Cheryne Silk Mask

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Basic Information of Product
Product Status/Sales Type New Product No. 823622
Weight (kg) 0.038 kg Country of Origin N/A
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What is it formulated to do:
1) Moisture: Consist of natural moisturizing and hydrating elements with strong water-locking power that can keep the skin moisture at all times.

2) Nourish and Rejuvenate: The active ingredients from the natural silk protein can penetrate deeply into the skin layer and improves skin metabolism. It activates the production skin collagen and generation of skin tissues which strengthen the skin elasticity. Thereby, minimizing the pores and tighten the skin. Silk protein can also reduce the damages caused by UV rays and restores skin vitality.

3) Firming & reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines: The nutrients and water-locking properties in the silk mask improve the production of skin collagen that can firm the skin, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

4) Soothing and Calming: Disinfect, soothes and calm irritated/acne skin. Reduces blemishes. Balances sebum secretion and moisture. Minimizes pores and provide a fresh and clean complexion.

5) Brighten and soften skin: Deeply cleanse the skin and supress the formation of melanin. Reduces skin pigmentation and dark spots. Brighten up dull skin for a healthy natural glow. 

Suitable for all skin types. Applicable to individuals with dark or dull skin, uneven skin tone, dry skin, large pores, thinning skin layer and irritated skin

Direction for use:
1. Clean face. Take the mask out and unfold the mask.
2. The mask consists of 3 layers (White pearl film, silk mask and blue film). Remover the white pearl film.
3. Avoid eyes and lips. Spread the silk mask evenly over the entire face with the blue film facing outwards. Smooth out the mask gently with fingers.
4. Carefully remove the blue film layer from either the left or right edge, leaving the silk mask on the skin.
5. Press the silk mask gently to remove the air bubbles for perfect adherence.
6. Remove mask after 15-20 minutes. Gently massage the remaining essence into the skin for absorption. Rinse off with clean water.

Suggestion: For first time user, use this mask for 2-3 days consecutively for best effect. You may use the mask on a 1-2 days interval thereafter. Use this mask frequently to keep your skin beautiful, bright and youthful.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse with water immediately if contact with eyes. Do not apply to broken or abraded skin. Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs. Sensitive skin users are advised to carry out skin allergy test before use. 
Keep product in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.



1)保湿: 含亲水性天然保湿因子,能强劲锁住水份,让皮肤时刻保持水嫩。

2)滋养:天然蚕丝肽对皮肤的渗透性极强,可透过角质层与皮肤细胞结合参与和改善皮肤细胞的代谢。使皮肤中的胶原蛋白活性加强, 增加皮肤紧密度 产生皮肤张力,缩小毛孔,使皮肤紧绷而富有弹性。,减少紫外线对皮肤的伤害,有效恢复肌肤弹力。

3)修复:面膜中的活性成分能直接渗入肌肤底层,而且与周围组织的亲和性好。可以有效协助细胞制造胶原蛋白和加速新陈代谢。促使皮肤细胞正常生长,修复已损伤肌肤, 让肌肤重获新生。

4)改善和预防细纹:真皮中丰满的胶原蛋白层,将皮肤细胞撑起,结合保湿和抑制皱纹的作用,共 同达到舒展粗纹,淡化细纹的功效。

5)舒缓镇静:细菌消炎,消除皮肤痤疮,淡化痘印,平衡油脂, 收缩毛孔,恢复光泽。

6)提亮肤色: 深入净化肌肤分解黑色素,淡化色斑,去除暗黄,令肌肤光滑、细腻、嫩白。

适合各种肤质日常使用。特别针对泛黄,暗沉,干燥,松弛,肤色不均,毛孔粗大, 细血丝,以及角质层薄弱,需要修复的皮肤类型。

1. 洁面后,取出面膜并展开。
2. 此面膜共三层(白色珠光膜,蚕丝面膜,蓝色纤维膜),中间层为蚕丝面膜,先将白色珠光膜取下。
3. 避开眼睛和唇部位,蓝色纤维膜朝外。将蚕丝面膜敷贴于全脸并抚平,用手指轻轻按压蓝色纤维膜,使蚕丝面膜与脸部贴紧。
4. 小心地将外层的蓝色纤维膜轻轻揭下。注意揭的时候,从左或右缺口入手,留下中间的蚕丝面膜层。
5. 用手指轻轻按压挤出空气,抚平面膜,使面膜完整紧贴于脸部。
6. 15-20分钟后取下面膜。轻轻打圈按摩面部,使精华充分吸收后,再用清水清洗即可。



Lisa’s review: 可能对大家来说面膜价格有点高,可是真的是一分钱一分货! 用过后你就会明白为什么它会值这个价钱了。店主自己也非常喜欢这面膜!每次用后皮肤都美美白白嫩嫩的!效果真的很好!皮肤真的有亮起来哦!真的没车大炮!这款面膜可是我的供应商的主打产品哟!销量非常高!蚕丝面膜的好评和回头客是超多的! 大家不妨看看一下截图 (由供应商提供)。
Yes, I know the pricing may be high for this mask. But, trust me! It’s really worth the price! The effects are sooooooo amazing!!! I really love this mask because my skin is really soft, smooth and fair after using it! Ahh…. Love!!!! My supplier highly recommend this mask to her customers and the responds are really really good! If you can read Chinese, you can refer to the customer reviews (provided by my supplier) of this mask. My advice, try it, just try it!!!!!! You will be surprised by the results!

Check out the reviews from customers!!


Seller Information

Seller Information
Seller Leo and Scarlett
Ship-From Address Subang Jaya, Selangor
Return/Exchange Address Subang Jaya, Selangor
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    • Seller receives and checks returned product
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  3. Exchange
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    • Check seller’s approval on buyer’s request.
    • Buyer sends product in question to seller.
    • Seller receives and checks returned product
    • Seller send new product to buyer, and buyer receives it, and exchange is completed.
  • How to Request for Cancellation/Return/Exchange
    • You can request for cancellation after completing payment and if product has not been dispatched by then, cancellation request is approved and you can receive refund.
      But, in case seller has already dispatched product, cancellation request can be rejected.
    • You can request for return after obtaining product, you should send the product in question to seller.
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    • When request due to change of mind is made after 7 calendar days following delivery date
    • When product is used, destroyed or damaged
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    • When sealed package is opened or packaging materials are lost
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