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Lovecell Jelly Detox (15 Sachets) [FREE 1pc Anti-leakage Menstruation Underwear with 2Bxs Qty]

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Feel great with Love Cell's solutions, detox and enhance skin condition. Detox, protect, slimming, regulate, anti-age, Love Cell can do it!

Lovecell is a specifically formulated supplement that helps the body achieves balanced well-being.  Lovecell is a proprietary blend of high quality natural and high fibre supplementary beverage that provides fibre and prebiotics to detoxify and purify the body for better health.

•  Promote detoxification ► Remove waste and toxin
•  Relieve constipation ► Improve bowel movement
•  Promote weight loss ► Prevent oedema or bloating
•  Delay skin ageing ► Quench harmful free radicals
•  Enhance skin conditions ► Promote clearer and more radiant skin
•  Reinforce immune functions ► Provide daily dose of vitamins and minerals
•  Promote slimming ► Encourage digestion and fat oxidation
•  Anti-age ► Rejuvenate and facilitate a more healthy skin and body

Detoxify   -  Licorice, Guar gum, Red beet, alfafa, roselle, aloe vera, green tea powder
Regulate  -  Guar gum, red beet
Protect     -  Ascorbic acid, alfafa, aloe vera, acai berry, lemon
Slimming  -  Green tea powder, lemon flesh
Anti-Age  -  Alfafa, ascorbic acid, licorice, acai berry, lemon flesh, aloe vera

✦ Detoxify
Lovecell contains fibre that can act as a laxative to those who suffer from constipation. When it is ingested and comes into contact with water, it expands and works as bulk laxative and aid in toxins removal effectively. Hence, fibre is a beneficial supplement for the treatment for constipation; it binds to the hardened stool and expels the waste products from our body. Apart from this, fibre is able to promote healthy intestinal tract by improving the absorption and digestion functions.

✦ Regulate
Lovecell provides high level of prebiotic, which able to clean the toxins that have been removed from the liver, allowing them to be flushed out of the system instead of reabsorbed by the body. Owing to this property, it encourages the liver cells to get rid of toxins. Additionally, it has been linked to the healing of the liver, improve stomach acid production and prevent the formation of free-radicals in LDL.

✦ Protect
Due to its high contents of antioxidant vitamin, Lovecell is good for skin health and can increase the level of resistance of our body to diseases by combating with the harmful free radicals in body. It has the ability to improve wound healing, prevent cell from damages, improve immune system and protect from frequent infections.

✦ Slimming
Lovecell contain thermogenic phyto components that able to induce thermogenesis, promotes fat oxidation and enhance metabolic rate that can results in the control of body composition, and hence weight loss. The acids present in lemon flesh help to improve digestive efficiency and fat oxidation which lead to calories burning, which contributes to weight lost.

✦ Anti-age
The high levels of antioxidants in Lovecell quench the harmful free radicals which cause ageing. The detoxification process cleanses the harmful toxins from the body, while the anti-inflammatory properties of the phyto-chemicals are able to brighten the skin by removing the dead cells and rejuvenating the skin cells, making the person look healthier and more energetic.

•  Adults and elderly
•  People who are constipation, fasting, overweight, water retention (oedema), indigestion and low immune function
•  Busy city dwellers and meat eaters

Add one sachet of Lovecell with 400ml Cold water in a shaker. Shake 3 - 5 Times and drink immediately. Good Taste.  Recommended to consume 1 sachet each time after dinner daily.

During the Lovecell consumption period, drink adequate amount of water (at least 2~3L) daily in order to ease defaecation and exert its optimum effect.

10g x 15 sachets/box

Keep in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Lemon Flesh, Green Tea Powder, Acai Berry Powder, Roselle Powder, Aloe Vera Gel Powder, Alfalfa Powder, Red Beet Extract, Guar Gum, Licorice Root Extract, Ascorbic Acid.

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Niceley: 还记得那时候公司给了我排毒的试用包,我起初还有点抗拒,因为排毒产品给我的印象就是黏黏稠稠的很难吃><第二天晚上,我还是硬着头皮用了冷水泡了一杯给自己,也泡了一杯给老公喝〜老公很快就喝完,还说很好喝呢〜这时我也喝了几口,味道真的很好,里面还真的有类似Jelly的果冻,口感还真的让我很惊喜~(≧▽≦)/~我家的两个宝贝偶尔也会遇到喝水量不足导致便秘的状况,但我记得公司的营养师说过Lovecell排毒小孩也是可以喝,我就冲调了3分之1给我儿子跟女儿喝,隔天的早上,我们一家大小还真的很顺畅的上大号了^0^ 排便的时候并不像其他排毒产品那样会导致肚子疼痛和不舒服。所以我们就每一天都喝Lovecell Jelly Detox, 现在我老公跟我的便秘问题解决了,再配合我每天都有服用Dark Secret Magic Chocolate的情况下,我的肚腩几乎是平的,呵呵*(^o^)/*我孩子的便便现在也是天天非常顺畅,根本不必我这个做妈咪的再操心啦(^_^)☆谢谢Love Cell Jelly Detox,我们会继续服用它〜我还会把它介绍给我最亲爱的家人以及朋友,让他们也可以像我一样一起走向健康的”零毒素“ 人生O(∩_∩)O~

