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France Formulated MAQUI Detox Drink 14s

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*Buy 2 box Free 1pc Shaker, can mis with MAQUI Coffee Drink.



MAQUI Detox Drink / box of 14 packs

The Art of Healthy Begins with Detoxifying

*Maqui Detox is a powerful purifier of your intestinal tract, especially the colon. It is specifically formulated for treating constipation problem. The utilisation of prebiotic and probiotic in Maqui Detox have the potential to cleanse, heal and strengthen the entire gastrointestinal tract. They provide a kind environment for the intestinal flora and hence, lasting improve the intestinal metabolism. Moreover, by stimulating the peristaltic action, Maqui Detox improves digestion, relieves gas and cramps, and relieves chronic constipation in order to achieve whole body detoxification. It works gently and claims to cause minimal to no abdominal cramps and without any side effects.

The Facts about Toxic Body Burden

*Body burden of toxins can be defined as the consequence of lifelong exposure to industrial and environmental toxins that are mostly used in consumer products or contaminants in air, water, food and soil. They can entry by three primary routes, which are ingestion (mouth), absorption (eyes and skin) and inhalation (lung). The toxins can be accumulated in fat, blood and organs.

The Adverse Effect of Toxic Body Burden

*Poor digestion, constipation, ulcers, hemorrhoids and diverticulitis, bloating, fatigue, anxiety, depression, headaches, gas, coated tongue.

*Mood changes, emotional disorders, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, body odour, skin spots, and excess weight.

*Chronic infection, bad breathe, poor circulation, sinus problem, serious skin disorder, arthritis, allergies, hormone imbalance.

Reasons to Detox

1. Remove toxins and parasites from the body
2. Enhance immune system function
3. Increase metabolism
4. Prevent chronic disease
5. Increase energy and vitality
6. Lose weight
7. Healthy glowing skin
8. Stop and slow premature ageing
9. Clarity of mental and emotional
10. Reduce stress

The Best Formulation Ever!

*Maqui Detox tastes like a vibrant mix of berries, these including maqui berry, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry and blackberry that contain high concentration of antioxidants. This can help you get rid of toxins from the body as they help the body in detoxification.
*Additionally, with the combination of prebiotic and probiotic, Maqui Detox can exert its function to optimum effects. It can totally cleanse and detoxify your body in a proper and safety way. 

*A non digestible food ingredient that is used as an energy source by beneficial bacteria found naturally in the body's intestines.

Health Benefits
# Improve overall gut health 
# Reduce gastrointestinal infections
# Reduce the incidence of atopic eczema 
# Enhance calcium and magnesium absorption
# Decrease triglycerides
# Reduce the risk of colon carcinogenesis

*Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amount confer a health benefit to the host.

Health Benefits
# Improve digestive function
# Help with side effects of antibiotic therapy
# Reduce the risk of certain acute common infectious diseases
# Improve tolerance to lactose
# Enhance immune function

100% Natural & Effective Formula!
Maqui Detox contains 100% natural and fresh ingredients without adding any additives, stimulants, preservatives and artificial colouring. It formulated with high fibre and nutrients content to eliminate toxins inside our body totally by promoting gastrointestinal motility and bowel movement. Maqui Detox is an effective complete formula by providing you incredible health benefits in a short period of time.

Maqui Detox is the best for those who are:
• Constipation
• Fasting and detoxifying
• Having poor digestive function
• Water retention (oedema) 
• Desire for slimming
• Obese
• Having dull complexion
• With busy life 
• Having poor concentration 
• Low immune function

Health Benefits
• Detoxification
• Improves
• Relieves constipation
• Enhances skin conditions
• Delays the onset of ageing
• Reinforces immune functions
• Promotes fat metabolism and emulsification
• Balances healthy pH level in body
• Increases stamina and endurance
• Improves memory and mental alertness

Ingredients in Maqui Detox

Maqui Berry Powder 
Maqui berry has an extraordinary high concentration of anthocyanins, which are antioxidant that highly capable of preventing toxin materials and toxin compounds. They can inhibit harmful free radicals to form toxic compounds in order to prevent our body further reaction with any toxic material. Even so, if there is any toxic compound exists in human body, they can also prevent their further reaction and also their effectiveness. Therefore, the cells which affected by toxic material can be destroyed by regular immune system of the body with time. Hence, maqui berry is known as a powerful body detoxifier.

Blueberry powder
Blueberries are rich in vitamins C, A, E and B complex. They also contain fibre that enables a smooth passage of stool through digestive tract and prevents constipation. Moreover, fibre can increase the satiety you receive from foods and prevent overeating and possible weight gain. Therefore, blueberries are used for flushing out toxins from the body as they help the body in detoxification. Apart of this, blueberries are enriched with vitamins, sodium, copper and fructose that able to improve digestion. They also manage to boost immunity and anti-inflammation and as a free-radicals scavenger.

