GoGo BeautyMax Scrub Gurl 250ml Slim Gurl 250ml Duo Action Slimming Set Combo

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Basic Information of Product
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Clearance Price At RM99.00 only, while stock last!!
(Normal Selling Price RM195.00)

Remarks: Expiry date at 2017/Jan, New Condition, Very good slimming effect.

GoGo Beauty Max™双重效应完美曲线组合

GoGo Beauty Max™ !! Duo Action Creates Feminine Curves !!

Gogo Scrub Gurl & Gogo Slim Gurl are created to exploits the natural synergy between the two products. Gogo Scrub Gurl is incorporated with marine salt compound and it harnessed the latest technology, Bio-Nanofoliator (exfoliating nano size particles) to enhance its functions by 5x faster slimming results. It exfoliates the dead surface skin cells gently, stimulates cell renewal, leaving your skin smooth and bright without harming your natural skin’s protectant. Moreover, it works synergically with Gogo Slim Gurl by priming the skin to optimise the penetration, thus, enhances the active ingredients absorption.

Meanwhile, Gogo Slim Gurl adopted another newly developed technology, Bio-Active Infusion in order to enhance delivery of the active ingredients into the deeper layer of skin. Hence, leads to 5x faster slimming, improves the cellular oxygen infusion, blood circulation and the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to promote lipolysis reaction.

The duo action of Gogo Scrub Gurl & Gogo Slim Gurl has established a few promising effects and provides a comprehensive slimming experience to users. Firstly, it pampers your skin while shower for a smoother, brighter, and ingredients penetration-ready skin. Secondly, it helps burn off the excess fats even when you are asleep to keep your body impeccably curve and firm.

Product Highlights!!

Gogo Scrub Gurl & Gogo Slim Gurl are inseparable and must be used in conjunction with each other to optimise their efficacies in order to achieve perfect body shape and figure.

Gogo Slim Gurl Efficacious: 

* Extremely pleasant to apply and is rapidly absorbed into deeper skin layers 
* Enhances blood circulation 
* Improves cellular oxygen diffusion 
* Increases energy expenditure 
* Drives the synthesis of ATP and encourages catabolism (lipolysis) 
* Replenishes collagen to regain firmness and elasticity
*No Synthetic Fragrances
*No Animal Derivatives
*No Parabens
*No Triethanolamine

Gogo Scrub Gurl Efficacious: 
* Exfoliates away deep layer of dead skin 
* Priming the skin for optimum penetration 
* Brightens dull skin for fairer complexion 
* Refines dry and rough skin for a smoother texture 
* Removes water retention 
* Enhances the skin’s regenerative abilities 
* Diminishes the unpleasant stretch marks
*No Synthetic Fragrances
*No Animal Derivatives
*No Parabens
*No Triethanolamine

A commitment to creating safe-to-use products!!

The Duo Action Gogo Scrub Girl & Gogo Slim Gurl do NOT contain the following harmful ingredients:

×No Synthetic Fragrances× 

We use natural essential oils such as lavender essential as the natural fragrance to give you the relaxing, soothing and calming effects.

×No Animal Derivatives×

Our products do not use any animal origin or by-products such as honey and lanolin as the starting material. Instead, we use natural plant extracts to enhance the functions.

×No Parabens×

Strictly no parabens are used during the production of our products. However, to ensure
its stability for longer shelf life, we also incorporated Phenoxyethanol at a very low and
safe level.

×No Triethanolamine×

Due to Triethanolamine (TEA) occasionally will cause allergy during contact, other ingredients are used to replace this harsh ingredient.

Gogo Slim Gurl Ingredients:

Deionised Water, Aloe Vera Water, Water Soluble Silicon Oil, Span 60, Tween 60, Monoglycerides, Cetearyl Alcohol, Caprylic Capric Triglyceride, Dimethicone, Carnitine, Coffee Bean Extract, Collagen Extract, Capsicum Extract, Mint, Phenoxyethanol

Gently massage an adequate amount of Gogo Slim Gurl onto the targeted areas by using circular motions to rubbing in the cream. For enhanced results, this cream should be massaged regularly into your skin during morning and evening.

