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MAQUI Detox Drink and MAQUI Lite Coffee (MAQUI COMBO)

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MAQUI Detox Drink (14 Sachets)

Maqui Detox is a powerful purifier of your intestinal tract, especially the colon. It is specifically formulated for treating constipation problem. The utilisation of prebiotic and probiotic in Maqui Detox have the potential to cleanse, heal and strengthen the entire gastrointestinal tract. They provide a kind environment for the intestinal flora and hence, lasting improve the intestinal metabolism. Moreover, by stimulating the peristaltic action, Maqui Detox improves digestion, relieves gas and cramps, and relieves chronic constipation in order to achieve whole body detoxification. It works gently and claims to cause minimal to no abdominal cramps and without any side effects.

Maqui Detox contains 100% natural and fresh ingredients !

It formulated with high fibre & nutrients content to eliminate toxins inside our body totally by promoting gastrointestinal motility & bowel movement.

 No additives

 No stimulants

 No preservatives

 No artificial coloring

The 10 Reason to Detox

1. Remove toxins and parasites from the body
2. Enhance immune system function
3. Increase metabolism
4. Prevent chronic disease
5. Increase energy and vitality
6. Lose weight
7. Healthy glowing skin
8. Stop and slow premature ageing
9. Clarity of mental and emotional
10. Reduce stress

Maqui Detox is the best for those who are:

• Constipation
• Fasting and detoxifying
• Having poor digestive function
• Water retention (oedema)
• Desire for slimming
• Obese
• Having dull complexion
• With busy life
• Having poor concentration
• Low immune function

Health Benefits

- Detox 
- Improve digestion 
- Relieve constipation 
- Improve skin condition 
- Delay Aging 
- Enhance immune function 
- Promote fat metabolism and emulsification 
- Regulate the body's normal pH level straight 
- Improve strength and endurance 
- Improve memory and mental alertness





MAQUI Lite Coffee (16 Sachets)

5 Promises to lose weight healthy and easy

NO more tiring exercise
NO need to starve
NO side effects
NO extra calories
NO artificial ingredients

★Main effect  ★

The Benefits:
•  Great amount of anti-oxidant
•  Improve body metabolism
•  Increase body immune system
•  Eliminate fats deposited 
•  Reduce risk of colon cancer
•  Enhance mineral uptake
•  Improve bowel movement

Burn fat + control appetite + Whitening + Detox

A) Eliminate Deposited Fat

The powerful thermogenesis promoting compounds in Maqui Lite Coffee enhance the metabolism rate and oxidation of fat. These are able to eliminate stubborn fat that is deposited under the skin. Besides that, Maqui Lite Coffee is able to help in reducing bad cholesterol level and high blood pressure as well as remove waste toxins. 

B) Improve Body Metabolism

The effective components in Maqui Lite Coffee are able to boost the metabolism in body. This can help burning stubborn fats in the body and prevent them from being deposited under the skin. The thermogenesis property of Maqui Lite Coffee is able to increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation in order to burn a higher proportion of fats. 

C) Enhance Body Immune System 

Phytochemicals in Maqui Lite Coffee bring benefits to the cardiovascular system and immune system. They are also act as anti-cancer agents which may aid in inhibition of carcinogen formation. Moreover, the high antioxidant properties of Maqui Lite Coffee is able to protect one from degenerative diseases which caused by harmful free radicals.

D) Improve Bowel Movement

One of the most important benefits of Maqui Lite Coffee is that it helps in promoting bowel movement. Bowel movement is a key for a person to lose weight as this helps in prevent constipation as well as detoxify and cleanse the bowel. Regularly consume Maqui Lite Coffee can loosen the accumulated residues and faeces within the colon and then being expelled naturally.

E) Reduce Risk of Colon Cancer

Polysaccharide that presents in Maqui Lite Coffee is the source of fermentable fibre in body's intestinal system which can improve the health of colon epithelial lining. Furthermore, the oligosaccharide in Maqui Lite Coffee is able to stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria in human intestinal health and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in colon. This can reduce the risk of having colon cancer.

Maqui Lite Coffee utilities the marvelous anti-oxidant property of Maqui berry and parthenogenesis effect of coffee to help you to achieve the ideal body figure. Maqui berry scavenges the reactive oxygen species (ROS) which can cause oxidation damage to cells and lead to carcinogen formation. Meanwhile, coffee is found to possess parthenogenesis effect on human body that boosts metabolism and encourages fats oxidation. Therefore, coffee helps to shed the unwanted deposited body fats.

Coffee helps you lose the extra pounds without the need to exercise, gym, attend the yoga class,and even on diet. So, start pampering yourself with a cup of aromatic Maqui Lite Coffee today and enjoy the miracle that coffee can work on you without side effects. Maqui Lite Coffee is developed to meet your satisfactory. It provides proper nutritional balance and effectively shed the unwanted weight and fats deposited in our body. As a result, Maqui Lite Coffee can help give a person his or her life a new start! 

Lose Weight And Look Better by drinking weight loss coffee has become a trend and Natural Weight Loss Coffee will become a major dietary supplement You will be into it from the first drop! Enjoy the flavor of coffee and keep slim Take a drop and your worries about overweight and belly fat are gone! You can feel the joviality of being slim from a cup of coffee. This product is more than a good-tasting gourmet coffee. Containing several nutritious, super fruits, it can help boost metabolism, increase fat oxidation, convert calories into energy, burn calories and lose fat. It also can aid in digestion and benefit healthy skin and nerves. 



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Seller Information
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