Cranberry powder
Cranberries are recognised as a "superfruit" due to their nutrient-rich content and antioxidant qualities. Cranberries contain a moderate level of vitamin C, dietary fibre and the essential dietary mineral, which is manganese, as well as a balanced profile of other essential micronutrients. They have the benefits to our mouth and gums, stomach and colon by decreasing the risk of periodontal disease, the risk of stomach ulcer and the risk of colon cancer respectively. Furthermore, every category of phytonutrient known to be provided by cranberries is also known to play a vital role in digestive tract support. In the case of cranberries' proanthocyanidins, its decreased adherence of the bacterium to our stomach wall and the bacterial environment of the digestive tract become more favourable.

Raspberry powder
Raspberries are very low in calories and are naturally fat free. They provide a wide range of vitamins, minerals and fibre. It will help to keep gastrointestinal system flowing smoothly, promote normal bowel movement and alleviates constipation. Furthermore, owing to its rich in insoluble fiber, raspberries provide a sense of fullness, which may prevent from overeating and results in weight loss. Moreover, manganese is a trace mineral that is abundant in raspberries. This mineral makes up the compound called superoxide dismutase, which fights free radicals, decrease premenstrual syndrome symptoms, improve bone health, decrease arthritis pain and protection from low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in diabetics.

Blackberry powder
Blackberries are rich sources of soluble fiber that helps keep the digestive tract operating at its optimum level and can lower the risk of developing certain diseases such as heart disease by removing harmful cholesterol plaque from the body. Research has also found that fiber aids weight loss and makes weight management easier. Apart of this, blackberries contain vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant to protect from immune system deficiencies and lower the risk of developing heart disease, certain types of cancer, and macular degeneration. Moreover, blackberries also contain ellagic acid, an antioxidant that has been shown to protect the skin from ultraviolet damage and repair skin damaged by the sun while the anthocyanins in blackberries have been shown to reduce inflammation and help fight free radicals in the body that destroy cells and lead to diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Aloe Vera extract
Aloe vera contains high amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, lignin, amino acids, anthraquinones, saponins, fatty acids and salicylic acid. It has natural detoxifying abilities by improving the bowel regularity and increases protein absorption. Apart of this, it has a natural laxative effect on the body that can cleanse the colon and release toxins stored in the liver. Via decreasing the amount of harmful bacteria and yeast in our gut, aloe vera has been proven to be a powerful body cleanser and detoxifier. Furthermore, aloe vera also full of antioxidants, which act as natural immunity enhancers, protect our body against the damaging free radicals. It is an excellent treatment for skin conditions such as burns and eczema due to its anti-bacterial properties. It also helps delay skin ageing and brightening the skin by removing the dead cells and rejuvenating the skin cells.

Wheatgrass powder
Wheatgrass, a nutritionally food which has been considered as a rich source of beta-carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium, and so forth. Owing to its great amounts of chlorophyll content, wheatgrass has been known as a potent detoxifier which is beneficial to human body. It purifies body toxins and cleanses colon by encouraging gastrointestinal motility and hence aid in accumulated and stubborn faeces removal.

Apple Pectin
Apple contains a natural soluble dietary fibre called pectin which binds heavy metals and other environmental toxins in the body and also lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of gallstones. Apple pectin is believed to have beneficial effects on the digestive tract as it may balance acidity in the large intestine and can promote relief from temporary discomforts of ulcers and colitis. As a general intestinal regulator, apple pectin has been used as an anti-diarrhoea agent. Apart of this, apple pectin can regulate the digestive system and improve bowel movement, both important factors in any weight loss program by cleansing the intestinal tract with its soluble fibres in order to maintain the intestinal balance. Besides that, pectin-rich apple compounds could exert an anti-carcinogenic effect in the colon. Therefore, apple pectin can significantly improve overall digestion.

Psyllium husk 98%
Psyllium husk is an excellent source of dietary fibre. It acts as a natural laxative to make stools softer and considered as a good intestinal cleanser in that it speeds the passage of stool through the digestive tract. Hence, psyllium husk is vital for good bowel health, as well as used in treatment of chronic constipation by relieving constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, haemorrhoids and other intestinal disorders. Furthermore, it has a cholesterol-lowering effect when added to a low fat and low cholesterol diet. Psyllium husk has been shown that it is aids in weight control by enhancing the sensation of fullness and reducing hunger cravings.

Chia seed powder
Chia seeds are super high in dietary fibre which making it great for digestion and healing digestion issues. They are fabulous colon cleansers and clear out the digestive tract in order to promote the nutrients absorption and waste elimination more efficiently. It also prevents indigestion and heartburn without risk of harmful side effects. Furthermore, chia seeds help stabilise blood sugar levels. This super seed is a potent antioxidant that helps to fight disease and defy age naturally.