Apply in circular motions activate blood and oxygen circulations, thereby decongest and re-establish lymphatic flow for better sculpturing effect. You might experience warming sensation after applying the cream as it leads to fat burning (lipolysis). It helps you to release the extra calories and avoid it to be stored as stubborn fats.

Gogo Scrub Girl Ingredients:

Deionised water, Natural Sea Salt, Glycerol, Betaine, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Potassium Lauryl Sulphate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Xanthan Gum, Acrylic Acid (ester) Copolymers, Natural Jojoba Esters, Oat Extract, EDTA, Hydrolysed Collagen, Methyl Iso-thiazolidinone (and) Iodopropynyl Butyl Carbamate Alcohol, Lavender Extract, Lavender Essential Oil, CI 51319

Apply an adequate amount of Gogo Scrub Gurl or combine with shower gel/cream onto dampened skin (arms, stomach, legs, hips and buttocks) and gently scrub in circular motions. Followed by rinse off with luke warm water and gently towel dry to avoid abrasions.

Exfoliates your skin 1-2 times per week or as skin requires. Gently scrub longer on the stretch marks or darker area in circulation motion to brighten and lighten the scars.

For topical use only, do not swallow the product. Avoid contact with eyes and open wound area, in case the product comes into contact with eyes or open wound, quickly wash away with running water. It is advised to carry out a small patch test before using the product on a regular basis. Test it on a small area of your forearm or ear lobe. If extreme redness or itchiness occurs, discontinue use.

这个夏天,Cell Story 即将为您带来全新的体验!! 打破传统的格局!! 再次为大家掀起另一波热潮!! 隆重呈现英国高科技GoGo Beauty Max™即将登场!! 

你,你,你!! 准备好比基尼跟我们一起玩翻马来西亚全天候的夏天了吗?GoGo Beauty Max™ 这个夏天!为你而战!

??GoGo Scrub Gurl ?? 运用了最先进的科技Bio-Nanofoliator -- 为你[磨]走碍眼的肥肉, 洗澡也能纤体, 再还你亮白肌肤!!

??GoGo Slim Gurl ?? 采用另一种新开发的技术Bio-Active Infusion -- 为你[擦]走多余的脂肪,补充肌肤胶原蛋白, 再还你窈窕自信!!

当•Bio-Nanofoliator• 遇到 •Bio-Active Infusion• 

全新的GoGo Beauty Max™,为爱自己的你,带来完全纤体攻略!! 从此窈窕尽显,乐活自在,享受精彩人生!!
纤体瘦身;只为完美新生~ 让自己华丽蜕变,成为瞩目的瘦身美人!!
14天の蜕变 -- 窈窕紧致;享受自信~

全方位的完美组合GoGo Beauty Max™,更有效,更健康!!
**GoGo Beauty Max™ 套装一盒包括GoGo Scrub Gurl + GoGo Slim Gurl •.?.•FREE GOGO GLOVE•.?.•

双重效应之女性完美曲线组合GoGo Beauty Max™,让纤体成为一种享受~♥ GoGo to the Max....!!

Gogo Scrub Gurl & Gogo Slim Gurl是利用了这两个产品之间的自然协同效应所研发而成的。Gogo Scrub Gurl含有海洋盐化合物并且运用了最先进的科技,Bio-Nanofoliator(微细的去角质颗粒)将其功能强化至5倍更快速的瘦身效果。

它温和地帮助清除皮肤表层的角质细胞和刺激皮肤细胞的更新能力。这促使在您天然的皮肤保护层不受到伤害的情况下,依然能够变得更柔滑和亮白。此外,它能够帮助皮肤拥有更佳地渗透力的功能与Gogo Slim Gurl产生了完美的协同效应,从而提升活性成分的吸收

