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拥有白皙肌肤的人是人见人爱,车见车载的,我们永远都离不开各种美白的话题,就如塑身一样, 美白同样是大家的终生事业。靓丽的肌肤予人愉快的心情,同时让生活增添光彩。
美好的肌肤就如一件顶级高贵奢华的衣裳,穿在身上能让人变得容光焕发。然而随着时光的流逝,原本如婴儿般粉嫩细白的肌肤却一去不返,雀斑、斑点、细纹则随着而来。为了不受岁月的摧残,为了帮助人们实现美肌的愿望,Beauté Morî 美麗魔力团队研发了Blanc28 ,让问题肌肤在短短的28天内全面恢复健康、细嫩、白皙,就如搭上了时光机,让亮丽童颜再现,并成为时下美肌新潮流。
Blanc 28 是在皮肤活性规律的深度研究基础上,针对皮肤问题进行修复护理,并在4周内全面达致改善皮肤状态的一个美肌治疗保养。
People with fair skin is lovely and attractive. Nowadays, peoples are keep talking about skin whitening and it is everyone's lifelong career just like body slimming and sculpting. Beautiful skin gives us a happy mood, while adding luster to our life.
A good skin is just like a luxury attires, it makes someone looks gorgeous. But with the time flies, our baby-like pinkish and fair skin will gradually dull, while freckles, spots and fine lines are keep appearing. In order to solve the ravage by time flies, and the desire to help everyone to have a beautiful skin, Beauté Morî team have successfully developed Blanc28 treatment to solve skin problems in just 28 days. Your skin will fully restored to a healthier, fairer and smoother condition.
The creation of Blanc 28 is based on the deep study on the regular pattern of skin activeness mechanism, which is focusing in skin repairing and achieve an overall skin improvement in just 4 weeks time.

Blanc 28 打破“美白表面派”的迷思
或许,他们是在期待一种能从根源处淡化黑色素的科技吧,而这样的科技一旦出现那必定是美白奋斗史上的一次革命性突破。然而Beauté Morî突破重重难关,终于研发出了Blanc 28 这个好产品,并帮助人们可以轻轻松松地在短短的4周内改善肌肤,让肌肤恢复细嫩、白皙、滑溜,让人爱不释手。
Blanc 28 broken the faction of skin whitening’s false thinking 
Due to a variety of unhealthy modern lifestyle, whether it is at work or daily life, our body physiology are affected by the environment. It is difficult to change the environment, so we have to change ourselves, but some people may have choose to give up. 
The faction of skin whitening’s false thinking are those peoples who give up in skin whitening without doing anything. They think thatMelanin is hard to get rid , so they presumeskin whitening is just a temporary effect. Perhaps they are expecting some kind of technology to get rid Melanin from the root, and this will be a revolutionary history in skin whitening once this technology is successfully created. 
Finally, Beauté Morî had break through the obstacles and developed a fantastic product to help us in improving the skin condition in just 4 weeks time.

Suitable for: 
Sunburn, ageing spots, freckles, pigmentation spots, facial and body wrinkles, dark and yellowish skin,,skin dryness, enlarged pores, sagging skin, redness, nevus of Ota and other skin problems

