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DoChen Sheep Placenta GOLD PLUS - 1 Bottle (25,000mg)

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DoChen Sheep Placenta GOLD PLUS - 1 Bottle (25,000mg)





Gold Sheep Placenta Plus: Now At 25,000mg

DoChen Beauty Gold Sheep Placenta Plus capsules are manufactured by New Zealand's top stem cell research and development team and laboratories, with over 15 years of intensive research and development results. The capsules manufactured under strict production and quality control management to ensure the sheep capsules can be effective and safe to consume.

DoChen Beauty Gold Sheep Placenta Plus is fully in line with international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO9001,14001, New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA), New Zealand Medical Devices Safety Authority (MEDSAFE), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), TQM (total quality management) and SOP (standard operating procedures ) strict standards.


With freeze-drying technology, the live cells can be preserved and remained bioactive for 3-4 years. MyDear Gold Sheep Placenta Plus uses only the fresh healthy sheep placenta, and is extracted and preserved with the latest freeze-drying technology to preserve their bioactivities at maximum level.

Each capsule is produced from 500mg fresh deer placenta and concentrated into 50:1 ratio, making it highest in its category of 25,000mg.

The placenta live cells and other nutrients will be oxidized and deteriorated when in contact with free radicals, oxygen, bacteria, and UV rays during the conventional capsulation process.

The freeze-drying technology at our manufacturing site makes live cell therapy now available to the public in capsule form. Advancement has also been made by combining other valuable ingredients such as spirulina, wheatgerm oil and aloe vera to maximize the results of live cell renewal therapy.


Nitrogen-filled technology: to protect live cells and prevent oxidation. Nitrogen-filled technology prevents decomposition of living cells as without oxygen there is no oxidation and hence MyDear Sheep Placenta Plus is a "living capsule" whereby the cells are biologically alive.

The placenta live cells and other substances will be damaged once they contact with bacteria, sunlight and water. Other products, using normal capsulation technology, the air in the capsule will be oxidized by the free radicals in capsule and caused damage to the placenta live cells. This will cause the live cell to be death cells and other substances in the capsule will be oxidized as well.


DoChen Beauty Gold Sheep Placenta PlusEnteric-coated Capsule - No.1 in the world Enteric -coated capsulation technology (EUDRAGIT R).

The Enteric-Coated technology ensures each capsule of MyDear Sheep Placenta Plus Capsule delivers all the unique ingredients to the small intestine, and proven to increase absorption of ingredients by 3-4 times.

It prevents acid and bile destruction of the capsules in the stomach and ingredients are released only in the intestine where nutrient absorption is maximized. Enteric-Coated Purtier placenta capsules can be consumed before or after meals.


Modern emulsification technology (nano-technology) enables larger molecules to be completely absorbed by the bile-chylomicron pathway.

Benefits of DoChen Beauty Gold Sheep Placenta Plus:

1) Skin even tone complexion Lifts and firms

2) Improves saggy skin Moisturizes and reduces wrinkle and fine lines

3) Enhances skin metabolism

4) Regulates skin’s natural secretion and reduces pore size


-       Sheep Placenta Plus Extract (50:1)

-       Wheatgerm OilL

-       Inseed Oil (Flaxseed Oil)

-       Spirulina Powder

-       Aloe Vera Powdered Extract (200:1)

-       Colostrum Powder

-       Lecithin Vegetable Oil

-       White Beeswax

-       Soyabean Oil


Recommended Daily

Intake First 1-2 months: 2 capsules daily.

Maintenance: 1 capsule daily.


