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Tomatoes are a low calorie food that help in blood circulation and the decomposition of fat in our body.

Kyoto University’s Professor Teruo Kawada research team noted that tomatoes contain 13-oxo-9 and 11-octadecadienoic acid which effectively inhibit the increase of lipids. They also control cholesterol and triglycerides, thus balancing the amount of lipids in our body.

In addition, 45 Kilos contains L-carnitine, a kind of essential amino acid in the human body. This multi-purpose weight loss product helps us in various ways, including fats burning, breaks down stubborn fats, increases endurance, resists fatigue, controls blood lipid content, increases antioxidant, detoxification, and many more.

番茄是一種低熱量、讓血液更流通、以及有利於脂肪分解的 神奇蔬果。

京都大學,川田照雄教授的研究小組指出,番茄內含有的1 3-氧代-9 (13-oxo-9),11-十八碳二烯酸(12-oc tadecadienoic acid)有抑制血脂的含量增高,控制膽固醇及三酸甘油 酯,讓血脂處於正常值。

再加上45 Kilos含有左旋肉鹼(L-carnitine),一 種人體內的一種必需氨基酸,使這產品成為一個多功能的減 肥配方。它擁有燃燒脂肪、分解頑固脂肪、增強耐力、抗疲 勞、控制血脂含量、抗氧化、排毒等等多項神奇功效。

a. Turbocharge metabolism and blocking fats. 促進新陳代謝和抑制多余脂肪
b. Breakdown fat chains and convert into energy. 分解頑固脂肪及將其轉換稱能量
c. Burn fats and suppress appetite. 燃燒脂肪和有效的抑制食欲
d. Maximise ingredient effect. 加倍成份對身體的功效
e. Convert sugar into energy. 把多余糖份轉換稱能量
f. Reduce water retention. 減輕水腫問題
g. Improve antioxidant and detoxification. 提高體內抗氧化和排毒

WHY TAKE 45 KILOS? 为何选择45 Kilos?
a. 100% natural ingredient 100%純天然成份
b. Safe & no side effect 安全且無副作用
c. No rebound effect 無效果反彈
d. Easy & convenient 簡單又方便
e. Burns fat all day long 全天性燃燒多余脂肪
f. Controls Appetite 有效的抑制食欲
g. Reduces water retention 減輕水腫問題

45 ActivSlim™For the 1st time, Oshihimo™ Japan uses an exclusive patented technology based on nanofluidics to create, capsule by capsule, a formula that combines powerful fat burning and lipids controlling abilities. 

At the heart of the formula, tomatoes ground with a several multi-purpose weight loss ingredients to work the magic within the 45 Kilos. It contains a number of precious organic fruits extract, together with Coleus Forskohlii which provides 10% forskolin for our body, breaking down our fat cells and allowing our body to continuously burn fats.

45 ActivSlim™, the technology behind 45 Kilos, is the fruit of a 8-year development by Oshihimo™ - a Japan company renowned as a pioneer in slimming industry. They unleashes this ultra active extract that penetrates deeply within the cells and immediately releases all of its efficacy. 

45 ActivSlim™是一項經由Oshihimo™ Japan 精心打造,以「纳流控」為基底的独家专利技术。它结合了 强大的脂肪燃烧能力和血脂控制能力。

在這技術的幫助下,他們把番茄的功效添上一些擁有多功能 的瘦身成分,發揮45 Kilos的迷人魔力。它包含了许多珍贵的有机水果提取 物以及毛喉鞘蕊所提供的10 %毛喉素,分解體內脂肪细胞,並不断地燃烧多餘脂肪。

45 ActivSlim ™ 是一個經過8年鑽研的成果。Oshihimo™ Japan 作为减肥行业的先锋,他们創造了这个超活跃的提取物,它 能很順利地渗透身體的细胞内,并释放所有的功效,進而提 昇45 Kilos的纖體功效!

a. Tomato Extract 番茄提取物
Tomatoes boost our energy (with more energy we will be more active and committed to a workout routine). This is due to tomatoes' high content of biotin, an essential water-soluble B vitamin. Biotin is one of the "energy vitamins" - without it, our body’s enzymes don’t work well. As a result, apart from low physical energy, we may experience the symptoms of low blood sugar between meals and/or acidosis (a condition of having an acidic blood pH). 

