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Cellglo Creme 21 Formulated in France 21 细亮霜 法国研制 (30ml)

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Basic Information of Product
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Cellglo Cream 21 (France )

Reverse aging, remove wrinkles, fine lines, freckles and dark circles, firming skin, whiten + brighten the complexion, skin moisturizing face and body, balance hormones, detoxification, cell regeneration, if the mouth birth Ulcel, toothache, are can be applied in the mouth, all natural ingredients.

Just more a cellglo enter the ranks of our usual skincare without before discarding skin care products, will enable us to face whiter light, you can eliminate belly slimming + + chest strong.

Products are completely natural plant placenta and the main ingredient line from the microvascular and glandular infiltration of our blood vessels, in order to balance the secretion of hormones! Clinically, suitable for all skin 

Already have a lot of witness.

The 8 main ingredients are 100% from natural wild plants and fruits

** Free from contagious diseases **

8 Main Ingredients and Benefits:

1) Wild Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam)  –

A natural breast enhancer and liver cleanser. It relaxes the muscles, soothes the nerves and relieves pain. It is a treatment for PMS, menstrual and body cramps and rheumatoid arthritis.

2) Wild Glycine Soja ( Wild Soy Bean )  –

Wild soy Bean extract is enriched in amino acids that help to stimulate elastin and enhanced Collagen Type III production, increase oxygen supply in cells and enhance healing processes. It results in smoother, younger looking and more beautiful skin naturally.

3) Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Aloe Vera)  –

Externally, it acts as a curative agent for acne, sun burns and cuts. In addition, it functions as scrub to clean or smooth the skin. Internally, it encourages blood circulation, bowel movement (colon cleaning) and regulates blood sugar. Besides these, it also acts as anti-oxidant that defies aging and as a hormone balancer.

4) Rosemary Leaf –

With anti-bacterial property that enhances internal healing processes; prevents hair loss and encourages hair growth; prevents the production of gray, dry or split hairs; removes dandruff; relieves pain; tighten the skin and improves skin tone and elasticity.

5) Grape Seed Oil –

Contains Fatty Acids and Vitamin E. Grape seed oil is a proven substance of anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, anti-allergic and anti-aging. It is used to treat dermatitis, eczema, dry and itchy skin, sun burned skin and to reduce age spots. It also helps to reduce the severity of diabetes, high blood pressure and hemorrhoids.  

6) Pomace Olive Oil –

It cures split ends of hairs; removes dandruff; moisturizes and reduces stretch mark; and helps to prevent skin cancer. It also enhances the rate of metabolism, reduces cholesterol in the blood, helps in digestion and relieves constipation.

7) Jojoba Oil –

Known as “Gold of the desert”, produced mainly in dry-desert-like lands. It functions to heal acne, wounds, burned skin, cracked and dehydrated skin. It reduces  the visibility of scars, reduces the amount of black head and lubricates dry spot. It allows the skin to look younger and more elastic.

8) Sunflower Oil –

Enriched in Vitamin A, C, D and E. It neutralizes free radicals, protects the skin from infections and diseases, and reduces the visibility of scars. It is used to treat acne, eczema, and sensitive skin that turns red and irritated upon exposing to sunlight.

Why does Cellglò Crème 21 is so different ?

Skin is regarded an organ in our body. It requires delicate balance to function optimally. When the balance is disrupted, skin problems would arise.

Cellglò Crème 21 aims to improve the beauty of your skin and overall body conditions by using one product made of natural ingredients. If you are determine to apply it at least twice a day consistently, in time, you will achieve the results you desire.

Cellglò Crème 21 is your long-term Skin and Body care solution. It is skin care of the 21st century. Once you try it, you might want to use it for life !!!

Not Detected in 113 kinds of Drugs and 456 kinds of Poison.

Not Detected in any Hormone (animal or plants) and alsoCorticosteroid.

Cellglò Creme 21 has Halal Certificates

Nourishment for Healthier Body

Daily Benefits of using Cellglò Crème 21

1) Protect our body from illness and infections.

2) Prevent body allergies, toxics and free radicals.

3) Regulate our body’s hormone.

4) Promote immune system.

Apply twice a day (Morning and Night) within 2 minute :

*Daily usage:  - For Age 20-30, apply once (1x) a day with 1 press – Night only-

For Age 31-40, apply twice (2x) a day with 1 press – Morning and Night -

For Age 41-55, apply twice (2x) a day with 2 presses – Morning and Night-

For Age 56-70+, apply triple (3x) a day with 2 presses – Morning, Afternoon and Night.

Method of Application:

The 6 main daily of application areas for Body and Wellness:

Healing Reactions :

The early signs of recovery of one’s general health include :

► Recharged functions.

► Cell activation.

► Detoxification by frequent urination and excessive sweat.

► Hormonal balance.

Results can be achieved :

► After the 1st day of application or after 1 month.

► Generally, each recovery symptoms may last between 3-14 days.

Who are more prone to experience healing reactions ?

► City dwellers.

► People with constipation, liver and kidneys problems.

► People who are on long term medication.

Who are more prone to experience healing reactions ?

► City dwellers.

► People with constipation, liver and kidneys problems.

► People who are on long term medication.

What is best time to use Cellglò Crème 21?

► Morning: Use 1 press after shower or wash clean before breakfast.

► Night: Use 1 press after wash clean, 15 minute before bed time.

What is best time to use Cellglò Crème 21?

