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Blossom Elixir - Breast Enhancement Drink 丰胸饮品 2盒

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Basic Information of Product

Basic Information of Product
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Blossom Elixir - Breast Enhancement Drink 丰胸饮品

所有女人都渴望能拥有美丽及性感迷人的胸部。Blossom Elixir (丰胸饮品)一个全天然的配方,含有天然草药及成分以帮助女性维持胸部坚实,刺激乳房腺使胸部在次发育及提升乳房。

此外,Blossom Elixir (丰胸饮品)可增长您的自信心,因为它令您有更具吸引力的事业腺!因此,您可把丰胸手术,假乳房,乳房增大凝胶或乳房提升胸罩给忘掉。饮用 Blossom Elixir (丰胸饮品)后,需要提醒您的是:是时候把您的胸换去较大的尺码了!

  • 加强整体乳房结构的坚实和具吸引力的乳房
  • 增加乳房组织以促进乳房升级
  • 保持乳房的青春及抬升乳房
  • 缓解经前期综合症(PMS)的症状
  • 保持体内胶原蛋白以恢复皮肤的弹性
  • 缓解皮肤疾病,及皱纹
  • 增加皮肤的持水能力
  • 促进骨的建设以防止骨质疏松症
  • 作为一个强大的抗氧化(高ORAC值)可延缓衰老过程
  • 巴西莓果粉
  • 阿萨伊果粉
  • 接骨木果粉
  • 酸梅果粉
  • 覆盆子果粉
  • 蓝莓粉
  • 低聚果糖
  • 野葛根提取物
  • 月见草提取物
  • 葫芦巴提取物
  • 大豆异黄酮
Blossom Elixir (丰胸饮品)的功效已被证明。一项关于乳房脂肪组织老化的实验已在France Cell Biology Laboratory 进行。人体脂肪组织在不同的情况下被培养,那就是含有及不含 Blossom Elixir (丰胸饮品)长达7天。在该期间结束后,细胞将洗涤,固定和染上红色油状物。过后将细胞层进行数字化拍摄和红染色定量图像分析。

不含Blossom Elixir(丰胸饮品)

富含Blossom Elixir(丰胸饮品)

***结果表明,含有Blossom Elixir(丰胸饮品)的细胞提高了380%以上的脂质分子相比于不含Blossom Elixir (丰胸饮料)的细胞!

为了确保Blossom Elixir(丰胸饮料)适用于任何女性,一组68名健康而没有怀孕或哺乳亚洲女性被招募。他们每天饮用Blossom Elixir(丰胸饮品)。并在第0天,第7天和第28天纪录结果。正如你所见到我们的见证,Blssom Elixir(丰胸饮品)提供了一个先着乳房体积和坚挺度的提升,事实上,其结果如以下:、

         第7天   第28天
平均乳房体积提升  3.7%  7.9%
平均乳房坚挺度提升 3.2% 6.4%

***这项临床实验中,99.6%的女性志愿者的乳房体积在7天后增加了3.7% ,28天后增加了7.9%!同时,坚挺度在7天后提升了3.2%及28天后提升了6.4%!

Blossom Elixir (丰胸饮品)已被临床证明,它是有效地增加乳房的体积和坚挺度,使你拥有一个更全面,更坚挺和具有吸引力的乳房!

Blossom Elixir(丰胸饮品)为何有效?
Blossom Elixir(丰胸饮品)中含有丰富的植物雌激素,可调节女性体内的激素平衡,有利于乳房提升。它在坚挺和扩大乳房,增加乳房的脂肪组织生产扮演着重要的角色。他们还能够提高细胞膜含水量和还原结缔组织。

我怎么知道Blossom Elixir (丰胸饮品)是安全的饮料?
Blossom Elixir(丰胸饮品)是由100%天然成分和草药组成,可以帮助您提高信心,使自己更有吸引力。因此,即使长期饮用也没有副作用。

谁应该饮用Blossom Elixir(丰胸饮品)?
当我们老化时,激素水平将会降低导致失去平衡。正常情况下,18岁以上的女士应该饮用Blossom Elixir (丰胸饮品)作为食品补充,调解激素和保持青春靓丽的体态。然而,孕妇和哺乳期妇女不建议饮用Blssom Elixir (丰胸饮品)。

男士可以应用Blossom Elixir (丰胸饮品)?
不行。本产品只适合女士们。这是因为Blossom Elixir(丰胸饮料)含有植物雌激素。这些激素会导致乳房增大,改善肌肤及减轻更年期症状。

我何时可以体验到Blossom Elixir (丰胸饮品)的效果?
每个人体制不一样。因此,效果因人而异。在正常情况下,饮用Blossom Elixir (丰胸饮品)的女士可在第7天后发现自己的乳房有所改善。一般来说,胸部较小的女士会比胸部较大的女士更看得见差别。然而,引用了Blossom Elixir(丰胸饮品)的女士,将会在第28天后发现更满意的效果。

长期饮用Blossom Elixir (丰胸饮品)会导致什么副作用?






Blossom Elixir - Breast Enhancement Drink

All women dream if having a beautiful,attractive and sexy bust by keepng that way for as long as possible.Blossom Elixir (Breast Enhancement Drink),an all natural formulation that helps women maintain bust firmness through a proprietary blend of specific herbs and natural ingredients,which responsible for triggering the breasts glands to start growing again and will produce naturally enhanced breasts,firmer breasts and bigger breasts.

Futthermore,Blossom Elixir (Breast Enhancement Drink) will grow up your self-confidence since it offers you an attractive and beautiful cleavage.Hence,you can forget about breast implants,fake breasts,push up bra or gel bra.

