Greengage Vinegar 600ml 青梅醋

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  1. BioEnergy Vinegar is brewed in traditional natural fermentation process with variety of imported fruits with high nutritional value such as fresh plums, mulberry, raspberry and blue fruits through the double-stage biochemical fermentation process with the raw materials such as honey, oligosaccharides, acetic acid bacteria, it remains fresh and fruity, and aromatic with its well-balanced sourness & sweetness. BioEnergy vinegar contains no coloring and preservatives, and is rich in nutrients essential to health such as aspartic acid, serine, tryptophan and other amino acids, as well as phosphorus, iron, zinc and different kinds of minerals, including VITAMIN C.
  2. Vinegar contains pectin; vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and its acidic ingredients can boost blood flow and improve the elasticity of blood vessels, kill bacteria, and enhance the body's immune and anti-virus capabilities. It also helps improve digestion, cleanse the digestive tract and remove toxins in joints, blood vessels and internal organs. It provides therapeutic effects contributory to endocrine regulation and cholesterol. It's detoxification function helps relieve arthritis and gout.
  3. Vinegar has abundant vitamins that act as antioxidants to promote metabolism, skin whitening, body cleansing as well as to reduce melanin, offer rapid elimination of aging skin, refill skin with nutrients and moisture, dissolve blood clot for better blood circulation, reduce rough hair pores, contribute anti-oxidation effect to prevent or remove pigmentation to achieve skin whitening. And it helps to nourish  skin-hair to make your skin look and feel smoother with soft & silky hair as well. Vinegar is also recommended for people with skin over-exposed to the sunlight, rough skin, yellow oily hair, pigmented skin, etc.
  4. Vinegar converts excessive body fat to physical energy to promote metabolism of blood sugar and protein. The organic acid content in vinegar aid to control and regulate body weight, allowing you to look charming and beautiful. Simultaneously, lactic acid and acetone fatigue in the muscles are decomposed to recover your body from fatigue.
  5. Vinegar contains large amount of nutrients such as amino acids, like acetic acid which is acknowledged  to be useful to enhance liver detoxification function and metabolic capacity.It is also known to be beneficial to the body's immune system  in the prevention of liver disorders  and is remedial to flu & colds for the relief of sore throat and discomfort.
  6. Vinegar contains antioxidants that provide inhibition on the formation of peroxides in the body consequential to alleviation of cell senescence(wearing out of cell) to attain good anti-aging effects.
  7. Vinegar helps reduce hangover, taking a glass of Vinegar before your drinking session is able to help inhibit the absorption of alcohol. A glass of vinegar after hangover helps to reduce hangover sypmtoms and rapid recovery too.
  1. 百奥保健果醋,采用药疗营养价值高的进口新鲜青梅,桑椹,覆盘子,蓝水果,以传统自然发酵工艺,配以蜂蜜,寡糖,醋酸菌等为原料,经过双层生化发酵过程,酿制而成,其果香浓郁,酸甜柔和,清爽可口,沁人肺腑。百奥保健果醋不含色素及防腐剂,富含天冬氨酸,丝氨酸,色氨酸等人体所需的氨基酸成分,以及磷、铁、锌等10多种矿物质,其中维生素C含量更是苹果10倍之多。
  2. 果醋含有果胶,维他命,矿物质及酵素,其酸性成分能疏通软化血管,杀灭病菌,增强人体的免疫和抗病毒能力,改善消化系统,洗清消化道,有助排除关节、血管及内脏器官的毒素,调节内分泌,具有明显降低血脂和排毒保健功能,对关节炎和痛风湿也有一定疗效。
  3. 醋里的大量维生素抗氧化剂能促进新陈代谢,美白杀菌、淡化黑色素、迅速消除老化角质、补充肌肤养分及水分,活血化瘀、缩小粗糙毛孔,抗氧化,防止色斑、美白嫩肤,可令皮肤更加光滑细腻,发质柔顺。适用于:日晒后的皮肤、皮肤粗糙、油性发黄、色素沉淀等肌肤。
  4. 果醋可使人体内过多的脂肪转移为体能消耗,这是由于果醋中所含的丰富有机酸发挥促进人体糖和蛋白质的代谢的作用,故能控制和调节体重,使您身材更优美迷人。同时肌肉中的疲劳物质乳酸和丙酮等得到分解,从而消除疲劳。果醋可使人体内过多的脂肪转移为体能消耗,这是由于果醋中所含的丰富有机酸发挥促进人体糖和蛋白质的代谢的作用,故能控制和调节体重,使您身材更优美迷人。同时肌肉中的疲劳物质乳酸和丙酮等得到分解,从而消除疲劳。
  5. 果醋中含有大量的氨基酸,醋酸等丰富的营养物质,可提高肝脏的解毒和新陈代谢能力,提高身体的免疫力,减少肝病的发病率,并对伤风感冒有一定的预防作用,缓解咽喉疼痛不适。
  6. 果醋中含有的抗氧化物质可以抑制人体中过氧化物的形成,缓解细胞的衰老,有很好的抗衰老作用。
  7. 另外,果醋能解酒保肝防醉,酒前一杯可以抑制酒精的吸收,酒后一杯可以解酒防醉,让您迅觉头脑清醒。

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