LLang - Korean Red Ginseng Moisturizing [Redgin Magic Oil] 50ml - Secret to anti-aging/hydrated

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LLang Redgin Magic Oil 50 ml Korean Cosmetic


 Korean Red Ginseng Relax Oil helps tired and lifeless skin caused by the external environment

to becomes natural beautiful skin by quick moisturizing.


Our biggest enemy to ageing skin is Lack of moisture - leading to dry & Aging skin!




Popular in Korea


  Featured in Numerous Korea Magazines/ Variety show!  




How to obtain Baby Face - Glowing & Beautiful Skin

For body & Face!

Silky hair!


* Red Ginseng Effect ! * 


Recommended for 

Lack of moisture / Decrease in elasticity 

Sensitive skin / Problematic skin 

Non-Greasy Non-Sticky ONLY Moisturizing & Soothing

   Helps take makeup Well by RED GINSENG component


* Effect *

Magic Effect ! - Hyper Moisture


It helps to remove wrinkles.

Red Ginseng Extracts /Energy /Condensate !


How do traditional women obtain beautiful radiant skin despite the lack of modern beauty products??


Korean Traditional Skin Treatment!


Secret Korean medicine - Korean Red Ginseng!!






  • It's Korean Red Ginseng Relax Oil which tired and lifeless skin by the external environment becomes natural beautiful skin by quick moisturizing
  • This product is made from original Korean Red Ginseng (6years) and Various herbs good for Skin Health.
  • KGC-LLang is Science-Based Cosmetics.
  • KGC (Korea ginseng corporation) is ISO 9001&2008 Quality-certification Company. And KGC (Korea ginseng corporation)'s factory facility is registered at US FDA.
  • The history of Korea Ginseng Corporation is integrated into the history of the Korean government since 1899. KGC and Cheong-Kwan-Jang  brand have a long and time-honored hundred year legacy as the leader in Korean ginseng. Exerting all possible efforts to make Cheong-Kwan-Jang Korean red ginseng into a globally-recognized and honored, KGC has established branch offices and distribution networks throughout the world.
  • This product is guaranteed by KGC(Korea Ginseng Corporation) and NaturalCureHerb.comWe guarantee your satisfaction with this product.

All Workers who worked at the Korean Red Ginseng Factory for a long time have healthy, clean and younger skin. Because, Korean Red Ginseng contain various saponiningredients like Rb1, Rg1, Rg2 etc, which make the skin healthy and prevents aging. It's important to nourish the skin sufficiently to keep it glowing. Korean Red Ginseng also helps boost our blood circulation system, which also leads to clear, glowing and beautiful skin.

Korean Red Ginseng is referred to as "King of Herbs" . Korean Ginseng is the root of which has been taken as a Health Food and Luxury Cosmetics for over 3,000 years around the world. Long before Korean Ginseng was well-known to the Western general public, people from aristocratic and scientific classes knew about, wrote about, and showed their love for Korean Ginseng, regarding it as a natural medicine and Luxury Cosmetics and calling it the "Treasure from the Orient." 

How does it helps?

Perfect for those who experience dry skin/ combination skin type.

After cleansing, our face moisture tend to evaporate very fast.

Apply oil on the face to retain its natural moisture.

Helps to diminish fine lines, increase face elasticity, leading to baby face.


   LLang Magic Oil - Endorsed by SNSD Sooyoung   


" Red ginseng, the essence of marvelous red energy, makes you skin a present of natural radiance

 as it reinforces the innate rejuvenative properties of skin "


KTG (Korea Tomorrow and Global), better known as "Hanguk Insam Gongsa" (Korea Ginseng Manufacturing Corporation), has had two brands of skincare of its own, alongside their staple health food supplement brand of 'Jeong Kwan Jang' (正官庄), which includes products like red ginseng candy, red ginseng concentrate, and red ginseng tea etcetera. The premium brand is Donginbi, while the slightly more medium range brand is Llang.

A noticeable thing is that both brands claim to contain a high level of red ginseng oil, red ginseng polysaccharide and red ginseng energy condensate, as part of their products' emphasis, such that I believe that the difference might mainly lie in their marketing crowd rather than the active ingredients alone. 





* Usage *

This Redgin Oil is a product which was launched around the end of last year in 2012, and I got a 100ml bottle for around 60,000 won(USD 54 approximately). 

 The great thing about this oil is that although it is an oil, it does not actually feel greasy on application at all. 

There are at least 8 recommended modes of use for this oil according to the product instructions on the back of the box:


1) mixing with water for washing your face;

2) steaming your face with a wet towel which contains water mixed with a few drops of the oil;

3) spraying it as a mist mixture on the face (when mixed with water);

4) direct application on the face and neck for massage;

5) after-shower body care as a body oil;

6) as an oil which can be applied to the damaged ends of dry hair;

7) application on dry hand cuticles;

8) application on hands and feet.


These 8  uses are pretty comprehensive, and I have tried at least numbers 4, 6, 7 and 8, to be exact.


* Red Ginsengl Extracts ! *

Red Ginsengl Active Saponin/ Red Ginseng Collagen/ Red Ginseng oil/ Ginsenosom




* Product Features *

As a face oil, they recommend applying this right after the toner, and prior to the emulsion and serum.


The store assistant's instructions were as such, although the instructions on the back of the box seemed to indicate that you can use it directly after facial cleansing too.

2 to 3 drops are recommended for application every round, and the oil does seem to get absorbed relatively easily. I finished using half of the oil the last winter, and early spring season, and then stashed it aside since summer was too hot and humid for its use. Now that the fall season is getting colder at night, I can start taking it out again for multiple usage. As a face oil, it does boost the use of your moisturizers (emulsion, cream and serum), and since you do not use more than 2 to 3 drops, it did not clog my pores. Partially because I am still adjusting to the cooler weather at night and in the early morning, I do tend to be careful about the use of the oil on my face, wherein I make sure that I do not apply as much serum (or skip it altogether) and cream after. 




* Effect *

For some strange reason, this oil is not just any mere oil, but it solves some rather pressing issues of my body skin which I experience every fall and winter, such as dry cracked cuticles and sometimes peeling skin on my hands. The texture is rather different from that of mineral oil, somewhat like a slightly thinner serum or essence, and smells rather much of red ginseng. I could also use it as an oil for the dry ends of my hair when I color it(once in a while), and it feels lighter than tsubaki (camellia) oil

I believe that there are probably other ways of using this 'magic' multi-purpose oil, such as mixing it with your night cream or sleeping pack prior to the final step of your nightly skincare routine, and maybe, even mixing 1 to 2 drops with any makeup or foundation or CC or BB cream to help reduce cakey-ness. I will try those methods later, and write a more updated review about these other methods. As for the current use of this oil, I actually like this oil very much. It is probably not intended for daytime use, but for the drier and colder nights, it is a real skin-saver!



* Ingredients *

Panax Ginseng Root Extract and oil/ Ophiopogon Japonicus Root Extract/ Paeonia Albiflora Root Extract/

Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-yuen Seed Extract/ Macadamia Temifolia Seed Oil... ...



* Model: Ginseno: LLang Redgin Magic Oil

* Condition: As pictures, NEW

* Country of Manufacture: Korea, Republic of

* EXP ; December, 2015

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Seller Information
Seller BeautyFree
Ship-From Address Selangor, Malaysia, Subang Jaya
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