DOCHEN羊胎素GOLD PLUS - 1瓶(25,000 MG)



DoChen美容黃金羊胎素Plus是完全符合國際GMP(良好生產規 範),ISO9001,14001,新西蘭食品安全局(NZFSA),新西蘭的醫療器械安全管理局(MEDSAFE),GLP(良好實驗室規範),TQM 線(全面質量管理)以及SOP(標準作業程序)嚴格標準。


用冷凍乾燥技術,活細胞可以保存,並保持生物活性為3-4歲。 MyDear金羊胎盤Plus使用僅新鮮健康羊胎盤和被提取並用最新的冷凍乾燥技術保存以保持其生物活性,在最大水平。










DoChen美容黃金羊胎素PlusEnteric包覆膠囊 - 世界第一腸溶包衣的封裝技術(EUDRAGIT R)。













- 羊胎盤提取物加(50:1)

- 小麥胚芽OilL

- Inseed油(亞麻籽油)

- 螺旋藻粉

- 蘆薈粉末提取物(200:1)

- 牛初乳粉

- 卵磷脂植物油

- 白蜂蠟

- 豆油








Here's an interview with the creator of DoChen Sheep Placenta supplement:

1.) Brief introduction of self and current affiliation with DoChen Beauty ?

Hi I am Dr Victor Chen, and I have been working on stem cells and researching for better ways to formulate placenta stem cells products for over 15 years now.

This latest collaboration with DoChen Beauty incorporates the latest discoveries and technology and far supersedes previous placenta stem cell products.

2.) Brief history and origins of embryo / placenta technology ?

Live cell therapy has been around for centuries upon centuries. You all will friends promoting you many sorts of anti-aging products that comes and go. This year it is this product and next year they are on to another, but live cell therapy has remained and growing in popularity.

Modern live cell therapy began in Clinic La Prairie and each year a privileged few will seek treatment at its prestigious clinic.

At elite clinics like La Prairie such stem cell treatments remain the gold standard.

However with the advent of breakthrough technologies such as emulsification we can absorb bigger antiaging molecules orally, freeze drying,  enteric coating and nitrogen filling in the capsules to prevent cellular decay, we can now offer you an affordable oral placenta cell therapy with comparable effectiveness.

3.) Detailed benefits of embryo / placenta.

The benefits of placenta live cell therapy is immense. Diseases and aging all starts at a cellular level. Likewise with stem cell therapy we treat each tissue and organ at the cellular level. Cell therapy repairs worn out cells that are malfunctioning in organs  and help in disease like diabetes,      lung problems, kidney problems and lethargy and dementia. When our organs malfunction disease sets in. Cell therapy gives our organs a new lease of life and reverses aging in our organs and gives us vitality to live longer and healthier.

2.) Brief history and origins of embryo / placenta technology ?

Live cell therapy has been around for centuries upon centuries. You all will friends promoting you many sorts of antiaging products that comes and go. This year it is this product and next year they are on to another, but live cell therapy has remained and growing in popularity.

Modern live cell therapy began in Clinic La Prairie and each year a privileged few will seek treatment at its prestigious clinic.

At elite clinics like La Prairie such stem cell treatments remain the gold standard.

However with the advent of breakthrough technologies such as

A. emulsification technology so we can absorb bigger antiaging molecules orally,

B. freeze drying technology so the live cells remain alive and vital in the capsule

C. Eudragit enteric coating technology which prevents acid destruction of vital antiaging nutrients and targets it to be released in the intestine for absorption. As a result the absorption is 4 times higher compared to non enteric coated brands.

D. and nitrogen filling in the capsules to prevent cellular decay, we can now offer you an affordable oral placenta cell therapy with comparable effectiveness

4.) Brief Describe production process of DoChen beauty products.

DoChen Beauty sheep placenta starts from the finest and specially bred Lincoln sheep which are bred for its placenta unlike other brands which uses placenta as a byproduct from sheep killed for its meat.

The sheep placenta is then tested for diseases such as Mad Cow's disease, Scrapie and foot & mouth diseases which can be transmitted to humans.

The sheep placenta capsules are then made using the strictest and most stringent standards in compliance with the Good manufacturing practices, New Zealand Food Safety Board and the Therapeutics Goods Administration of Australia.










