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New Zealand Mirlage Exclusive Deer Placenta 30's

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Miriage Deer Placenta 鹿胎盘素

为何我们会衰老?Why do we age ?
Environmental pollutions, work and family pressures, irregular habits, smoking, alcoholism, pesticide residues in food, long time electron radiation will make our body produce large amounts of free radicals. These free radicals can damage cells in the tissue, damage the cell’s fluid, protein and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), producing a chain of reactions causing body organ diseases and accelerated aging of the human body. These sorts of factors can lead to cell degeneration, with our skin will appear wrinkles, pigmentation, and dark spots.

什么是干细胞?What is stem cell?
Embryonic stem cells are the source of life, which determines every step of life. It determines our aging and our lifetime, It’s magic is far beyond our imagination.
所谓的干细胞是指透过细胞分裂,具有自我再生能力的细胞,堪称母细胞(Master Cell)。这些母细胞透过分化可以发展成不同作用的细胞,因此特别适用于取代细胞或组织。
Stem cells are the cells that have self-regeneration ability through cell division, Hence, it is also called as Master Cell or oocyte. Stem cells can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide (through mitosis) to produce more stem cells, therefore it is suitable to substitute cells or tissues.

两种干细胞 Two Types of Stem Cells
1. 胚胎干细胞
1. Embryonic Stem Cells
Isolated from the 5-7 day old inner cell mass of blastocysts. It has a strong ability to replicate.

2. 成年干细胞
2. Adult stem cells
Undifferentiated cells, found throughout the body after development. It can be isolated from the placenta, umbilical cord blood, bone marrow or some adipose tissue.

Embryonic stem cell therapy is a therapy in which new embryonic stem cells is injected into the body, the stem cells will differentiate into various cell types, and thus it replenish and repair the missing or damaged tissue. In theory, it can treat any kind of diseases, such as reverse aging. In future, embryonic stem cell therapy is a miracle for human to reversing aging.

活细胞疗法Live Cell Therapy
Live cell therapy is a new area in medical profession, it is through placental cells’s vitality to stimulate and activate human tissue cell division, forcing the aged cells to removed and replaced by new cells. It no longer need any surgery treatment or medication, but using the theory of cell to regulate organ ‘s metabolism, stimulate interaction between cells, and promote the body's ability in resistance to diseases.

Placenta live cell therapy is the result from a number of research scientists experiment, through the placenta live cell therapy, it can achieve the promotion of human endocrine balance, improve body physical function and aging problem can be greatly improved. Due to the recovery of the physiology of aging skin, it will produce a corresponding improvement in skin wrinkles and. Therefore, it will completely restore our healthy skin and body. 

Miriage 鹿胎盘素是一个活细胞疗法的科技。结合了来自环境纯净无污染的纽西兰新鲜健康的鹿胎盘干性活细胞和其他天然成份,再加上Z3 Niprotech高科技的技术,大幅度的提高鹿胎盘的浓度(20:1浓缩),以确保营养安全的输送到每一颗细胞。它不仅可以使你拥有细嫩靓丽的肌肤,更可重塑一个更年轻,更健康的你。
Miriage deer placenta is a live cell therapy technology. It is a combination of deer placenta stem cells by healthy deer from pure clean environment of New Zealand with other natural ingredients. With the advanced Z3 Niprotech technology, it greatly improved the concentration of deer placenta (20: 1 concentrated), to ensure safe delivery of nutrition to each cell. It is not only ensure you to have a beautiful and radiant skin, it also revitalize a younger and healthier you.

The active ingredients of deer placenta are extracted from healthy deer placenta. The active ingredients will vigorously revitalize the aging or damaged cells, increase regenerative capacity of cells, resulting in generate more youthful cells.
高科技的技术结晶:Consummation of High Technology
1. 冻干保存技术:
Lyophilization technology:
Using the most advanced freeze-drying technology to preserve the highest biological activity. The living cells can be stored for 3-4 years and maintain the efficacies of cell’s biological activity.

2. 每个胶囊的浓缩比例为20:1 的高分量新鲜鹿胎盘活细胞。
The concentrated proportion of each capsule is 20: 1 high component of fresh Deer Living Cell.

3. 氮气活胶囊技术:
Nitrogen live capsule technology:
The bacteria cannot multiply and survive without oxygen, therefore the living cells can remain active.

4. 肠溶包衣技术:
Enteric coating technology:
Ensure that each capsule can withstand the high acidity of gastric acid and successfully transferred to the small intestine to. 70-90% of each capsule will dissolve in the small intestine, for a better absorption in the body. 

5. 纳米技术:
The advanced nano-technology allows large molecules go through the biliary system for completely absorption.

Miriage鹿胎盘素的好处:The Benefits of Miiriage Deer Placenta
• 调理身体机能
• 增强免疫系统
• 平衡荷尔蒙激素
• 促进血液循环
• 促进新陈代谢
• 帮助消化系统
• 维持血脂及心血管健康
• 保持健康的胆固醇水平
• 改善睡眠
• 保持活力
• 瘦身纤体
• 减轻疲劳
• 减轻皮肤过敏症
• 预防神经退化性疾病

• Maintain body’s health condition
• Improve human immune function
• Hormones balancing
• Promote blood circulation
• Promote metabolism
• Maintain healthy digestive system
• Maintain healthy cardiovascular and blood lipids level.
• Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
• Improve sleep quality
• Restore body’s vitality
• Weight management and body slimming
• Relieves fatigue
• Relieves skin allergies
• Prevention on neurodegenerative diseases

5大主要成份:5 Main Ingredients.
1. 鹿胎盘活性干细胞:Deer Placenta Stem Cell
Deer placenta and human placenta has better compatibility. According to the laboratory report, deer placenta does not cause any allergic reactions to human body. From ancient time till now, the body parts of deer have been claimed as an animal that has a great value in medicine. 

2. 角鲨烯:Squalene
Squalene is extracted from deep-sea shark liver. Squalene can prevent body from diseases. It supply oxygen to our body, purify the blood, regulate our body function, improve human immune system, eliminate free radicals, revitalize body cells and metabolism.

3. 葡萄籽油:Grape Seed Oil
It is effective polyphenol antioxidants. Helps to improve human immune system, prevent cancer and fight free radicals.

4. 冻干蜂皇浆粉:Lyophilized Royal Jelly Powder.
Royal jelly is a secreted milky substance by young bees after eating the pollen. Royal jelly has a great nutritional value, immunity function and contains high longevity factor. It can helps lower the blood sugar level, anti-oxidation, reduce cholesterol, control blood vessels to dilate, lower blood pressure, protect the liver, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, strengthen sexual vitality, anti-radiation and enhance memory ability.

5. 氧杂葱酮:Xanthone
It is a secondary metabolites isolated from plants and microorganisms. Studies have shown that Xanthone derivatives have a variety of bioactivities including anti-hypertensive, anticonvulsants, anti-thrombotic and anti-tumor activity.

Deer placenta’s stem cells, Lecithin, Beeswax, Squalene, Xanthone, Soybean oil, Vitamin Grape Seed Oil, Lyophilized Royal Jelly Powder.

1. 临睡前服用一颗胶囊。
2. 保持有品质的睡眠。
3. 大量饮用开水。

1. Take one(1) capsule at bedtime once a day.
2. Maintain the quality of sleep.
3. Drink a lot of water.

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