1. 逐步分解皮肤黑色素细胞,抑止黑色素生长
2. 刺激细胞加速分裂,加快新陈代谢
3. 逐步淡化并完全消除黄褐斑、雀斑及其它色素的形成
4. 可抑制酪氨酶海性,于黑色素转化成色斑的过程中发挥阻断功效,防止色素加深各沉淀。
5. 抑止氧化自由基形成,增加肌肤弹性,延缓衰老,令皮肤恢复青春,柔软嫩滑美白。
6. Blanc28 会在肤色,肤质得到充分改善后,进行皮肤养护工程抵抗衰老并快速祛除皮肤细纹、松弛、凹陷,实现肌肤0肤龄。
7. 保养出一个更嫩白的肤色和有助于减少皮肤色素沉。
8. 高度保湿 ,使皮肤恢复容光焕发并且增加皮肤弹性。
9. 减少老年斑和皱纹,使肌肤看起来更年轻更皙白靓丽的肤色
10. 抑制皮肤色素形成,使肌肤立即容光焕发,外观滋润与弹性
1. Gradually decompose Melanin in the skin cells, inhibit the growth of melanoma 
2. Stimulate and accelerate cell division and speed up skin metabolism 
3. Gradually fade off and completely eliminate Melasma, freckles and other skin pigmentations
4. Inhibit enzyme tyrosine,blocking the process of transformation from Melanin into dark spots.
5. Inhibition of oxidative free radical formation, increase skin elasticity, slow down skin ageing process,restores a fairer and whiter skin. 
6. After the skin is fully improved,Blanc28 will trigger skin maintenance process to quickly get rid of skin wrinkles, sagging and sunken.
7. Produces a fairer skin tone and helps in reducing skin pigmentation.
8. Moisturized and radiant skin due to increased skin elasticity.
9. Reduce the appearance of age spots and freackles as well as produces a more fairer skin tone.
10. This ampoule inhibits the formation of skin pigment and gives skin an immediate radiant and moisturized appearance with elasticity.

A) Blanc28 Fairness Ampoule (odd days):
成分:蘋果幹細胞原液,傳明酸,蘑菇葡聚糖,量子级玻尿酸原液,維生素B5,海藻糖,神經酰胺,胶原蛋白,去離子水等,檸檬酸,透明質酸鈉,丙二醇,甘油, Triticium小麥提取物,苯氧基乙醇,三乙醇胺,卡波姆,乙基己基甘油,菊花的提取物
Ingredients: Apple stem cells fluid, tranexamic acid, mushroom glucan, quantum grade hyaluronic acid fluid,vitamin B5, trehalose, ceramide, collagen, de-ionized water. Aqua,citric acid, sodium hyaluronate, propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Triticium aestivum extract, Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, carbomer, Ethylhexylglycerin, Chrysanthemum’s extract , collagen, Malus Domestica stem cells fluid

B) Blanc 28 Soothing Hydration Ampoule (Even days) :
成分: 净化水,丙二醇,馬齒莧提取物,聚合草提取物,牛蒡子草根提取物,甘草酸銨,尿囊素,生物醣類膠2 ,透明質酸鈉,苯氧乙醇,乙基己基甘油,卡波姆,三乙醇胺,蘆薈提取物,樱花提取物

Ingredients: Purifyied Water, Propylene Glycol, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Symphytum Officinale Extract, Arctium Majus Root Extract, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate, Allantoin, Biosaccharide Gum-2, sodium Hyaluronate, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Aloe Vera extract, Sakura’s extract

蘋果幹細胞美白原液& 保湿原液
Blanc28 Fairness Ampoule & Blanc28 Soothing Hydration Ampoule
· 用于保湿。
· 能取代部分在真皮失去的水和可能打皱和老化的其他体征。
· 它可以在内心深处达到真皮与结合,保持加水吸引。
· 它也促进皮肤或血液微循环和营养物质的吸收,并有助于维持正常的新陈代谢。
· 它具有调整其吸湿基于在空气中的相对湿度,以及通过清除由紫外线产生活性。氧,斗黑子及其它年龄斑保护皮肤的能力。
· 其超强-sized保湿性能,透明质酸钠会导致更顺畅,皮肤柔软有减少皱纹和各地丰满美观。
· 它减少皱纹的外观。
Sodium Hyaluronate:
· Use for moisturization
· Can replace some of the water lost in the dermis and potentially fight wrinkles and other signs of aging
· It can reach deep down into the dermis to combine with and maintain plus attract water.
· It also promotes skin or blood microcirculation and nutrient absorption and helps maintain normal metabolism.
· It has the ability to adjust its moisture absorption based on the relative humidity in the air, as well as protect the skin by scavenging for reactive oxygen species created by UV rays, fighting sunspots and other age spot.
· Its super –sized hydrating properties, sodium hyaluronate will result in smoother, softer skin with decrease wrinkles and all around fuller appearance.
· It reduces any sort of trans-epidermal water loss that reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

