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Multi-Function 50800mAh Jump Start Starter Power Bank powerbank + Tyre Inflator

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Multi-Function 50800mAh Jump Start Starter Power Bank powerbank + Tyre Inflator

  • Emergency car jumper
  • Solve your flat tyre problem
  • Easy setup 
  • Emergency blue and red lights
  • Window breaker
  • Power bank for smartphone
  • Power bank for other USB devices 
Car Air compressor
If your car's tire need inflate, our air compressor will help you!
This air compressor is powered by 12V jump starter.Which is better then those powered by 5V cigarette hole.
It can inflate most of car's tire expcet big trucks.
Led light for lighting in dark places.
3 adapter for inflating balloon,Swimming ring,basketball,bike,motor,cars!
This machine limit is used in the power source of 12V of direct current that product, continuous gasing time must not exceed 8 minutes.
Suitable for small cars, electric cars,cycling and balls inflatable products.

Car Jump Starter with 50800mAh  Starting Current.
With charger for mobile/laptop/iPad&PSP
Starting current: 200A can start the 12V
Gasoline vehicle, displacement <3.0L
With 3 colours of LED lights: White/red/blue; And 3 modes: Torch/SOS/strobe
Can be charged at home and in car
1. Start cars: 12V vehicle for around 20 times.
2. Charge mobile phones: 6-8 times.
3. Charge laptop or iPad: Around 2 hours.
4. Charge camera and other small electrical appliance.
5. Multi-function LED lights: Torch/ SOS/strobe, Color : Random

When car is started, confirm  power indicator 3 above, red clip clamp the battery positive (+) pole, black clip clamp battery negative (-) pole;
Then the battery cable connector is plugged into , rotary auto ignition switch to start (START) position.
Car starts, immediately pull the plug, then remove the battery terminal clips.