Khind ANSHIN Double Boiler DB600

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炖 . Double Boil is an ancient cooking method to ensure food are being cooked not exceeding 100°C to preserve its nutrients, flavors & texture. Khind Anshin Double Boiler DB600 comes with 1+3 ceramic pots which is free of lead and cadmium poisoning. It's safe! 安心炖盅王

Features & Consumer Benefit :-

  • Cooks Healthy Food Faster and Better: Food cooked retains original taste, retains orignal flavour
  • Cooks a Wide Variety of Food: Rice, Tendon, Soup, Melt Chocolate, Sauces, Custard
  • Multi Pre-Set Menus: Can be re-programmed to your preference. 
  • Delay-Start Timer: Convenience at your finger tips.
  • Fully Automated Process: Goes to Keep Warm after Cooking
  • Accurate Double Boiling Time: Timer count-down after water boils.
  • Full Plastic Body for Maximun Safety.
  • Come with a complimentary double boil recipe book 

    Specifications :-

    • Voltage : 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz
    • Power : 600 - 715W
    • Capacity : 1x3.2 Liters and 3x0.65 Litter 
    • Gross Weight : 7.2Kg
    • Box Dimension : 323 x 323 x 472mm
    • Colour : White
    • Warranty: 2 Years

    What do you mean by “Double Boiling”? 

    Double boiling is an age old cooking technique widely used in the east and west. In the west, it has been widely used to melt cheese, chocolate as well as preparing many heat sensitive cuisines and sauces. In the east, the Chinese usually use it to cook exclusive food delicacies such as bird’s nest, abalone, dietary supplements, herbal remedies and other cuisines which require long hours of simmering. The Cantonese, in particular, like to double boil their beloved Cantonese Soups as they believe that it will allow the ingredients to slowly release their nutrients into the soup. They also believe that double boiling can preserve the flavour and nutrients of the ingredients with minimal loss or damages. 

    What is a Double Boiler then?

    It is a double-pot cooking device which comprises of a smaller inner pot placed inside a bigger outer boiling pot. They are both covered with a lid and they are usually made of ceramic or metal. Food and ingredients are placed in the inner pot while the outer is partially filled with water. When water in the outer pot is heated up by an external source and boils, it then heats up the inner pot and its content, keeping the temperature at 100°C through out the entire cooking process. This indirect heating method ensures that the content in the inner pot is not overcooked or scorched to retain its original taste and nutrients. 

    What is the difference between a Double Boiler and a Steamer?

    Many may confuse a double boiler for a steamer as both are indirect heating utensils but they are essentially different. Unlike a steamer, the inner pot of a double boiler is covered with a lid and its content does not come into direct contact with any external matter, not even the steam. Hence, the original nutrients and flavour of the ingredients are safely ‘locked’ inside the inner pot and do not run the risk of being carried away by the hot water vapour.

    What food can the double boiler do?

    • Delicate sauces and to cook yogurt
    • Melt chocolate without burning
    • Cook any other thick liquid or porridge that would normally burn if not stirred constantly
    • Prepare health tonic (Chinese herbs)
    • Extract the true taste, flavour and essence from food
    • Heat or prepare foods that are too delicate to be in direct contact with cooking heat (eg. Abalone, Bird Nest, Shit Kap)

    What is the capacity of the big inner pot?

    It’s 3.2 Litres which is made of food- grade ceramic and good for 6-8 people

    What is the capacity of the small inner pot?

    3 mini pots x 0.65 Litre, is also provided for cooking other health dishes or to suit individual needs.  

    What is the water maximum level in the outer pot (MAX line)?

    Approximately 9 Litres

    How long will it takes for the outer pot to boil dry?

    Approximately 6 hours

     How to use Delay cooking function?

    1. Switch ON unit
    2. Press TIMER Button
    3. Press Hour Button to add hour/s
    4. Press Minute Button to add minute/s

    How to change pre-set recipes (from set meal to meat)?

    1. Switch ON unit
    2. Press FUNCTION Button
    3. The arrow in the LCH will rotate to next cooking function with repeated presses

    How to change pre-set cooking time?

    1. Switch ON unit
    2. Press FUNCTION Button and select menu
    3. After selecting menu, and while the LCD is still blinking the pre-set time, press Hour button to increase hour/s and press Minutes button to increase minute/s
    4. When the LCD stops blinking time, the unit has accepted command and will start cooking.
    5. Pressing the Hour or Minute button will not change settings. To change, repeat process again

    What happens after cooking time lapse (complete)?

    Double Boiler automatically goes to KEEP WARM function except STEAM function, unit cuts power

    Why is the Heating Plate small?

    To control temperature rise effectively

    Which recipe menu to select if food used are not listed?

    Use HIGH or LOW in the recipe menu

    Why must add water to the “MAX” line (except when using STEAM function)?

    Micro Chip controls the power to boil outer pot water which differs on every cooking stage. Have 3 cooking stages per Double Boil session. Less water will affect the cooked results

    How much water to add when using STEAM function?

    Just below, or slightly above Steam Rack

    What is the meaning of SET MEAL (recipe menu)?

    Use small pot to cook different dishes eg, Rice, soup, meat at the same time

    Internet says China ceramic pots are toxic and bad for health. Is it true?

    These pots are certified safe by SGS, an international body.

    Why Digital Counter does not start counting down even when the water already boiling?

    Micro chip in unit will detect if INNER POT food temperature is less than 100°C, hence will not start the count down.

    What about the electricity consumption? Does it consume a lot of electric per cooking session?

    Not really….

    1hr 30 mins around RM0.36 (counted as RM0.40/Kwat)

    2hr 30 mins around RM0.60 (counted as RM0.40/Kwat)

    5hr around RM1.20 (counted as RM0.40/Kwat)

    Besides the free ceramic pots, are there any other free gifts?

    For every unit of Anshin Double Boiler, a copy of double boiling recipe book (mandarin version only) is given away free to widen your exposure to many new health-nurturing delicacies.

    What is the warranty period for this product?

    This new double boiler is supported with a product warranty of 2 years. This warranty package carries an undertaking of unlimited free after sale service as well as parts, and there is no surcharge whatsoever within the warranty period. To further delight its consumers, this product offers free product inspection.

    Seller Information

    Seller Information
    Seller Hades Trading
    Ship-From Address Kota Bharu, Kelantan
    Return/Exchange Address Kota Bharu, Kelantan
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