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Are you looking to lose weight safety, naturally and effectively? Everyone is always looking for different ways to lose weight and we’d love to support you in your weight loss journey too! Taking the best of nutritional plus nature, Fruity Bubble Ex is formulated as an easy, effective weight loss supplements.

Its effective ingredients have also been properly blended to work synergistically together to support our body. This doesn’t just makes weight loss process easier and more enjoyable, in the meanwhile, you can also show off a more streamlined figure to match your pretty face and making yourself confidence has never been this pleasant!

Say goodbye to unwanted fat around your body.

• Formulated & Technology from FRANCE
• The safer and faster solution
• 100% natural branded and patented high quality ingredients
• 5 clinical studies proven
• No artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours
• No animal products / byproducts (vegetarian)
• No weight rebound effect
• No side effects

• Supports and promotes the body’s metabolism
• Inhibits synthesis of fat and burns excess fat
• Reduces feelings of hunger and food cravings
• Reduce body caloric absorption
• Helps improve overall health and prevent nutritional insufficiency

• Flat tummy
• Slim body figure
• Stronger immunity
• Body weight reduced
• Lean muscle mass increased
• Belly fat reduced

Fruity Bubble Ex contains 9 natural botanic powerful ingredients in a single product to deliver faster and better results. Every ingredient contains active constituents itself which each targets a different slimming mechanism in your body. These ingredients have been categorised into three complete classes, they are metabolism booster, appetite suppressant and caloric blocker.

• Metabolism Booster 
- Stimulates certain beta receptors that help to break down fat (lipolysis) and increase metabolism
- Induces thermogenesis to promote fat oxidation, fat burning and enhance metabolic rate 
- Allows fat burning at a higher rate and reduces the storage of fat in our body. 

• Appetite Suppressant
- Emits signals to the hypothalamus that helps to regulate appetite, recognize satiety and tell the body when to stop eating
- Controls low blood sugar
- Increases gastric emptying time

• Caloric Blocker
- Slows down the absorption of fats and carbohydrates
- Prevents the breakdown of starch and carbohydrates into glucose in the intestine, thereby blocking their absorption
- Blocks the conversion of excess carbohydrates into fats, thus reducing fat production in the body

This is a revolutionary technology that increases momentum of the molecules in the Fruity Bubble Ex in order to dislodge the fat matrix from the visceral fat in our body. This can result in dividing the visceral fat into smaller chunk. Besides that, BubblePop technology offers the ability of a transporter to Fruity Bubble Ex for delivering its active ingredients throughout our whole body and been fully utilized in daily activity. Furthermore, this advanced technology can obviously increase the absorption speed and therefore the efficacy of the active principles of Fruity Bubble Ex. This can help the digestive system to digest the fat chunk easier and faster.

There are many weight loss supplements on the market, but only ONE has a blend of powerful ingredients that natural fruits and herbs extract. Unlike other slimming supplements that focus on only a single area, Fruity Bubble Ex is based on a complete nutritional and weight loss programme that helps you boost your metabolism, control hunger and block calories absorption. When you’re looking for the best possible weight loss supplement with the highest amount of essential nutrients and most effective, then there is no comparison - Fruity Bubble Ex stands alone.

Conducted over a 30 day period, 150 overweight subjects aged between 18 and 60 were given Fruity Bubble Ex to assess the effects of Fruity Bubble Ex’s formulation had on their weight loss and body sculpture. There are instructed to take their sachet 1 times a day. From here their appetite were recorded, whilst their body weight, waist and buttock measurements were also taken at the beginning of the study, during day 14 and lastly on day 28.

Lemon powder, kiwi powder, kola nut powder, konjac (Amorphophallus konjac) powder, guarana fruit extract, green coffee extract, digestive enzymes (bromelain, amylase, protease, lipase and lactase), sodium bicarbonate, citric acid

Mix the content of a sachet of Fruity Bubble Ex with 100 ml of water (room temperature). Stir and consume.Drink 30-60 minutes before breakfast.

When can results be seen? 
It varies from individual to individual as people have different metabolism rate. Some individuals have reported a 5 – 6 kg drop in weight after consuming Fruity Bubble Ex for only 4 weeks. The body continually rid itself of fat cells for months following consumption. Therefore, for optimum results, we recommend that you continue taking Fruity Bubble Ex in a regular basis.

Fruity Bubble Ex is suitable for: 
- Both male and female
- Obese or overweight
- People who have excess weight derived from fats and starch rich food
- People who are decline meal replacement or diet
- People who want to achieve safe and effective weight loss
- People who have problem maintaining current weight

How long does results last? 
Fruity Bubble Ex results can be permanent as long as you maintain your weight. We recommend healthy eating and exercise for the best, long lasting results. Thus, it is recommended that consume Fruity Bubble Ex in a regular basis to have a more significantly obvious result since the benefits are accumulative over time.

