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告别黑天鹅美白极品 - Oh White(Guaranteed whitening result in 7 days)


使我们的肌肤被过多的自由基和紫外线,导致脱水和加速老化的过程。Oh! White,是您独一无二的肌肤解决方案,让您的肌肤更白皙和更有光泽。它有比市面上美白饮品多处10倍的抗氧化剂,再加上桑树萃取精华有效的抑制了肌肤组织生产黑色素而导致皮肤黝黑。在短短的7天内,改善肌肤颜色不均匀的烦恼。如果定期饮用Oh! White,它可以保证您的肌肤看起来更加年轻、精力充沛,就好像钻石一样晶莹剔透!

We are exposed to broiling sun and polluted air every single day. The process of aging is significantly fast as we are attacked by free radical, UV rays and dehydration all at the same time. With the help of the world top skin whitening super food - Mulberry, with a mix of other natural active ingredients, we now take care of whitening, firming, moisturizing, sun protection and smoothing of your skin complexion. Your one and only whitening solution contains 10 times more antioxidant properties than any other nutricosmetics in the market. Oh! White subdues dark complexion and wipes-off uneven skin tone in just 7 days! Consuming Oh! White regularly can assure your skin looks fresh, energetic, and clear as crystal!

Oh! White’s active ingredient 活性成分:

● 世界顶级美白肌肤的超级食品。
● 有预防色素沉淀的卓越能力。
● 抑制酪氨酸酶,阻止黑色素的形成。
● 对自氧化展出超清除活性。
● 玉米、叶黄素丰富的滤光功能可以保护我们眼睛的视网膜,
Mulberry Extract
• World top skin whitening super food!
• Exerts superior ability in preventing hyper-pigmentation.
• Prevents melanin formation by inhibiting Tyrosinase enzyme.
• Exhibited super oxide scavenging activity against auto-oxidation.
• Rich in Zea-xanthin that can protect our eye’s retina from the harmful UV through light filtering actions.

● 由韩国进口,纳米化的胶原蛋白。
● 能够迅速的让皮肤吸收和拥有很高的生物利用度。
● 恢复肌肤的肤色和弹性。
Marine Collagen
• Nano-sized collagen imported from Korea.
• Rapidly absorbs into skin and high bio-availability .
• Restores skin complexion and elasticity.

● 丰富的抗氧化和抗炎化合物(甘草酸,黄酮类,皂甙等)。
● 含有抵抗肌肤对紫外线引起的色素沉淀。
Licorice Extract
• Rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound (Glycyrrhizin and Glycyrrizinic Acid, flavonoids, and Saponins)
• Contains superior chemical compound against UV-induce pigmentation.

● 抑制肌肤雀斑和斑点的形成。
● 分散皮肤黑色素的堆积。
Green tea extract 20:1
• Inhibits occurrence of freckle and spot on skin.
• Disperses melanin accumulation on skin.

● 高复合抗氧化成分。
● 清除和平衡自由基。
● 防止肌肤老化和紫外线辐射。
Grape seed extract 95%
• High in anti-oxidation compound.
• Scavenges and neutralizes free radical.
• Prevents skin aging and UV radiation.

● 保护肌肤免受氧化的刺激。
● 减少色素沉淀的烦恼。
Ascorbic acid
• Protects skin from oxidation stress.

Oh! White Features 特点:
Statistics and reports show that, whether you are dealing with an uneven or dull complexion or just looking for a way to brighten up your skin tone, Oh! White has what you need to start giving your skin the youthful, healthy appearance you seek. We believe in quality that delivers magnificent results but does not compromise safety of use. That is why all our active ingredients are of the finest quality. 
● 快速和有效
● 7天美白
● 复原老化的皮肤表皮
● 增强皮肤弹性和柔韧性
● 收缩皮肤毛孔
● 减少皱纹和细纹
● 24小时滋润皮肤
• Fast and effective result.
• 7 Days whitening.
• Rejuvenates aging epidermis.
• Enhances skin flexibility and elasticity.
• Powerful antioxidants.
• Tightens skin’s pore.
• Reduces wrinkle.
• 24 hours moisturizes.
• Reduces pigmentation on skin.

Ultra-Infiltrate Technology是一项由日本研发的超渗透技术。它
能够以确保配方里的活性成分能够深入到肌肤组织并发挥其功能。不但如此,这项顶尖技术能够把活性成分纳米化,以扩大Oh! White的效果。

Ultra-Infiltrate Technology:
Oh! White is a nutricosmetic which exclusively formulated in Japan for women and men in Asia. With their state-of-the-art development in beauty industry, they have once again created another breakthrough with Ultra-Infiltrate Technology. This advanced technology produces exceptionally small active molecules for easy digestion and at the same time, ensures the nano-sized active ingredients are able to penetrate deeply into our skin cells to have superior whitening effect.

当您的肌肤有这些问题,您需要Oh! White:
● 色斑 Pigmentation.
● 肤色不均 Uneven skin tone.
● 阳光灼伤 Sun burn.
● 发生纹线 Occurring fine line.
● 祛斑 Freckle.
● 皮肤黝黑 Dark complexion.

常见问题 Frequently Asked Questions:

问: Oh! White能够对抗老化的影响?
答:是的,Oh! White刺激胶原蛋白的形成,并帮助更换衰老的胶原蛋
Q. Is Oh! White able to counter the effects of aging?
A. Yes, Oh! White is designed to stimulate collagen production and help replace collagen lose after aged of 25.

Q. How long will it take before I see results?
A. The results vary depends on individual body condition. Some people see results in 1-2 week time, but others may take a few weeks. However, most of the consumers can see the results in around 7 days. It is important that you consume Oh! White for at least 3 weeks to allow the collagen build up and take action in body system.

Q. What results should I expect?
A. You should feel your skin become smoother within 7 days, gradually your skin will become fairer and more radiant. Besides, you should find that the eye area is the first place you notice the lines & wrinkles begin to diminish.

答:Oh! White只采用100%纯天然成分,报告上也显示长期
Q: Are there any side effects?
A: The ingredients in Oh! White are 100% natural origin and there are no side effects that have ever been reported even in its prolonged consumption. !

问:看到效果后,我应该继续饮用Oh! White吗?
答:是的。即使您停止饮用Oh! White,您的肌肤仍然会容光焕发。然而,如果停止饮
用Oh! White太久的话将导致老化的迹象再次出现,因为我们身体会一直代谢年轻的胶原蛋白。这是自然衰老过程的一部分。因此,我们需要每天饮用Oh! White来补充胶原蛋白。
Q: Should I continue to take Oh!White after I have seen some improvements?
A: Yes. Even if you stop consuming Oh! White, your skin will still look radiant and healthy. However, as we lose collagen every day, stopping Oh! White intake for a long period of time will result in the signs of aging appearing again which as part of the natural aging process. Hence, we need to replenish collagen to optimize its synthesis in our body for glow and radiant skin.

取物,绿茶提取物20:1,葡萄籽提取物 95%,桑树提取物,抗坏血酸。
Ingredients: Lemon juice powder, orange juice powder, pineapple juice powder, collagen,licorice extract, green tea extract 20:1, grape seed extract 95%, mulberry extract, ascorbic acid

饮用说明: 用150-200ml的冰水混合?小包Oh! White,搅拌均匀后即可饮用。
Direction: Mix the content of the sachet with 150-200ml of water and consume in morning.

Storage: Keep in cool dry places. Avoid exposure to sunlight

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