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Enz Sexy Leg 瘦腿霜 1罐

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Basic Information of Product

Basic Information of Product
Product Status/Sales Type New Product No. 1182159
Weight (kg) 0.2 kg Country of Origin N/A
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(formulation of USA)


我们的腿承托整个身体的重量,因此双腿肌肉会有压力和紧实的感觉。Sexy Leg Ampoules Cream 的研制是为了有效的地抑制和消除腿部多余脂肪的储存以及通过放松肌肉紧张和平滑的肌肉纤维而减轻腿部的压迫感。这是对瘦腿最有效的解决方法。

Enz Sexy Leg Ampoules Cream 美国配方产品资讯

  • 减少脂肪
  • 消除橘皮纹
  • 重塑性感腿形
  • 滋润皮肤
再加上运用最革命性的美容技术-漩涡-M技术,其好处已被广泛的测试。因此,对于对抗萝卜腿,Sexy Leg Ampoules Cream 可以以最小的努力给您前所未见的效果!





Sexy Leg Ampoules Cream 里的成分是最有效的解决方案。它让肌肉紧致及放松,提高体内脂肪细胞的活化,加速血液循环和达到脂肪燃烧的最佳效果。




Sexy Leg Ampoules Cream 可被视为最安全和最有效的腿部紧致的解决方案。


有效地减少4cm 的腿部肌肉而突出的腿部肌肉也已消失


一天使用Sexy Leg Ampoules Cream 两次以获得最好的效果。建议搽在干净和干爽的肌肤上,最好是冲凉货沐浴后使用。

  • 时常坐在椅子上
  • 具有突出的腿部肌肉
  • 总是穿高跟鞋
  • 腿部没有充足的血流量
  • 想去除顽固脂肪团及沉积的脂肪细胞
  • 希望拥有完美和紧实的身体曲线
Enz Sexy Leg  Ampoules Cream 是专家们的选择,全新的性感体验


Enz Sexy Leg Ampoules Cream
Formulation of USA

HAVE YOU EVER considered that prominent leg muscle or calf hypertrophy is an exquisitely female prerogative?Not to mention that just a bit of lack of aesthetic feeling means a huge issue for all beauty lovers. 

the professional's choice for a brand-new sexy experience.

Our legs bear the weight of the whole body so the muscle there is stressed and tighten. Sexy Leg Ampoules Cream is designed specially to effectively suppress and eliminates leg fat storage,relieves leg oppressive by relaxing the muscle tension and smoothing the muscle fiber,which considered as the most effective solution for lower legs.

“With the fusion of Dandelion,Carnitine and Nepenthe,which reduce the outer layers of fat by triggering an exothermic process and reducing the fat cells in size to cuts off some of those extra inches.
With the most revolutionary cosmetic technology-Swirl-M Tech,it's benefits have been tested extensively. Therefore,Sexy Leg Ampoules Cream can help combat calf hypertrophy for never-before seen results with minimal effort!”

  • Eliminating fat
  • Removing cellulite
  • Remodelling leg contour
  • Moisturising skin
Product Information
Suitable for all skin types|Specially for legs|Can relax the prominent muscle for more slender legs|Absorptive & No sticky|Safe & Effective|With advanced Korea Technogy

Swirl-M Tech
A simple principle led to a technically feat

This is a revolutionary technology that achieved through a simple principle-swirling motion. First of all,this technology is using the active ingredients as a probe that allows the active compounds enters the skin in swirled pattern. This superficial actions of the active principles can reach the deeper layers of the skin and also increase the absorption speed.

With Swirl-M Tech
-Penetrate deeply into the skin layer by layer
-Once the cream contacted with the surface layer of skin,it will extent out the applied area within 2 to 3cm.
-Therefore,the cream can still pass through the skin layers even pore blockage exist.
-Absorption speed increased.

Without Swirl-M Tech
-Cover only the outer layer of skin.
-Only work on the area that you applied to.
-Absorption speed reduced.

The advanced formulation for a new dimension in leg slimming sector!
The ingredients included in the Sexy Leg Ampoules Cream are the most effective solution for muscle firming and relaxation,improves the activation of body fat cell,accelerates the blood circulation and can have the best effect for fat burning.

As a part of herbal diuretics,dandelion are claimed to cause slimming due to promotes excretion of salt and water,as well as helping to flush toxins from the body.This will stop the body from retaining water,which leads to reduction in fluid load and hence,weight loss.

Nepenthes ampullaria
Nepenthe ampullaria has the properties of treating fluid retention by expelling excess water from the body and hydrating properly.It is also promotes body detoxification and reduce the triglycerides level.

Carnitine is a potent fat burner.The main characteristic of carnitine is that of binding to fat molecules,favouring their transportation through the cellular membrane and within the mitochondria in order to be used for energy in the body.Carnitine exerts the fat metabolism acceleration properties when used topically. In this case,it is possible to increase its effective impact by focusing the treatment on the targeted area.

The Ultimate Firming And Slender Effect
Sexy Leg Ampoules Cream can be taken as the safest and the most effective leg firming solution,as it goes through clinical test.The test showed that centimetric loss on leg up to 4cm to 6cm after 1 week consumption.

With its state of the art proprietary blend of potent ingredients,Sexy Leg Ampoules Cream also gives you clinically proven results to reduce the appearance of cellulite,while making the body smoother and firmer.

Reduce water retention on legs;Remove swollen
-help pass out the water in the calves,speed up the metabolism

Target muscular leg;Relax leg muscles
-efficiently reduces leg muscles by 4cm and the prominent leg muscles have disappeared

Build dream leg contour;Skin regeneration
-skinny and slender legs are attained.Skin is moisturized;firmer,more elastic and smoother.

Sexy leg ampoules cream is applied twice a day to give the best results. It's recommended to apply the cream on clean and dry skin, preferably after taking a shower or bath.

Sexy Leg Ampoules Cream is recommended for those who:
1.Always sitting on the chair
2.Having prominent leg muscles
3.Always wearing high heels
4.Not sufficient blood flow in the leg
5.Wants to remove stubborn cellulite and deposited fat cells
6.Hope for perfect and tighten body curve

ENZ SEXY LEG AMPOULES CREAM The professional Choice, for the brand new sexy experience 

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Seller Information

Seller Information
Seller Amazing's Beauty House
Ship-From Address Gerisek, Johor
Return/Exchange Address Gerisek, Johor
Notice on Return/Exchange 瑕疵品:-

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Defective: -
Damaged goods, burst, unable to press out the essence from bottle.

Following circumstances unacceptable for defective products:
Man-made damage, falling to the ground, and so on.

Basically, the goods will checked carefully before sending,probability of defective products is almost zero.But just in case,customers found that defective products after receipt,please contact us within 24 hours after receipt,so that we can arrangements for exchange goods

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