現代活細胞療法開始在臨床上的La Prairie每年少數特權將尋求治療在其著名的診所。

在精英診所喜歡的La Prairie等幹細胞治療仍然是黃金標準。



胎盤活細胞療法的好處是巨大的。疾病和老化的一切都開始在細胞水平上。同樣,與幹細 胞治療,我們對待每一個組織和器官的細胞水平。細胞療法修復磨損細胞,故障器官和疾病如糖尿病,肺部疾病,腎臟問題和嗜睡和老年癡呆症的幫助。當我們的器 官疾病的故障集,細胞療法給我們的器官生活的新租約,並在我們的器官老化逆轉,使我們的活力長壽和健康。

















It is amazing how fast time flew. Everything felt just like yesterday but it has already been one whole decade. Ten years can be a very concerning figure, more so for us ladies. Friends have often asked how I manage to look the same after all these years and I am delighted to share with you today my little secret of preserving youth and beauty.

Firstly, I must say that I am honoured to be invited to introduce DoChen Beauty, a wonderful product produced using sheep embryo and placenta technology.

DoChen Beauty helped us to preserve our vitality, restore our youth and extend the longevity of our beauty.

Simply said, it allows us to stay gorgeous, longer. 简单来说,就是让我们常保美丽。

With me as your tour guide today, let’s embark on a journey to re-discover the essence of beauty and the vigors of youth.

The core technology behind DoChen Beauty’s successful product has its roots in New Zealand.

Being geographically situated in a remote location allowed the country to develop a distinctive biodiversity of animal, fungal and plant life – a factor that contributed to the emergence of a highly acclaimed sheep farming industry.

The country’s natural hilly landscape, abundance of pasture vegetation and systematic farm management helped produce high quality, disease resistant sheep.

Unsurprisingly, New Zealand is one of the most recognized countries to research, develop and manufacture sheep placenta supplement.

DoChen Beauty has established a partnership with Alpha Laboratories, New Zealand’s most esteemed manufacturer of sheep placenta supplements.
多美还和纽西兰最具权威的羊胎素辅助品生产商(Alpha Laboratories)合作。

Its facilities covered an area of 2.5 acres, which make Alpha Laboratories the largest research centre of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Combining both high quality ingredients and state-of-the-art technology ensures only sheep placenta supplements of the purest quality are being produced.

Benefit of sheep placenta

The benefits of consuming DoChen Beauty’s sheep placenta softgel can be summarized to 7 Rs:

Regenerate, Revive, Restore, Renew, Repair, Replenish and Rejuvenate…


Stem cells from the sheep placenta transfers their vibrant life force into the old, degenerating human cells, healing as well as regenerating the human cells quickly and revived its functions with restored efficiency and renewed vitality.

Essentially, the human body is stimulated to repair itself and the replenished cells will ultimately result in a rejuvenated physical appearance. It is similar to reversing one’s biological clock and is a very potent, natural mechanism of anti-ageing defence that promises a longer, healthier and energetic life.
最重要的是,一旦人体机能已经能自我修复,加上新生的活化细胞, 我们的外表就会闲得焕然一新。如同生理时钟得逆转,

DoChen Beauty utilizes this sheep placenta technology in the form of enteric-coated softgel, which is orally ingested. The highest standards are adopted in the process of sheep placenta selection to ensure only placentas of the best quality are chosen to produce the softgel to guarantee results and safety.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the journey to re-discover beauty and youth brought to you by DoChen Beauty. It has strengthened my faith in this fantastic product and I sincerely hope to share the same miracle I have experienced with all of you. DoChen Beauty is well and truly the modern day Elixir of Youth.



Qualification: MBBS, MBA

Occupation: Medical Director,

Exercise: Swimming, badminton, football, Triathlon

Supplements: Takes a host of them but changes the combination regularly. Examples are Vitamin E, Omega 3, Spirulina

Dr. Victor WS Chen is the author of three health books entitled Staying Healthy, Staying Vital, Age Without Getting Old and Healing From The Beehive. “The best medication is education,” he declares. He says that he writes so that he can impart an ‘understanding’ about health principles. He stresses that an ‘understanding’ is different from just facts. “Eating too much fat is bad” is a fact. But this is different from understanding why overeating fat is bad and what fat does in the body. Understanding, he adds, will make one want to make changes voluntarily. “Understanding the basis of health will not only improve your health but also guard your pocket on over-spending on health products,” he emphasizes. He is a Western trained doctor from the University of Western Australia. Instead of going into medical practice, he opted for a commercial-oriented career. He has exposure in the sales and marketing of both drugs and consumer health products.