Tomatoes stabilise our blood sugar levels and curb our appetite making us feel satisfied for longer periods. This is due to their high content of chromium and fiber, along with biotin.

Tomatoes detoxify our body and as you might know, detoxification is a big step forward towards flushing the fat from our fat cells. Tomatoes' detoxifying properties are mainly due to their high content of powerful antioxidants like vitamins A and C, which protect our body against the free radical damage.

由於番茄擁有高含量的生物素(一種非常重要的水溶性維生 素B),所以它能夠提供我們更多的能量(有了更多的能量 ,我們將更加積極於日常的鍛煉)。生物素是眾多“能量維 生素”的其中一個。沒有它的存在,我們的體內的“酶”將 不能正常運作。持續下去的話,我們的體能將會被削減,並 可能會有膳食和/ 或酸中毒之間的低血糖症狀(一種另血液pH值呈現酸性的症 狀)。

番茄能夠讓平衡我們的血糖水平,以及有效的抑制我們的食 慾,讓我們有更長時間的飽和感。

除此之外,番茄擁有排毒的效果。排毒是身體開始排油/脂 肪的其中一項重要環節。番茄的解毒特性,主要是因為它擁 高含量的抗氧化劑,如維生素A和C,保護我們的身體不受 自由基的傷害。

b. Coleus Forskohlii (Containing 10% Forskolin) 毛喉素 10%
Coleus Forskohlii stimulates the production of a molecule called cyclic AMP (cAMP). In our body, cyclic AMP helps our cells talk to each other. When an increase or decrease in cAMP is detected, it acts as a signal that causes the body to do something.

One of the things that cAMP does is tell our cells to increase in an enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase—which burns fat. cAMP might also seems to stimulate the release of thyroid hormone which also helps burn fat and calories.

In addition, Coleus Forskohlii contains L-carnitine, a multi-purpose nutritional supplement which has no side effects. It is mainly used to reduce fat, increase endurance and resistance to fatigue, the weight loss results are the best in the market.

毛喉素刺激我們的身體產生一種叫做環磷酸腺苷(cAMP )的分子。在我們的身體,環磷酸腺苷有助於我們體內細胞 的溝通。當身體感應到 cAMP 的增加或減少,它將發出信號,讓我們的身體開始作出應對 的運作。

環磷酸腺苷另我們的細胞增加生產一種能夠燃燒脂肪的「激 素敏感脂肪酶」。 除此之外,環磷酸腺苷的似乎也能夠刺激甲狀腺激素的生產 ,有利於燃燒脂肪和卡路里。

除此之外,毛喉素含有左旋肉鹼。它被作為一種多功能、無 副作用的營養補充品,主要用於減脂、增強耐力和抗疲勞, 是目前發現的減肥效果最好而又安全的營養素。

c. Grapefruit Extract (Citrus Paradisi) 葡萄柚萃取物
Grapefruit extract has been proven for its effectiveness to turbocharge our metabolism. It also has the ability to create a thermogenic capability by fusing oxygen in our body to allow fats to burn by itself without the needs of aerobic exercise.

The essence in Grapefruit also helps to stop our body from absorbing further sugar and carbohydrates, all owing us to stop the main source of having more fats in the body.

葡萄柚萃取物已被證實能夠讓身體加快新陳代謝,幫助身體 以天然的方式燃燒多余脂肪。葡萄柚也讓身體有產熱的效果 ,把氧氣融合,進而使身體自動燃燒脂肪。葡萄柚裏的萃取 物能夠抑制身體吸收每日食用的糖分與澱粉,然後把它轉換 成能量,好讓身體有更多的能量燃燒脂肪。

d. Raspberry Ketone (Rasketone) 覆盆⼦酮萃取物
Raspberry Ketone is good for breaking up the fat cell chain allowing it to be even easier to be metabolised. With its superior effect on fat burning, every serving of 100mg extract is equivalent to 90 pounds of berries. With it's special effect, it enhances our body energy to burn fats by converting energy from body fats into energy. With more energy, our body will be able to burn fats without feeling fatigue.

覆盆子酮萃取物有效地幫助把脂肪分解,讓它更加容易的被 身體代謝。它也能夠讓身體將脂肪轉換成能量並且燃燒更多 的頑固脂肪。每100mg的萃取物相等於90磅的果實。

e. Hawthorn Berry (Crataegus Laevigata) 山楂萃取物
With the strong antioxidant, it helps the blood to get even more oxygenated hence bringing more oxygen to help burn fats. With its far known effect of appetite suppressant, you will not need to be worried about eating as you will not feel like eating as much as before.

