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Paris Formulated Age Reverse Secret Facial Serum Spray 100ml

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3 Seconds V Face Spray instantly restore beautiful tightening skin and V face.

Age Reverse Secret using a variety combination of peptides promote dermis collagen and elastic fibers hyperplasia, improve skin moisture, reduce wrinkle. Greatly ease the inhibition of skin wrinkles, make skin smooth and supple elastics tissue to restore the lines.

Age Reserve Secret can promote skin cell growth and speed up the metabolism to increase the proportion of new cells in the skin, making the skin look more young and beautiful. In addition, it can also promote collagen synthesis and nucleic acid synthesis, making the skin more plump and elastic.

●   Smooth Wrinkles
Age Reserve Secret can penetrate directly into the dermis layer of the skin, promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers, smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

●   Moisture
Age Reserve Secret can effectively help skin cell metabolism, accelerate cell growth, improve skin moisture, prevent skin moisture evaporation, so that the skin moist and shiny.

●   Upright Breasts
Age Reserve Secret can stimulate the regeneration of connective tissue collagen and elastin, so help flabby tissue tightening, upright breast fullness.

●   Pigmentation, Acne Skin Repair
Age Reserve Secret of the active ingredient, can inhibit the formation of melanin, help pigment discharge and also repair damaged tissue, relieve acne troubles.

●   Remove Dark Circles, Eyes Bags
Age Reserve Secret may be the best blood circulation, diminishes dark circles due to fatigue, and bags under the eyes while increasing the tightness of the skin surrounding the eye.

After cleansing, apply proper amount sprayed in the face, neck, gently pat until absorbed.


PARIS Formulated

Hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, high-growth factor complexes, light brown silk peptide, six peptides, deionized water, micro-elements collagen peptides, amino acids, seaweed extracts, allantoin, multi-peptides, vitamin C, arginine acid mucopolysaccharides botox, chamomile.

1) Age Reserve Secret suitable for people of all ages, especially for 30 years of age and above. Those people with problem of rough skin, fine lines, pigmentation, dull, flabby, premature aging persons, pores problem, dry yellow complexion, pigmentation, sagging breasts, dark circles, eyes bags and etc.

2) Just spray Age Reserve Secret in the face, result effective immediately after 10 minutes. But if you want to maintain a healthy skin long term status, which requires a certain amount of time, it is generally obvious symptoms of aging skin, it uses about a month will be preliminary results, the desired effect is best to use more than 3 months.

3) Age Reserve Secret collagen ingredient in small molecular structure, which can easily be absorbed by the body at once, the effect is immediate.

4) Age Reserve Secret never rebound. Because the active ingredient of Age Reserve Secret is pure of natural extracts, has affinity with the skin, the skin by regulating metabolism to achieve the role eventually make the skin smooth and white, moist and shiny, skin repair itself and resist external results significantly and improved capabilities.

5) Collagen in the skin proportion as high as 72% to lock in moisture, the skin elastic and shiny. With the age getting older, the body will be a gradual loss of collagen, the skin will appear dry and rough aging phenomenon. Therefore, in order to restore the skin younger, it is necessary to ensure adequate skin collagen.

6) When using Age Reserve Secret, we recommend that you thoroughly clean the skin, the face is aligned 15cm with the nozzle and spray evenly on the face, spray once every morning and evening. To enhance the effect quickly, increase the frequency of use. For sensitive skin, at the beginning, it is recommended to be used for the face after the product is diluted, diluted 1:1 with distilled water, then spread evenly in the face.

7) Acne skin does not affect the use of Age Reserve Secret. Because Age Reserve Secret contains plant extracts, has a good bactericidal effect, and thus have good skin repairing effect for acnes problem.

8) Age Reserve Secret application of new protein stabilization technique. When in use, the surface of the skin will form a slightly sticky protective layer, this is to ensure the active ingredient is completely absorbed. Sticky layer feeling of the time will be different for different person, for the first time is generally 20 to 60 minutes, with the growth of the use of time, enhance the vitality of skin cells and tissues, this time with the presence of a protective film will be slightly sticky feeling more short, the skin will become healthy.

