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Japan Salmon Bright Jelly Masque極水った ʌ

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Salmon Bright Jelly Masque 極水った (鱼子冻膜)100g

Made in Japan


The texture of the rich content of up 50000mg's top caviar jelly mask provides a highly concentrated essence, give the skin moisturizing and firming nearly-perfect performance. Caviar is rich in marine life protein helps to nourish the skin and make skin elasticity and color get amazing improvement, enhance vitality, make skin more delicate and smooth, achieve truly water, moist, tender, White effect.



Water❋ ❋

❖ top grade caviar

✔ moisturizer helps lock water, enhance skin vitality and protect the skin.

❖ sodium hyaluronic acid and provitamin B5

✔ In addition to a moisturizing effect, it also formation of a protective film for our skin

✔ effectively keep young skin whitening, make skin more supple pores more finely, to significantly improve firmness and persistence.

❖ sodium hyaluronic acid and provitamin B5

✔ give the skin shiny and moisturizing effect, can stimulate cell division and tissue repair and regeneration.

← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← →

Moisture❋ ❋

❖ Australia walnut oil

✔ can promote cell regeneration, well moisturized aging skin

✔ For aging skin restoration has great benefits

✔ walnut oil also contain abundant fatty acids necessary for the skin, a good moisturizing capabilities, allows the skin often maintain supple and bright.

❖ natural salmon oil production in Norway

✔ has anti-aging effect.

❖ stability of superoxide and vitamin E

✔ can protect the skin from environmental aggressions melanin

✔ anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, so that the skin becomes more supple and bright immediately

← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← →

Tender ❋ ❋

❖ activate collagen hyperplasia activists

✔ promote the growth of healthy collagen dermal layer

✔ potent to fade wrinkles and fine lines in different parts of the face, the skin soft and smooth immediately becomes compact and

❖ Resveratrol

✔ can protect cells from free radical attack and pollute the environment, prevent premature aging of the skin due to environmental and, in order to maintain a youthful and smooth skin.

❖ sodium hyaluronic acid and provitamin B5

✔ In addition to a moisturizing effect, the better to form a protective film, effective whitening skin stay young

✔ make the skin more hydrated, pores more finely, to significantly improve firmness and lasting

← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← →

Whitening ❋ ❋

❖ licorice extract and vitamin C derivatives

✔ a significant whitening effect

✔ can inhibit tyrosinase enzyme activity, fade spots have been formed, make skin brighter white

❖ UVA and UVB sun protection factor

✔ blocking solar radiation caused damage to the skin and prevent redness and pigmentation, skin glistening sheen readily available!

❖ natural salmon oil production in Norway

✔ In addition to the efficacy of anti-aging also has a whitening effect

← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← →


Top caviar cream, Norwegian salmon oil, hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate, provitamin B5, vitamin E, glycerin, resveratrol, stearic acid anhydride ester oil, licorice extract, vitamin C, PEG-100 stearate, macadamia oil, dimethicone, sodium hyaluronate, allantoin, cocoa seed extract, polyglutamic acid, fermented soybean extract and the like.

← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← → ← →


Facial cleansing routine post-basic nursing care, take appropriate top caviar jelly mask evenly onto the face, apply the natural absorption of about 20 minutes or so, do not wash.






Salmon Bright Jelly Masque極水った (鱼子冻膜)100g

Made in Japan

这款质地丰润含量高达50000mg的顶级鱼子酱果冻面膜提供高度浓缩的精华,给予肌肤近乎完美的保湿及紧致效能。鱼子酱精华含有丰富海洋生物蛋白有助于滋养肌肤能够令肌肤弹性和色泽得到令人惊奇的改善、增强活力,令肤质更加细腻柔滑,也真正做到了水,润,嫩,白 の效果。


水 ❋









润 ❋


可以促進細胞新生, 使老化的肌膚得到很好的滋潤


胡桃油也含有肌膚所必須的豐富脂肪酸, 有良好的保濕功能, 能讓肌膚常常保持水嫩明亮。



穩定性超氧化物及維生素 E




嫩 ❋





能保护細胞免受自由基及污染环境侵襲,预防肌肤因环境而過早老化, 以保持青春嫩滑肌肤。





白 ❋




❖ UVA UVB 防晒因子











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