Ingredients in Maqui Detox - Prebiotic
Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) 
FOS has a number of interesting properties, including a low sweetness intensity, calorie free, non-cariogenic and are considered as soluble dietary fibre. FOS is a prebiotic which provides nutrients and serves as a substrate for microflora in the large intestine for fermentation. It can dramatically stimulate the growth of microflora in the large intestine that promotes the overall gastrointestinal tract health by producing gases and acids which aid in digestion and defecation. FOS may also help to relieve constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders including problems that are related to irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and lactose intolerance. In addition, FOS has been demonstrated to promote proper absorption of calcium in the body. Thus, FOS is used for the improvements of digestion and nutrients absorption, detoxification and elimination processes, as well as the body immunity.

Ingredients in Maqui Detox - Probiotic
#Lactobacillus Acidophilus (L. Acidophilus)
The main function of L.Acidophilus is to inhabit the small intestines. These "friendly" bacteria will colonize in the small intestine taking up space and not allowing any harmful bacteria to congregate there. Therefore, they inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria by balancing the intestinal microflora and promoting good digestion. Besides that, L. acidophilus was demonstrated to have anti-microbial effects against pathogens and fungal microorganisms. It is able to survive the harsh conditions of the stomach and pass through to the small intestine since it is able to survive in environments of pH 4-5 or below. Furthermore, L. acidophilus enhances acrophage and lymphatic activity in order to boost body immune system.

#Bifidobacterium longum (B. Longum)
B. longum is found naturally in the body that helps maintain a normal digestion process and vital for body's immunity systems. It is also beneficial in cases of cholesterol decrease, improvement of lactose intolerance signs, stimulation of immunity and cancer prevention. By lowering the pH in the bowel which is known to assist peristalsis, B. longum is known to improve the time taken for waste to pass through. Hence, this can improve the bowel movement for people with chronic constipation. Additionally, B. longum has anti-inflammatory properties that protect the cells lining mucous membranes from toxins and help the immune cells to mature so they can function properly.

( Frequently asked Questions )
1. How does Maqui Detox work?
# Maqui Detox is able to flush out toxic chemicals and waste from the body. Each ingredient in it is able to work on the major detoxifying organs, such as liver, kidneys, skin, gut and the lymphatic system. By stimulating the body metabolism, bowel movements, sweating and urinating, it can help to achieve the whole body detoxification and release the overburdened toxins that have build up in the body.

2. When is the best consumption time for Maqui Detox?
# It is best to consume before bedtime since the absorption capabilities are the strongest after 11pm. Furthermore, defaecation usually follows after 6-8 hours of consumption which is the next morning. Hence, it will not afflict your life quality.

3. How soon will I be able to see the results?
# Every individual reacts differently to any supplement. Moreover, the effectiveness of Maqui Detox is depending on how much toxic exposure to your body, hence, the result may vary individually. Generally, as the ingredients in our product help to detoxify and ease defaecation, visible result and improvements can be observed after continuous daily consumption of Maqui Detox within the first week. Slowly, you will feel your skin getting smoother, finer, more translucent and supple, as well as stronger immunity during the 2nd week of consumption. Additionally, most users have experienced flatter tummies and weight loss that resulting in slimming effects from the 3rd week onwards. Therefore, it is recommended that consume Maqui Detox in a regular basis to have a more obvious result since the benefits are accumulative over time.

4. What should I notice during the period of consumption?
# Intake of adequate amount of water (at least 2~3L) daily can achieve optimum results while cleansing. Fibre, which exists in Maqui Detox, is requires water to exert its effect. Furthermore, drinking water also helps to remove wastes and toxins from our body. Besides that, consume more fresh fruits and vegetables instead of fried and processed foods are suggested.

5. How to achieve an optimum result during the consumption period?
# It is advisable that coordinate with healthy and balanced diet, as well as moderate exercise while enjoying Maqui Detox. An at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise such as brisk walking can benefit the lymphatic and circulatory systems and the elimination of toxins. Moreover, aerobic and weight-bearing exercise is highly recommended since they are able to decrease stress and enhance oxygen and blood flow to the tissues of the body.

6. Should I continue to take Maqui Detox after I have seen some improvements?
# Yes. You are advised to consume Maqui Detox in a lesser amount even though you have achieved your desired body weight and the results of detoxification. This can ensure its effects will not rebound by maintaining an ideal weight and body health.

7. Is Maqui Detox safe to take every day?
# Yes. All of the ingredients in Maqui Detox are 100% of natural origin and there are no side effects that have ever been reported even in its prolonged consumption. Apart from this, it will not cause any dependency. Hence, it is recommended that consume Maqui Detox for daily basis in order to eliminate the accumulated waste and toxic since our body encounter toxins every day.

8. Can I take this product with my medications?
# The ingredients used in Maqui Detox is 100% natural, hence, it do not seem to have any adverse reactions with medications. However, please consult your doctor before consuming the product if you are currently under any medications such as hypertension drugs.

Usage : Pour one sachet of Maqui Detox (15g) into a glass of water (200ml). Stir well and consume before bedtime daily. Keep in cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight exposure.

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