Age Reverse Secret by Années Fermés Paris 三秒V脸精华喷雾

我的诞生,给您充满岁月痕迹的肌肤一个“反弹”的机会!! 让您的肌龄

Age Reverse Secret採用结合了多种可以促进真皮胶原蛋白及增长弹性纤维的胜肽它将帮助改善肌肤的润湿度,对于淡化及抑制肌肤皱纹的效果非常显著,同时亦柔软肌肤的弹性细胞,恢复紧致润滑,三秒还你V脸型!!



Age Reserve Secret主要五大功效:

1) 抚平皱纹,Age Reserve Secret可直接渗透到皮肤真皮层,促进胶原蛋白和弹力纤维的再生,抚平幼纹及细小皱纹.

2) 补水、亮肤,Age Reserve Secret能有效帮助皮肤细胞的新陈代谢,加速细胞生长,提高肌肤含水量,有效防止皮肤水分蒸发,让皮肤水润光泽。

3) 挺拔乳房,Age Reserve Secret能够激发结缔组织胶原蛋白与弹力蛋白的再生,使松弛的组织紧实,使乳房挺拔丰满。

4) 淡化色斑、修复痘印,Age Reserve Secret中的有效成分,可以抑制黑色素的生成,帮助色素排出,并且同时修复受损组织,解除痘印烦恼

5) 祛除黑眼圈、眼袋,Age Reserve Secret 可以出尽血液循环畅通,淡化因疲劳产生的黑眼圈,眼袋。同时增加眼部周边皮肤紧密度

Age Reserve Secret 可以促进肌肤细胞增长,分化以加速新陈代谢从而提高新细胞在肌肤的比例,使肌肤看来更年轻靓丽。除此之外,它还能促进胶原蛋白合成与核酸合成,令肌肤更加丰满而富有弹性。

洁脸后,喷洒适量的Age Reserve Secret于脸部及颈项处,轻轻拍打直至完全被吸收为止。

规格: e3.5 FL . OZ 100ML


1) Age Reserve Secret 适合所有年龄段的人群,特别是针对年龄30岁以上肌肤出现衰老现象的人群,对皮肤粗糙,松弛,有细纹、色斑、晦暗无光、松弛、过早衰老者;毛孔粗大、多油脂者;面色干黄、黑色素沉淀者;头发干枯、乳房下垂、有黑眼圈、眼袋者等均有良好的改善效果。

2) Age Reserve Secret 只要喷在脸上10分钟后立即见效。但如果您想让皮肤长期保持健康的状态,这需要一定的时间,所以一般肌肤有明显衰老症状的话,大约使用1个月就会有初步效果,理想效果最好坚持使用3个月以上。

3) Age Reserve Secret的胶原蛋白是小分子结构,因而极易被人体立刻吸收,效果立竿见影。

4) Age Reserve Secret 决不会出现反弹,因为Age Reserve Secret的有效成份采用纯天然提取物,与肌肤有亲和性,通过调节皮肤新陈代谢来达到抗衰的作用,最终让皮肤柔滑嫩白,滋润有光泽,皮肤自我修复和抵抗外界刺激的能力显著提升。

5) 胶原蛋白在皮肤中占比例高达72%,胶原蛋白在皮肤中构成了一张弹力网,锁住水分,使皮肤有弹性有光泽。随年龄增长,人体胶原蛋白会逐渐流失,皮肤就会出现干燥,粗糙衰老等现象。因此要想使皮肤还原年轻,就要保证皮肤获得足够的胶原蛋白.

6) 使用Age Reserve Secret时,建议您将皮肤彻底清洁干净后,用喷头对准脸部约15公分让产品呈雾状均匀分布在脸上,让精华自然吸收,每天早晚喷一次。要想快速增强效果,可增加使用次数。皮肤较薄,敏感肤质的人群,一开始使用,建议将产品稀释后用于脸部,可用蒸馏水进行1:1稀释,再均匀涂抹在脸部。

7) 脸上长痘痘不影响Age Reserve Secret的使用。因为Age Reserve Secret中含有植物精华,具有良好的杀菌效果,因而对长痘的皮肤有良好的条例修复效果。

8) Age Reserve Secret应用全新蛋白稳定技术,在使用时,在皮肤的表面会形成略带粘性的保护层,确保产品有效成分会被完全吸收,同时根据使用人的皮肤状况不同(简单的说就是吸收能力),粘着感的时间也会有所不同,首次使用一般为20~60分钟,随着使用时间的增长,皮肤细胞组织的活力增强,这种带有略微粘着感的保护膜的存在时间会越来越短,皮肤也就会越来越健康!


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