Dr. Chen has been involved in product development, clinical trials, drug regulatory work and healthcare product launches. He was the Medical Director for Abbott Laboratories (Malaysia), Medical Director for Pharmacia (Malaysia/Singapore), Head of Scientific Affairs (Asia) of Altana Pharma and Medical Director of the Vidalin Corporation. Dr. Chen has worked on the development of over 100 drugs and over-the-counter products involving infectious diseases, gastroenterology, anesthesiology, skin science, medical and paediatric nutrition.

Dr. Chen believes that he is in a good position to impart understanding of health principles because of his multi-pronged exposure to the world of healthcare and supplementary diets. “I know what are the benefits and limitations of drugs and health supplements,” he acknowledges. How does one combine health education and the commercial interests of healthcare product companies? He reveals that as a medical director, he has to strike a balance between the demands of the marketing department to boost product sales and that of the medical department to ensure the quality and effectivenes of the developed product.

As an author of health books, Dr. Chen stresses that he is neutral, and does not promote any product. “My perspective is not myopic. I don’t see health as individual tree trunks in a jungle but rather, I appreciate the whole forest,“ he enthuses, “Health is not just about a pill, a particular diet or an exercise regiment.”

From his experience, he finds that Malaysian consumers are very gullible when it comes to healthcare product claims and expresses concern that some 70% of products on the shelves are not registered nor regulated by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. “Consumers like to follow fads, following a product which claims to be a panacea for all health problems. The fads normally lasts about 6 months,’ he says. On the other hand he notes that, the educated consumer is privileged because of the wider range of options for healthcare conservation today compared to 10 years ago. A good example is that accessibility to health related products and services are increasing while costs are dropping for organic and functional foods. In addition to that, there is now a wider spectrum of complementary therapies that are now available in the country.

Dr. Chen sees merit in both Western medicine and complementary medicine. “Both need each other and both sides should know the limitations of the other,” he adds.

Dr. Chen is currently planning to launch two more health books and designing a series of courses on health, nutrition and skin care for the public.



簡介博士陳司翰 - 方正DOCHEN羊胎素金









入住命門,年齡沒有變老和治療從蜂箱。 “最好的

用藥教育,“他宣稱。他說,他寫道,以便他可以傳授“理解”對健康的原則。他強調, “理解”是事實不同。 “吃了太多脂肪是壞”是一個事實。但是,這是從理解不同,為什麼暴飲暴食脂肪是壞的,確實在體內的脂肪是什麼。理解,他補充說,會做一個要進行更改自願。 “了解健康的基礎上,將不僅改善你的健康,但也



陳博士一直參與產品開發,臨床試驗,藥品監管和產品推介。他是醫務總監雅培製藥(馬 來西亞),醫療服務針對法瑪西亞(馬來西亞/新加坡),科學事務部(亞洲)阿爾塔納製藥和Vidalin公司醫療總監的負責人。陳博士曾超過百藥和過度的 非處方產品,涉及傳染病,胃腸科,麻醉科,皮膚科學,醫學和兒科營養。


陳醫生認為,他是一個很好的位置傳授,因為他的多管齊下暴露對健康的世界衛生原理的理解。 “我知道有什麼好處和藥品和保健品的限制,”他承認。


作為養生書的作者,陳醫生強調,他是中立的,不提倡任何產品。 “我的觀點是不近視。我看不出健康個體



根據他的經驗,他認為,馬來西亞的消費者非常容易上當,當涉及到保健品索賠和關切的 是,在貨架上的產品有70%不與健康,馬來西亞教育部備案。 “消費者喜歡追隨潮流,下面的產品號稱是所有健康問題的靈丹妙藥。在通常潮流持續約6個月,“他說。在另一方面,他指出,受過教育的消費者是因為相比於 10年前的今天更廣泛的醫療特權的選項。一個很好的例子是,可訪問性增加和成本滴有機食品和功能性食品。此外,還有一個較寬的輔助療法是現在在國內可用的 頻譜。


陳博士認為值得在這兩個西方醫學和補充醫學。 “兩者都需要每雙方應該互相認識的局限性,”他補充道。












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