the elasticity of the skin.

Peel off the sachet, unfold the mask and apply the mask to the entire face tightly. Remove after 20 minutes. Pat the remaining essence to the skin. Not necessary to wash after use.  Advice to use 1 to 2 times per week.

All skin types

30g x 5 sheets

Made in Paris

Snake venom peptide, glutathione, organic pleasant grass, pomegranate extract, collagen, seaweed extract, orchids, horsetail, natural Glycerine, avocado oil, witch hazel extract, natural mulberry extract, deionised water, dextran, co enzyme Q10.

For external use only.  If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional if necessary.

JNUlikePro only sell original and authentic products. All our products with brand name are 100% genuine.

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用了那么多款的面膜,我想有史以来最爱的就是这款了,当我拿到货的那天立刻就敷上他,效果真的是太夸张啦~!! 整个黄皮肤都变白了。皮肤好像喝水喝到饱一样,整个FIRM 起来!!DOI DOI 很结实哦。当下我就决定一定要把这个好东西介绍给大家

Blanc RevAge Silk Mask 15
我最爱敷面膜~ 也很常敷面膜。我试过连续10天都敷面膜。但是我从来没试过一款有这么多功效又效果一级棒の面膜! 这个Botox 面膜也实在太赞了 ~(≧▽≦)/~
当天敷完后看脸上の效果,让我太吃惊了!!肤色变白、脸部提拉、而且肤质也变得水嫩嫩的~ 光泽度也变了!!
我个人非常喜欢这个Botox 面膜! 很值得推荐给大家用哟

Blanc RevAge Silk Mask 17

Blanc RevAge Silk Mask 18

Blanc RevAge Silk Mask 16

Blanc RevAge Silk Mask 19
Kathy Chan:这个蛇毒面膜真是太赞了,明显的看到脸部变白了,还有提拉的效果呢^^真是太神奇了!更何况只是用了一片而已哦

Blanc RevAge Silk Mask 20



好莱坞众多大牌明星的美容王牌,是一种比肉毒杆菌" Botox" 更神奇和安全的美容成分。面膜里面内含第六代强效抗皱成分蛇毒【Syn-AKE】,独有的肌肤紧致成分 “类蛇毒缩氨酸” 与由毒蛇分泌出来的毒液体一样,拥有凝固收紧的效果,能够使因岁月流逝和重力而失去弹性的肌肤重现生机,恢复年轻的紧致弹力,含有突破性修复皱纹效果的SYN-AKE成分和人体构成成分--蛋白质的单元结构缩氨酸的符合物质PEPTIDESOME、EGF和OXYCELL-C等,能够找出肌肤老化原因,给肌肤注入年轻细胞,立刻改善肌肤皱纹,可以有效改善因内外部原因导致的老化以及基因和荷尔蒙变化等自然老化原因而引起的表面皱纹和内部皱纹,从肌肤底层回复年轻和生机!




Premium Syn-AKE Blanc RevAge Silk Mask 钻石逆龄靓肌蚕丝面膜打破老化传说!



• 蛇毒胜肽主打强大效果抗皱,能够使因岁月流逝和重力而失去弹性的肌肤重现生机,恢复年轻的紧致弹力,独有的肌肤紧致功能,也拥有凝固收紧的效果。
• 专利的高效美白保湿配方,结合深层抗氧化、抗刺激及抑制黑色素形成。
• 添加Q10活性酵素成份的面膜,有效增加谷胱甘肽美白精华吸收量的2倍,密集式注入美白精华直达肌肤底层,有效净白肤色、淡化色斑,刺激胶原蛋白增生,紧致肌肤,恢复肌肤储水、保水的功能。



30g x 5's



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