与此同时,Gogo Slim Gurl采用另一种新开发的技术,Bio-Active Infusion,导致当中的活性成分能够瞬间直达肌低,从而达到高达5倍更迅速的瘦身效果、提升细胞活氧的循环、血液循环和ATP(三磷酸腺苷)的合成,以促进脂肪分解。

Gogo Scrub Gurl & Gogo Slim Gurl的双重效应已建立了可靠的功效,并能够为用户提供一个全面的减肥体验。首先,它在您沐浴时呵护您的皮肤,使皮肤更光滑、亮白和提升皮肤吸收活性成分的渗透力。其次,它甚至在您熟睡时也能够帮助您燃烧掉多余的脂肪,以维持您无可挑剔的身体曲线和紧实度。

??GoGo Beauty Max™ 产品亮点??

Gogo Scrub Gurl & Gogo Slim Gurl是不可分开使用的,必须相互地配合使用。这样才能够将其功效强化,以达到完美体态。

Gogo Slim Gurl 10个无法抗拒的功效: 
?容易涂抹, 以及能快速被吸收 

4重打击全身脂肪!! 肥胖无处可藏!!
The 4 Greatest Fats Killer !!

咖啡豆提取物 Coffee Bean Extract:

?Useful In Removing and preventing oedema
?Remove Cellulite and stretch marks
?Help in Fat Burning

肉碱 L-Carnitine:

?Strongly Remove Fatty Acids to prevent the fats formation.
?Assist the function of coffee Bean extract.

胶原蛋白提取物Collagen Extract:

?Lift and Firm the skin.
?Prevent Cellulite and Stretch Marks formation.
?Moisturize and nourish the skin

辣椒提取物Capsicum Extract:

?Speed Up the Fat burning process, and dissolve the fats.
?Provide anti-oxidant properties.

Gogo Scrub Gurl Efficacy 11个无法抗拒的功效: 


GoGo Scrub Gurl 3重打击全身脂肪!! 肥胖无处可藏!!
The 3 Greatest Fats Killer of GoGo Scrub Gurl !!

天然海盐 Natural Sea Salt :

?Remove Whole body's(except face) dead skin tissue and cuticle, and lubricating the skin.

薰衣草提取物Lavender Extract:

?Soothe the mind and skin effectively, relieve sensitive skin.
?Brighten skin and prevent dull appearance.

天然霍霍巴酯Natural Jojoba Esters:

?Prevent dry skin.
?Maintain the skin’s oil and water balance.
?Improve acne problems, as well as cellulite and stretch marks.

GoGo Beauty Max™ 创制能被安全使用的产品的一个承诺!!
双重效应的Gogo Scrub Girl & Gogo Slim Gurl 不含以下的有害成分:





Gogo Slim Gurl成分:

以打圈的方式,轻轻地将足够的Gogo Slim Gurl的分量按摩至针对性的区域。为达到最佳效果,请于每天早晨和傍晚在皮肤上使用塑身膏并按摩至吸收。


Gogo Scrub Girl成分:
去离子水、天然海盐、甘油、甜菜碱、十二烷基硫酸钠、月桂醇磷酸酯钾、椰油酰胺丙基甜菜碱、黄原胶、丙烯酸(酯)类共聚物、天然霍霍巴酯、燕麦提取物、乙二胺四乙酸二钠、水解胶原、甲基异噻唑啉酮(和)碘丙炔醇丁基氨甲酸酯、薰衣草提取物、薰衣草精油、CI 51319

取出适量的Gogo Scrub Girl或可以混合沐浴凝胶/霜使用,将其涂抹在微湿的肌肤上(手臂、肚子、腿和臀部),并以打圈的方式温和地去除角质。随后用温水冲洗干净,用毛巾轻轻地擦拭,以避免过度的摩擦而造成损伤。



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