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Hoodia D´tox Mixed Fruit Yummy Detox + Hoodia Cappuccino HALAL USA FORMULA (1 Set)

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零毒皇牌灵芝排毒 Hoodia D'tox 祛脂祛风祛蜂窝+美白


1box =15sachet 杂果Mixed fruit Yummy detox

把1包/半包加入 300-350毫升的温室水/冷水,搅拌均匀即可饮用。

零毒皇牌 Hoodia D'tox 零毒祛脂祛风成份功效♦

1.膳食纤维(Dietary-Fiber) ~~预防便秘.结肠和直肠癌.降低胆固醇

2.大豆纤维(soybean fibers) ~~耐饱

3.燕麦纤维(oat fiber) ~~大便排油块

4.洋车前草(Physlium Husk) ~~润肠通便降血脂

5.抗酸茶(SOD Tea extract)~~抗衰老·保持青春

6.苜蓿茶(Alfafa Extract)~~排除尿酸·帮助贫血者补血

7.灵芝提取物(Ganoderma Extract)~~增强皮肤细胞免疫力


8.檸檬酸(Citric Acid)~~天然防腐剂


10.果糖(左旋糖) (Fructose)~~供给能量和补充体液

零毒皇牌 HOodia D'tox ♦合格准证

 ISO 9001
 100% Natural
US Formula

 零毒皇牌 HOodia D'tox

1.平时大便干燥带血,喝了Hoodia D'tox 好很多了

2.之前大便都一点点,喝了Hoodia D'tox 直接一次过大一大堆,很舒服

3.我多数一星期才大便一次,肚子很涨啊!喝了Hoodia D'tox, 现在每天都准时bang sai


5.上班很精神哦,谢谢Hoodia D'tox 排了我身上的毒素


Hoodia D'tox Mixed Fruit Yummy Detox HALAL USA FORMULA

15sachet Mixed Fruits Detox





Night :

1day 1sachet Detox Before sleeping times, mixed with 200ml-350ml cold water and shake it

Hoodia Cappuccino Pro Lab Sense USA Formulated (15 sachets x 20g each)

Hoodia Cappuccino Pro Lab Sense USA Formulated 
(15 sachets x 20g each)

The latest enhanced version with modified three times efficacy
A hungry, drink, drink more and drink thin thin
A package to lean under 3.5kg (high record)
Improve metabolism
- How old are definitely thin!
Delicious refreshing
Slimming Fat Burning
Beat postpartum obesity
Beat natural obesity
Glutton beat bad habits
Ruddy skin
Can not drink coffee were also able to enjoy the taste of coffee
Elderly eliminate cholesterol
Nursing Mommy slimming opportunity
Improving child obesity affect health
Run it difficult to talk about healthy and delicious smooth

Drink Pro lab Sense American Cappucino
The use of L-carnitine L-Carnitine Slimming principle
1. The supplement L-Carnitine can help
Burn fatty acids accumulate in the cells, and promote fat burning.
2. L-carnitine weight loss is the quality of the active substance,
It can be used to facilitate the elimination of fat;
It can also promote the use of branched-chain amino acid oxidase,
Ensure ongoing campaign to improve work capacity;
Accelerate and improve the vitality of sperm maturation;
Improve kidney disease, lipid cardiomyopathy, heart disease, acute ammonia poisoning.
3. L-carnitine also
Relieve nervousness,
Promote cardiovascular patient rehabilitation, enhance immunity,
Accelerate protein synthesis,
Promote fat-soluble vitamins and calcium, phosphorus absorption, and promote wound healing.
L-carnitine role in taking 1 hour to 6 hours.
So for people who need to lose weight,
With aerobic training after taking 1 hour, fat loss effect is most obvious.
Security thin, thin 100% sure, and certainly slim

Mixed Fruit powder, Hoodia Chromium, Gymnema Sylvestre Extract, L-carnitine, Digestive Enzyme, Soy Protein, Whey Protein Cancentrated, Tea Polyphonol Extract, Wheat Grass, Oligosaccharides, Fructose, Glucose, Coffee & Cappuccino Extract

One or two sachets daily. Dissolve one sachet into a shaker and consume immediately. Drink more water after consumption.

Keep out of children. Keep in cool and dry place.

Pro lab SENSE 的 零食瘦身咖啡
一饿就喝 , 越喝越瘦 喝喝瘦 
一包就瘦下3.5kg (最高记录)
健康 美味 顺口 顺畅润便

喝喝瘦Pro lab Sense美国Cappucino
采用左旋肉碱L-Carnitine 瘦身原理
改善肾病, 脂质沉积性心肌病、心脏病、急性氨中毒。
左旋肉碱发挥作用是在服用后1小时 ~ 6小时。

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