· 保持皮肤或下式的水分含量,防止水分或水的逸出。
· 有助于皮肤显得光滑柔嫩。
· 作为保湿剂。
Propylene Glycol:
· Acts by retaining the moisture content of skin or the formula , preventing the escape of moisture or water
· Helping skin appear smooth and soft
· Acts as a moisturizer

· 缓慢衰老。
· 促进愈合软组织受伤。
· 为美白/亮白剂。
· 富含萃取获得阿拉伯木oliogosaccharides 。
· 它是不含防腐剂的。
Triticium Aestivum Extract:
· The painful effects of aging
· Promoting the healing soft tissues injuries
· Acts as whitening/ lightening agent. 
· Rich in arabinoxylo-oliogosaccharides obtained by extraction.
· It is preservative free

· 作为在皮肤表面上的润滑剂赋予皮肤柔软和光滑的外观。
· 它改善了水合作用,减少了皮肤瘙痒和炎症,加速愈合的伤口表皮/速度。
· 护肤 - 好保湿成分。
· 其深层保湿能力共同地使它在保湿有用的承诺削减皱纹的外观和眼睛和嘴巴周围的细纹
· As a lubricant on the skin surface which gives skin a soft and smooth appearance 
· It improves hydration , reduces itching and inflammation of the skin , accelerates epidermis wounds/ rate of healing
· A good hydrating ingredient in skincare 
· Its deep moisturizing ability conjointly makes it useful in hydrating that promise to cut back the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and mouth

· 传明酸是一种蛋白酶,能抑制蛋白酶对肽键水解的催化作用,紧致抑制黑斑部位的表皮细胞机能的混乱,并且抑制黑色素增强因子群,再彻底断绝因紫外线强烈照射而形成的黑色素发生的途径。让黑斑不再变深,变浓,扩大及增加,从而能有效防止和改善皮肤的色素沉积。
· 早在20世纪末,就被用作为美白改善皮肤色素沉淀的主要成分。与普通美白产品相比它拥有较高稳定性,不易受高温环境及传输系统影响破坏的热性,它不需要各类载体的保护传递效果,达到美白效果。温和,无刺激,特别适合于需要美肤,美白及均衡肌肤色素的人群。除此之外传明酸还能改善整体肤色的透明感和局部皮肤的暗淡,使肌肤再次拥有“白里透红”水嫩嫩的感觉。
Tranexamic Acid
· Tranexamic acid is a protease, it can inhibit the hydrolysis of protease catalytic peptide bond, inhibit the function of Melanin enhancement factor group, andcompletely cut off the formation of Melanin due to intense ultraviolet radiation so that it can effectively prevent and improve skin pigmentation and dark spots. 
· In the early of 20th century, it was used as a major ingredientfor skin whitening. Compared with other ordinary whitening products, it has a high stability which can withstands in high temperature environment and less susceptible to the impact of heat by transmission system heat. And, it does not need the protection of all types of carrier transfer effects to achieve good whitening effect. It is mild, non-irritating, especially suitable for those who wants to improve skin pigmentation and whitening.In addition, tranexamic acid can also improve the overall skin transparency and certain part of skindarkening, so your skin once again achieve tender soft feel and pinkish fair.

β-葡聚糖是优良的免疫激活剂,能够提高皮肤自身的免疫力,有清除自由基的功效,协助受损组织加速恢复产生细胞素,在敏感肌肤修复方面有独特的生物活性。β-1 ,3-葡聚糖在化妆品中的应用增强肌肤免疫力。
Mushroom Glucan: 
β- glucan is the most biologically active in glucan family . In the 1940s, Dr. Pillemer first discovered a material in yeast cell wall which can improve body immune system. Then, after a further study by Dr. Diluzio from Tulum University, he found that the material which can improve immunity is β-glucan. This substance is a polysaccharide glucan, which can be isolated from baker's yeast.
β- glucan is an excellent immune activator, it can improve the skin's own immune system and effectively eliminate the free radicals, helps accelerate the recovery of damaged tissue to produce cytokines. Also, it is very good in repairing sensitive skin’s biological activities.Hence, β-1, 3- glucan is commonly used in cosmetics to enhance skin immunity system.