山楂萃取物含有極高的抗氧化成份。它能夠使血液吸收更多 的氧氣,進而幫助氧化脂肪並將其分解。除此之外,它能有 效的抑制食欲,讓我們不需要煩惱因為食欲偏大而導致的肥 胖問題。

f. Pomegranate Extract (Punica Granatum) 紅石榴萃取物
Pomegranate extract enhances the ability of our body to absorb other ingredients even more effectively and is an antioxidant-filled ingredient which contains superior amount of Vitamin A, C and E. It also contains 3 times more Polphenols than red wine. Every 100mg of Pomegranate extract is equivalent to a total of 4000mg of its fruit. Anti-oxidant has been far known to help oxidising fats, allowing it to breakdown to smaller molecules for better dissolving ability.

紅⽯榴萃取物能夠加倍其他成份的效果。它也含有極高的抗 氧化成份(其中包含Vitamin A, C & E)。萃取物裏的多酚相等於紅酒的三倍,而每100mg 的紅石榴萃取物相等於4000mg的果實成份。

g. Green Tea Extract (Camelia Sinensis) 绿茶萃取物
One of the most used method to lose weight is using Green Tea Extract which acts as a fat metabolism and oxidation. It helps convert our fats into energy and dissolve the excess fats which turns from sugar also known as triglyceride. The oxidation effect helps burning fats even easier by giving the cell even more oxygen, forcing it to break down fat cells.

綠茶能夠讓身體的多余脂肪更容易被代謝與氧化。它能夠有 效的把身體的多余糖份與澱粉轉換成能量。綠茶裏的抗氧化 成份也能夠有效的讓身體脂肪吸收更多的氧氣,讓頑固脂肪 有效的被氧化及分解。

FAQ 常问问题

Q. When Can I expect to see results? 服用45 Kilos後幾時才能有顯著的效果?
A. We have tested on 50 Asian women and 50 Asian men across the country, good results can be seen just within 7 days. This proves the effectiveness of 45 Kilos. 產品效果因個人體質而異。我們在全國各地讓100位試用 者(男女參半)嘗試過產品長達7天,效果非常顯著。這也 證明了45 Kilos的瘦身效果。

Q. Is 45 Kilos safe? 45 Kilos 安全嗎?
A. Yes, 45 Kilos is made from 100% natural ingredient and has been tested on 100 Asian men and women. 45 Kilos所採用的都是100%純天然素材。您可以安心 服用。

Q. How long can I take 45 Kilos? 45 Kilos 可以長期服用嗎?
A. 45 Kilos can be consumed as long as you need in order to lose weight or to maintain your body shape after weight lost. 只要您想要減肥或者想保持窈窕身材的人都可以長期服用4 5 Kilos。

Q. Who is suitable for 45 Kilos? 誰適合服用45 Kilos?
A. 45 Kilos is suitable for all, especially if you are a heavy eater and hard to lose weight. (Precaution: This product is not for pregnant and breast feeding women. If you are currently under medical supervision, please consult doctor before consuming/ buying the product.) 45 Kilos 適合全部18歲以上人士,尤其是食欲偏大或者想要減肥的人。(備註:本產品不適 合正在餵食母乳或懷孕的女性服用。如果您正在服用任何藥 物,請在服用/購買此產品前咨詢您的住診醫生。)

Q. How to slim down quick? 怎樣能夠更快的減輕體重呢?
A. You are advised to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day in order to speed up the fat burning and also to break down fats. 您可以每天飲用8-10杯的溫水,讓身體有足夠水份燃燒 及分解頑固脂肪。

Q. When is the best time to consume 45 Kilos? 請問什麼時候服用45 Kilos最為有效的呢?
A. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals said to encourage healthy excretion of growth hormones in your body. In addition, because these hormones are only released while you sleep, that is exactly why you want to take 45 Kilos before going to bed at night. 番茄中含有豐富的維生素和礦物質,而這些都是增強身體生 長激素分泌的主要元素。除此之外,正因為這些激素只會在 您睡覺的時候被釋放出來,所以我們的建議是要在晚上睡覺 前服用45 Kilos最為適合。











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