► Morning: Use 1 press after shower or wash clean before breakfast.

► Night: Use 1 press after wash clean, 15 minute before bed time.

Other applications?

► Cellglò Crème 21 can be applied on hair to prevent hair dryness, split ends or hair loss.

► Cellglò Crème 21 can be applied on wounds to stop bleeding and speed up recovery.

Beauty Benefits after using Cellglò Crème 21:

1) Moisturize our superficial epidermal Skin layers on our Face.

2) Providing nutrition back to our Face skin cells, its constitutive bio-elements are nutritive, energizing and regenerating of the vitality of skin cells.

3) Cytophilic, eutrophic skin.

4) Bio-protecting, helping the integrity and the restoration of skin textures and property.

5) Antitoxic – giving the skin layers of protection against bacteria.

6) As it is slightly hypotonic, it has good cosmodynamic properties.

Just one simple application, you will get Amazing Results in just 5-10 minutes.










美丽的皮肤起始于健康细胞。法国生物化学家,帕特里克亚历克斯博士科学性的创造出法国顶级美容水疗效阔 21 细亮霜 的神奇配方。

 (Cellglò) 效阔 21 细亮霜  含有 100% 纯天然植物合物。它含有丰富的植物蛋白质,胺基酸和生物刺激素。这配方含有两主要成份:

1) 毛麦薯蓣 – 是一种薯类植物来之英国。玛雅人曾用它作止痛剂。对中国人来说,它是医药科学里 50 (五十)多种激素前体的主要资源。中国人推它为顶极药物。

2)野生黄豆的植物胎盘素 - 而提供类似脯乳动物胎盘的天然生物效果。 植物胎盘素已被证实能有效的启动细胞再生和改善细胞含氧气的功能。它也能促进及刺激我们皮肤内的细胞产生 Collagen Type III (III型胶原蛋白),并让我们的皮肤保持弹性及亮丽无暇。

除此之外,它也含有丰富的透明质酸, 这能帮助我们防止皮肤上的水份流失。

植物胎盘素能活化我们的皮肤里的细胞并有效的减少皱纹和细纹。 令男性和女性潜在的防老疗法。

将 (Cellglò) 效阔 21 细亮霜 涂抹在后,渗透进血液内的营养将会刺激我们的身体自然产生荷尔蒙,让身体内所有的系统自然调节到顶峰状态。这过程完全无副作用。(Cellglò) 效阔 21 细亮霜 ” 能解决许多因口服或注射的 “荷尔蒙替代治疗” 可引起任何副作用的问题。

 (Cellglò) 效阔 21 细亮霜” 经过临床实验,适合婴孩和到任何性质的皮肤。它不含苯甲酸酯, 动物或植物荷尔蒙,人造色素,酒精,矿物油,羊毛脂,敏感物质,凡士林,丙二醇和其它多种化学物会伤害我们皮肤。


“ 植物胎盘素是百万名女性的最爱和首选之一,包括世界各地著名的明星们。”

效阔 “21 细亮霜” 八大成份:

1) 毛麦薯蓣(山药根)  –


2) 野生大豆  –


3) 芦荟  –


4) 迷迭香叶 –


5) 葡籽油 –

拥有脂肪酸和维它命E。葡籽油被证实能抗炎,抗氧化,抗敏感和抗老化。 它被用来减少老人癍,医治皮肤炎,皮肤敏感,干燥发痒的皮肤和被太阳晒伤的皮肤。它也帮助减轻糖尿病,高血压和有瘤的情况。 

6) 橄榄渣油 –


7) 荷荷芭油 –


8) 太阳花油 –

含有丰富的维它命A,C,D和E。 它中和自由基,预防皮肤和身体疾病以及减少伤痕的能见度。它被用来治疗暗疮,皮肤敏感与晒到太阳后产生的恼人敏感症状。

Cellglò Crème 21 效阔与众不同的地方 ?

Cellglò Crème 21 用堇一种含有天然成份的产品帮助您改善您的皮肤问题和全身的健康状况。Cellglò Crème 21 是由法国生化教授帕特里克博士,也是诺贝尔奖者,采用专利法国的配方研制而成的最新产品。

皮肤被认为是身体的器官之一。 它需要细腻的平衡才能操作在顶峰状态。若平衡被扰乱,皮肤问题就出现了。Cellglò Crème 21 是特别为了持续和有效地净化,滋润,修复与保护您的皮而设计的。它让我们的脸红润,粉嫩,有水份,有弹性,光滑,减少皱纹和细纹,而看起来更年轻。

如果您把 Cellglò Crème 21 涂抹在个穴位上,然后轻轻按摸,营养会从皮肤真皮层渗透进体内的微血管里。这些渗透进血液内的营养会改善体内的血液循环和气流, 让它们运作得更顺畅。当血和气流改善以后,整个身体的功能也将被改善。


利用 Cellglò Crème 21 的日常好处





保持我们的皮肤有充足的水份 。

* 日常使用 。

- 年龄20-30,每天适用一次(1),每次按压一(1)次 – 晚上。

- 年龄31-40,每天适用两次(2),每次按压一(1)次 – 早晨,晚上。

- 年龄41-55,每天适用两次(2),每次按压两(2)次 - 早晨,晚上。

- 年龄56-70,每天适用三次(3),每次按压两(2)次 - 早晨,中午,晚上。



Cellglò Creme 21 清真证书 halal 


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