Coppertone ultraGUARD Sunscreen Lotion SPF70+ (237ml)

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Extra sunblock, breathable, waterproof and sweat proof?  Coppertone it's your choice! Coppertone was tested by dermatology and penologist. It combines tenderness and contains less irritation, less sensitive and avoid skin sensibility.

Coppertone is devoted exclusively to developing a custom made sunblock for customers who love outdoor activity. Under the bright sun, the basic features of Coppertone can help you to prepare for the best sunscreen and protection. Also, Coppertone was improved in sunblock, waterproof and sweat proof ability.

•  Protection from the most damaging UVA/UVB Rays
•  Non-Greasy
•  Water Resistant (80 minutes)
•  Broad spectrum SPF70+
•  Moisturizing with vitamin E
•  Dermatologist tested
•  Hypoallergenic

Contains anti-aging ingredients and moisturize skin, so that the skin does not produce water shortages because of the sun. 

Against a broad spectrum UVA / UVB, UVA can protect you from sun damage and UVB rays up to 750 minutes, which is 50 times the effect of ordinary sunscreen. 

Safe, water resistant and not greasy, does not bring any harm to the skin and without clogging pores.  Swimming or heavy sweating can be maintained for up to 80 minutes of sun effect.

Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure.

All skin types


Made in USA

Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisalate, Octocrylene, Oxybenzone

Do not use on damaged or broken skin.  Avoid direct contact with eyes. If eyes are affected, do not rub and wash out immediately and thoroughly with water.  For external use only.  If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional if necessary.

JNUlikePro only sell original and authentic products. All our products with brand name are 100% genuine.

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产品名称:水宝宝超强透气防晒霜 SPF70

•  含有抗衰老成分,防晒的同时深度滋润肌肤,使肌肤不会因为日晒而产生缺水现象。
•  广谱对抗UVA/UVB,可以使您免受阳光UVA与UVB射线的伤害长达750分钟,是普通防晒品的效果的50倍。
•  安全,清爽不油腻,不会给皮肤带来任何的伤害,不会阻塞毛孔。
•  游泳或大量出汗时也能保持长达80分钟的防晒效力。
•  主要是长时间暴晒在烈日之下的人群,日照时间长,防护要更到位!



•  取适量均匀涂抹于身体裸露部位,千万不要忽略了脖子、下巴、耳朵等部位,小心造成肤色不均。
•  防晒霜跟一般的护肤用品一样,需要一定时间才能被肌肤吸收,所以出门前10~20分钟应涂防晒霜,而去海滩前30分钟就应涂好。
•  防晒霜并不是涂上就有效,而要达到一定量才能发挥效应,通常防晒霜在皮肤上涂抹量为每平方厘米2毫克时,才能达到应有的防晒效果。
•  不要混合使用不同品牌的防晒霜:混合使用会增加皮肤过敏的可能性。各个品牌防晒霜的成分是不一致的,如果混用,重叠在皮肤上,有可能造成成分相互干扰或相互排斥,降低了防晒功效,甚至引起皮肤过敏。
•  应用温水、沐浴露、洗面奶等卸除防晒霜,如发现洗不干净,可用卸妆油进行清洁。油进行清洁。

•  请置於幼儿无法取得处。
•  眼睛周围、黏膜等部位请勿使用。
•  如有伤口或是红肿发脓或裂伤的地方请勿使用。
•  万一进入眼睛时不要揉眼睛,请用清水冲洗眼部,如有不适请尽速就医治疗。
•  為了避免误食并保持品质的关系,请不要跟其他容器交换。
•  使用中如有发疹、发红、痒、刺激、痛、热或脱皮等现象时请暂停使用,如暂停使用后仍未好转请停止使用,并询问药剂师或医生。
•  防晒是最容易出效果的化妆品,请按客服提示及产品说明使用,不要因使用不当而再来评价真与假的问题。可以先看评价,为什么有的人说防晒效果好,而有的人却说晒黑了,原因很简单,用量和补涂是防晒的关键。


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