Lovecell Jelly Detox 35
Jane : 如果您经常脸冒痘痘、肤色暗沉、吃保养品吸收效果慢、两三天或一星期上一次大号的话。。。告诉您哦,您的体内99.9%藏有毒素而且还有严重的便秘问题哦!面对以上种种问题,当然是时候排毒啦!我目前喝着Lovecell Jelly Detox哦,排便功效真的一流,睡前喝一杯隔天早上第一时间肯定往厕所跑,排〜排〜排〜毒〜毒〜毒〜

Lovecell Jelly Detox 36
由于生宝宝的关系,所以我的体重忽然飙升,尤其是吓人的手臂和大腿,简直是大得让我郁闷><" 我尝试过无数的瘦身产品,不是达不到效果,就是吃了很辛苦,有一天,我看见我表妹瘦了,她介绍我喝 Lovecell Jelly Detox 排毒的产品。起初我也是试试看而已, 哪知道效果很棒,酸酸甜甜味道很好喝,喝了隔天就很顺畅,意外的是我还瘦了呢!!!等我喝完一个月的疗程后,我会尝试Dark Secret Magic TIRAMISU可以让我轻松瘦下,摆脱XL size!!

Lovecell Jelly Detox 37
Uncle Wong : 每天到外工作,都会因为环境污染,空气,食物以及生活作息堆积而成,现在有了Lovecell Jelly Detox 可以帮助排掉缠在我身体内的毒素!好让我可以照顾体内的运作程序!Good !!

Lovecell Jelly Detox 38
Yee Mooi : 一路以来都有长期严重便秘的问题,朋友介绍了我服用了这个Lovecell Jelly Detox 之后,不用14天我的便秘问题不再是我烦恼的问题了~味道好喝效果一级棒!!现在我不用再担心每天上不到厕所的痛苦了!!

Lovecell Jelly Detox 39
Kent :之前有服用过的的排毒产品不是老塞,就是腹痛腹胀!我喝了Jelly Detox 接近7 天的时间,感觉喝完后整个肚腩也扁平了不少,现在大便比以前顺畅多了,上厕所的纪律也比之前多了。谢谢我的好妹妹介绍那么棒的排毒产品给我。我也不自私的介绍我身边的朋友和家人们~


排毒美肤,一身轻松。排毒,保护,瘦身,调理,抗衰老,Love Cell能做到!

Love Cell特别针对摄取良好平衡的营养而特制的健康补品。Love Cell拥有结合了高天然品质以及高纤维饮料的专利,提供了纤维和益生元协助排毒和净化体内毒素以得到更健康的体魄。

清热解毒 ► ► 甘草、瓜尔豆胶、红甜菜、苜蓿、玫瑰茄、芦荟、绿茶粉
调理 ► ► 瓜尔豆胶、红甜菜
保护 ► ► 抗坏血酸 、 紫花苜蓿、芦荟、柠檬、阿萨伊浆果.
瘦身 ► ► 绿茶粉、柠檬肉
抗衰老 ► ► 紫花苜蓿、抗坏血酸、甘草、阿萨伊浆果、柠檬肉、芦荟

Lovecell Jelly Detox 创造の奇迹
Lovecell 含有纤维,对于患有便秘的人来说它可作为一种泻药。当它被摄入并与水接触后,它会扩大且作为缓泻药并能够有效地去除毒素。因此,纤维是一种用于治疗便秘的有益补充品,它与硬化的粪便结合,从而将我们体内的废物派出体外。除了这个,通过改善吸收和消化功能,纤维能够促进肠道的健康。

Lovecell 提供了高水平的益生元,这能够清理肝脏里的毒素,促使它们能够排出体外而不让身体重吸收。这种性质还让它鼓励肝细胞摆脱毒素。此外,它能够促进肝脏的愈合、改善胃酸的产量以及防止在低密度脂蛋白中形成的自由基。


Love Cell含有产热性质的植物成分,它能够诱导发热,从而促进脂肪氧化以及提高新陈代谢率,这可以控制体质并导致减肥。柠檬果肉里的酸有利于提高消化率和脂肪氧化,这导致热量的燃烧,并有助于减轻体重。

Love Cell中的高抗氧化剂水平能够破坏造成老化的有害自由基。排毒过程可以洁净体内的有害毒素;而含有抗发炎性质的植物化学物质能够提亮肤色、去除死细胞和修复皮肤细胞,使人看起来更健康、更有活力。

Lovecell Jelly Detox 对健康の好处
✦ 促进排毒 ►► 排除废物和毒素
✦ 缓解便秘 ►► 改善肠胃蠕动
✦ 促进减肥 ►► 防止水肿或腹胀
✦ 延迟肌肤老化 ►► 去除有害的自由基
✦ 增强肌肤状况 ►► 使肌肤更白皙亮丽
✦ 加强免疫功能 ►► 提供维生素和矿物质的每日需求量.

Lovecell Jelly Detox 适合哪些人?
► 成人和老年人
► 患有便秘、节食、超重、水肿、消化不良和免疫功能低的人士.
► 繁忙的城市居民和肉食者


将一小袋的Lovecell Jelly Detox 和400毫升的冷水放进Shaker, 摇3-5下并立即饮用, 口味最佳.


在服用 Lovecell Jelly Detox 期间,每天喝足够的水份(至少2 - 3L) 以便缓解通便并发挥其最佳的效果。


份量:10g x 15 Sachets

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