During the Fruity Bubble Ex consuming period, any exercises needed? 
Exercise is recommended in order to speed up the effectiveness of Fruity Bubble Ex. Moreover, exercise would certainly help with any weight loss program but more importantly exercise is contributed to a good health. 

How long should I take Fruity Bubble Ex for? 
The recommended timeframe is at least 3 months continuously supply since it takes time for your body to adapt itself to the new calorie intake and supplementation.

CONTENT: 5g x 15 sachets/box

ORIGIN: Formulated in France

• Not suitable for the usage by individual that is under 18 or above 60
• Not recommended for consumer with cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes or other related diseases as well as pregnant and breast feeding mother. Contain caffeine.

• Store in a cool, dry place
• Avoid from heat source and sunlight exposure
• Keep out of reach of children


来自于法国最先进科技 ☆BUBBLE POP☆


您是否在寻找安全、自然和有效的减肥方法?每个人都一直很努力地寻找不同的减肥方法而我们却很乐意地为您的减肥之旅作出支持!通过融入最好的营养和天然,Fruity Bubble Ex 是一种简单而有效的减肥补充品。Fruity Bubble Ex是基于高品质、食品安全以及营养价值,它着重于加速身体的新陈代谢率、抑制食欲以及减少人体对热量的吸收。它的有效成分也相互发挥它们的有效性以支持我们的身体受益,如旺盛的新陈代谢、滋养肌肉组织、控制饥饿感以及燃烧全身多余的脂肪。这不但使减肥过程变得更轻松、更愉快;与此同时,您还可以炫示那符合您的漂亮脸蛋的傲人身材,使自己拥有前所未有的自信!



Fruity Bubble Ex包含了9种天然且强劲的植物成分以便呈现出更快、更好的成绩。每种成分中含有本身的活性成分,对于瘦身的目标,它们每一个都操作着不同的运作方式。而这些成分已被分为三个完整的部类,它们是的代谢加速器、食欲抑制剂和热量阻挡器。




来自于法国科技- BubblePop
这是一个革命性的技术,它能够增加Fruity Bubble Ex 分子粒的动量以便打散我们内脏脂肪的脂肪架构。这可以导致内脏脂肪被分割成更小的分子。此外,BubblePop技术提供了作为运输体的功能,它可以把Fruity Bubble Ex里的有效成分输送到我们身体的各个部分,并在日常活动中得到充分的利用。再者,这种先进的技术可以显着地提高吸收能力以便能够有效地发挥其活性成分的疗效。这样也可以帮助消化系统把脂肪块消化得更容易、更快速。

为什么Fruity Bubble Ex是您最好的选择?
市场上有很多种瘦身产品,但只有一种是拥有强劲的成分而且融合了天然的水果和草本植物的提取物。它不同于其他的减肥产品只专注于一项功能,Fruity Bubble Ex是基于一个完善的营养价值和减肥计划并协助您提高身体的新陈代谢率、控制饥饿感以及阻挡热量的吸收。当你正在寻找最好、最有营养价值、最有效的瘦身产品时,不会有其他产品比 Fruity Bubble Ex 更独树一帜。

为了评估Fruity Bubble Ex对于减肥和瘦身的功效,150名年龄介于 18和60岁之间的超重者已进行了为期30天的试验。他们被限定每天服用一小袋的Fruity Bubble Ex。在试验开始时、试验的第14天和第28天,他们的食欲、体重、腰围和臀部已被记录。


使用Fruity Bubble Ex的指示:
将一个小袋的Fruity Bubble Ex 与100毫升的水(常温)搅拌均匀,并于早餐前30-60分钟饮用最佳。


效果因人而异因为每个人的代谢率都不一样。有些人服用者反映当他们只服用了4个星期的Fruity Bubble Ex就可减轻5至6公斤的体重。而且,经过数个月的服用后,身体脂肪也明显减少。因此,为达到最佳效果,我们建议您继续定期服用Fruity Bubble Ex。

Fruity Bubble Ex适用于:

只要您能够维持您的体重,Fruity Bubble Ex的效果可以是永久性的。为了让效果更持久,我们建议您最好可以用健康的饮食和运动配合。因此,定期服用Fruity Bubble Ex会有更加显着的效果,因为它的好处是随时间而累积。

在服用Fruity Bubble Ex的期间需要运动吗?
为了加快Fruity Bubble Ex 的有效性,我们建议您配合适度的运动。此外,运动对于瘦身的过程来说会有一定的帮助,而且更重要的是运动能够促进健康。

我应该服用Fruity Bubble Ex多久?


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