After comsuming Blossom Elixir (Breast Enhancement Drink), the thing that needs to remind you are : It is time to change your bra to a large cup!

  • Firms and enlarges breasts
  • Prevents sagging contour
  • Restores breast's elasticity
  • Alleviates menstruation
  • Regulates menstruation
  • Relieves menstrual cramps
  • Maqui Berry Powder
  • Acai Berry Powder
  • Elderberry Powder
  • Cranberry Powder
  • Rasberry Powder
  • Blueberry Powder
  • Fructooligosaccharide
  • Pueraria Lobata Extract
  • Primrose Extract
  • Fenugreek Extract
  • Soy Isoflavone
  • Rice Bran Ceramide
  • Ascorbic Acid
Clinically Proven
Lab Based

The efficacy of Blossom Elixir (Breast Enhancement Drink) has been demonstrared in vitro.Studies carried out by France Cell Biology Laboratory on a culture of ageing breasts adipocytes.The human adipocytes were incubated in the differentation maintenance medium in the absence (control) or presence of Breast Enhancement Drink for 7 days.At the end of that period,the cells were washed,fixed and stained with red oil.The cell layers were digitally photographed and the red staining quantified by image analysis.

Cell NOT treated with Breast Enhancement Drink
The presence of mild orange colouring shows that there is low storage of lipids in hardly active breats adipocytes.

Cell treated with Breast Enhancement Drink
The presence of intense orange colouring shows that there is high storage of lipids in functional breats adipocytes.

***The results show that the cells exposed to the Breast Enhancement Drink took up 380% more fat molecules that the cells not exposed to Breast Enhancement Drink!

Inquiry Based

In order to ensure the Breast Enhancement Drink would work for any women,a group of 68 healthy and not pregnant or breast feeding Asian women were recruited.They have been instructed to consume Breast Enhancement Drink daily during the trial.The results were recorded at Day 0,Day7 and Day 28.As you can see from the testimonials,the Breast Enhancement Drink users have proved it offers a significant increase in breasts volume and its firmness.In fact,the results were shown as below:

  Day 7   Day 28 
Average increases of breasts volume  3.7%   7.9%
Average increases of firmness   3.2%   6.4%

***Note that 99.6% of women vohunters in this clinical trial saw a significant 3.7% increase of breasts volume after 7 days and a 7.9% increase after 28days!Meanwhile,there were a noticeable 3.2% enhancing in breasts firmness after 7 days and a 6.4& enhance after 28days!

The consultion is:
Breast Enhancement Drinkhas been clinically proven that it is effectively to increase breasts volume and firmness which resulting you to posses a fuller,firmer and attractive breasts!

How does Breast Enhancement Drink work?
The herbs used in Breast Enhancement Drink are rich in phytoestrogens which have a healthy hormonal balancing action in the female body and help t0 promote the process if mammogenesis,the development of the breasts.They possess a chemical compound known as diosgenin that acts like oestrogen causing a mimic effect of the said hormone.They play vital roles in the firming and enlargement of the breasts by increasing the fatty tissues production in breasts.They are also able to improve cell membrane hydration and restore the connective tissue.

How do i know it is safe to take Breast Enhancement Drink?
Breast Enhancement Drink is comprised of a combination of 100% natiral ingredients and herbs which can help you develop a new level of confidence and feel more attractive.Hence,there are no side effects that have ever beed reported even in its prolonged consumption.

Who should take Breast Enhancement Drink?
Is is generally acknowledged that the levels of hormones will decrease in consistency and losing its vital balance as we age.Normally ladies with age 18+ are advised to take Breast Enhancement Drink as a dietary supplement to regulate hormones and maintain youthful.However,preganat or lactating women are not included in the recommendation for Breast Enhancement Drink intake.

Can men take Breast Enhancement Drink?
No.This product is only suitable for women.This is because our Breast Enhancement Drink contains hormones that govern the menstruation of a women.These hormoned effect on the breasts enlargement,skin improvement and alleviation of menopausal symptoms.

How soon will i able to experince the effectiveness of Breast Enhancement Drink?
Each women having a unique metabolism,the effectiveness varies from person to person.For Breast Enhancement Drink,many women start to notice fullness in their breasts as early 7 days of consumption.Generally,thinner smaller breasted women usually begin to notice positive changes earlier than those women with larger breasts.However,all women will find satisfactory breasts enhancement results from using Breast Enhancement Drink for 28days.

Will large-term usage of Breast Enhancement Drink cause any side effect?
All of our ingredients are 100% of natural origin and there are no side effect that have ever been reported even in its prolonged consumption.

Dissolve one sachet into 100ml of water and stir well.

For breast enhancement effect,please consume 2 sachets per day after meal.

For hormone balancing effect,please consume 1 sachet per day after meal.Consume at least 2L of water per day for better result.

18packs (10g per packs)

Keep in cool and dry plce.Avoid direct sunlight exposure.

More testimony/information,please CLICK HERE







Seller Information

Seller Information
Seller Amazing's Beauty House
Ship-From Address Gerisek, Johor
Return/Exchange Address Gerisek, Johor
Notice on Return/Exchange 瑕疵品:-

下列情形无法接受为瑕疵品 :


Defective: -
Damaged goods, burst, unable to press out the essence from bottle.

Following circumstances unacceptable for defective products:
Man-made damage, falling to the ground, and so on.

Basically, the goods will checked carefully before sending,probability of defective products is almost zero.But just in case,customers found that defective products after receipt,please contact us within 24 hours after receipt,so that we can arrangements for exchange goods

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