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Brand: Cheryne
Product: Facial Detox Cream 

Are you having skin problems such as large pores, acne skin, rough skin texture, dull skin, dry skin and etc etc etc???? Or you have tried a lot of skin care products but nothing really seem to work effectively? Well, I have something to recommend! Introducing  FACIAL DETOX CREAM

Product Description
It is a white colour cream with charcoal powder. If you look closely, you can see tiny little dots in the cream. Those are the charcoal powder.

It is made from natural ingredients and it is free from heavy metals, hormones and substances that are harmful to our skin. This facial detox cream is very gentle towards skin, even those with mild sensitive skin can use it without worries. But, if you are still feeling a little bit insecure over the allergic reactions you might have, remember to perform the skin allergy test before applying to the whole face.

This detox cream does not have to be used with other skin care equipment. Just apply appropriate amount to skin and gently massage. It will help to soften the dead skin cells, black/white heads and purify the toxins and air pollutants trapped under our skin layer. 

Why do we need to detox our skin?
I believe that we have all heard of liver detox or different kinds of detox & cleansing program, right? But what about our skin? Do you think our skin need detox as well? Certainly! Well, think about it, people. Most of us are wearing make-up almost everyday, facing the computers, cellphones, tablets, exposed to radiation, air pollution everyday, stressful lifestyle and etc. These are all the factors that damage our skin and cause our skin age faster. Besides, are you aware that most of the cosmetics and skin care products out there contain of heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic cadmium…), hormones and chemicals? Yeah, perhaps you know or may be you don’t. We have no idea how much toxins were accumulated under our skin!!! 

How does it works:
The facial detox cream consists of charcoal powder which act as a “vacuum cleaner” that draws out all the toxins and dirt from the skin layer. Charcoal powder are known for its ability to absorb toxins from the skin and drawing impurities out from the pores.
The black/grey colour discharge is the result of the chemical reactions of the charcoal powder. The charcoal powder will react differently towards heavy metals, hormones, chemicals and acidic/alkaline level and thus the degree of greyness of the skin discharge is different for every person. People with a healthier and cleaner skin are likely to get a grey colour result whereas black colour indicates that there are high level of toxins buried deep down under your skin.

Individual result may vary as the amount of toxins that we have under our skin are different for every person. Pay more attention to your cosmetics and skin care products, if your results turn out to be black or dark grey! Perhaps, considering to switch to a more natural, herbal/botanicals or organic products.

Regular skin detox and purification can help your skin to absorb the nutrients in the skin care products better. Have you ever wonder why the skin care you used never seem to work effectively, or the results were not obvious and satisfying although you have spent hundreds or thousands of money on expensive/branded skin care? That is because there were too much toxins inside the skin and they actually prevented or blocked the nutrients from penetrating into the skin layer. So, what a waste right? Despite all the money being spent but the results are not promising.

Also, a visit to beauty clinic or beauty salon for this kind of detox or skin purification treatment can a really cost a BOMB! It is really affordable and cost saving to get yourself a jar! It can last quite a while even though it is just 35g! So, hurry up and grab one for yourself! Save your skin by flushing out the toxins, chemicals and dirt! Make yourself a step closer to clean and healthy skin.

Direction of use:
Apply appropriate amount to clean and dry face. Gently massage for 1-2 minutes and wipe off with cotton pads. Wash off the residue with facial cleanser and rinse with clean water. Followed by normal skin care routine. Use once or twice per week.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse with water immediately if contact with eyes. Do not apply to broken or abraded skin. Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs. Sensitive skin users are advised to carry out skin allergy test before use. Keep product in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

Weekly Skin Care Maintenance Tips:
Step 1: Clean face (Make up remover, facial cleanser)
Step 2: Facial Detox (Facial Detox Cream)
Step 3: Exfoliate (Facial scrub, facial peel, exfoliating gel etc)
Step 4: Pore Cleansing (Clay mask, deep cleansing mask, if you have them)
Step 5: Sheet mask (replenish moisture, lazy people can skip this! Haha!)
Step 6: Rinse off the remaining residue on skin after using both deep cleansing and sheet mask
Step 7: Normal skin care routine (Toner, essence/serum, eye cream, facial lotion/ cream)

This facial detox cream is neither a whitening cream nor blemishes remover cream. It is just a facial detox massage cream. It will not turn your skin into flawless skin instantly after used. However, if you persist to detox your skin every week and with proper skin care, probably you can have that flawless skin someday! Good luck! Sincerely hoping that everyone can have a beautiful and healthier skin!

P/s: My hubby and I use this detox cream for at least once every week! OMG, black and grey stuff coming out from our skin! Ahhh~~Disgusting! Quite fun playing with the cream though. Hahaha…

Chinese Version 中文版:

毛孔大的举手! 痘痘肌的看过来! 皮肤粗糙的也看过来!皮肤暗黄没光泽、皮肤干燥什么的…… 保养品用了也不见效的人们,来来来!都看这边!现在要给大家大力大力推荐一款产品!面部排毒膏!!


朋友,肝胆要排毒,肠胃要排毒,人体要排毒,皮肤难道就不用排吗?大家说是不是?其实很多化妆品成份含有重金属和激素,而且都是化学物! 你知道吗? 而且,现代人每天化妆,每天对着电脑,每天刷手机刷Ipad,还有每天都面对着空气污染, 生活压力等等。想像一下这些外界对皮肤所造成的伤害,你说我们还可以那么淡定不帮皮肤排毒吗!这样子皮肤怎么会好?怎么会不老化呢?

排毒膏里含有竹炭颗粒,在任何物质推开时候都会变黑,这是竹炭的原理。竹炭会根据皮肤酸碱度和毒素,金属,激素,化学残留物产生化学效应,所以排出来后会发现黑灰色的深浅度不同。这就是每个人擦出来不一样颜色得原因, 因为每个人皮肤累计的毒素不一样。皮肤越健康毛孔越干净只是灰色,如果皮肤毒素多会是深黑色的。

各位各位,每个人擦出来的毒素都是不一样的哦!如果擦出来很黑,就要注意你们平时的护肤品了!一周排毒两次可以吸附毛孔和皮肤底层的垃圾和毒素!这样子才能帮助皮肤更有效的吸收保养品。否则,往脸上砸几百几千块的保养品都难见效!皮肤不排毒,护肤品里的营养都无法好好的被皮肤吸收,发挥最好的作用。所以,赶紧为自己的皮肤来做一个 “大扫除” 吧!把毒素和空气尘埃都排出来,改善肌肤,让自己的皮肤更健康更干净!
上美容院做一次脸部皮肤排毒的价格,可以买上好几瓶排毒膏呢!一小瓶可以用蛮久的,而且价钱也很实惠。比起去美容院,实在是可以省好多银子neh! 所以,别发呆了!不要纠结了!要变漂亮,赶快赶快下单呗!嘻嘻!!!



洁面 (卸妆乳,洁面霜)
一片式面膜(保湿 ,补水。懒人还有嫌麻烦的,可以不跳过这个不做。哈哈)


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