β-葡聚糖在老龄皮肤和皱纹皮肤上增加表皮生长因子( EGF),将促进皮肤中的胶原蛋白和弹性蛋白增生,从而改善皮肤外观和祛除皱纹。
β- glucan effective in increasing epidermal growth factor (EGF) in aging and wrinkled skin, promoting the growth of collagen and elastin in the skin, thereby improving the appearance of the skin and eliminate wrinkles. 
The ultraviolet radiation on the skin will inhibits the growth of Langerhans cells,if we keep exposed to the sun, the number of Langerhans cells will be greatly reduced hence weakening the skin's immune and defencing abilities. β- glucan has a good sunscreen effect, reduce pain and inflammation, it also promote the proliferation of Langerhans cells to enhance immunity of the skin.

β-葡聚糖能激活免疫系统中的基础细胞---巨噬细胞,巨噬细胞产生表皮生长因子( EGF),从而促进伤口愈合所必需的胶原蛋白产生,同时血管生成因子(AF) 可促进伤口愈合必需的新血管形成。
Repair damaged cells,accelerate the regeneration of the stratum corneum
β- glucan can activates macrophages in the immune system.Macrophages produce epidermal growth factor (EGF) to promote the growth of collagen which play an important role in repairing damaged skin, while angiogenic factor (AF) will promote neovascularization in the process of skin repairing. 
Also, β- glucan increases the ability skin cells regeneration and improve the regeneration rate of the stratum corneum, thus effectively helps in skin repairing and wound healing.

β-葡聚糖提供了一个令人兴奋的新应用:非注射式(肉毒杆菌注射) 天然治疗皮肤皱纹的一个全新选择,研究还证明β-葡聚糖在医药领域,还能够应用到透皮给药系统中来给皮肤喂药或者其它混合物。
Good percutaneous penetration function 
β- glucan provides an exciting new function:A natural non-injection Botox treatment for wrinkled skin, the study also provedthat β—glucancan be apply to transdermal drug delivery system in medical field.

临床研究也表明β-葡聚糖还具有显著的消炎、抗过敏活性,并能有助于皮肤抵御外源性的各种机械和化学刺激。实验证明β-葡聚糖在0 . 2 %浓度时与含有1. 0 %氢化可的松的化妆品中可具有同样的消炎作用,同时也证明β-葡聚糖可以明显降低由果酸等有刺激性的活性成分所引起的皮肤发炎。
Anti-inflammatory and allergy effect 
Clinical studies have shown that β- glucan is significant in anti-inflammatory and allergic activity, helps the skin to resist all kinds of mechanical and chemical sstimulation. Experiments have shown that 0.2% of β- glucanconcentration with 1.0% hydrocortisone can create a good anti-inflammatory effect in cosmetics, but also proved that β- glucan can significantly reduce the skin irritation caused by certain active ingredients such as the acids.

玻尿酸原液是一种透明酸质(HYALURONIC ACID,简称HA),又称为醣醛酸。天然玻尿酸是一种高分子的多醣体,是由葡萄醛酸-N-乙酸氨基葡萄糖为双糖分子单位组成的直链高分子多醣,玻尿酸,原来就以胶状形态存在于人体皮肤的真皮组织中,负责储存水分、增加皮肤容积,让皮肤看起来饱满、丰盈、有弹性。但玻尿酸会随着年龄增长而消失,使皮肤失去储水的能力,逐渐变得暗沉、老化,并形成细小的皱纹。
Quantum grade hyaluronic acid fluid: 
Hyaluronic acid is a clear liquid mass (HYALURONIC ACID, referred to as HA), also known as uronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide polymer, made from grapes aldehyde acetic acid -N- Glucosamine.It is a linear polysaccharide polymer molecular disaccharide units. Hyaluronic acid originally present in human skin dermal tissue in gel form,which is responsible in restoring water and increase skin elascity.However, hyaluronic acid will gradually disappear as we grow, the skin loses its ability to store water, and gradually becomes dull, aging, and forms wrinkles. It is rich in valuable ingredients called mclissa to firmly lock the skin moisture, improve dry skin peeling, increase skin hydration capacity and rapidly replenish skin moisture, hence leavesyour skin looks healthy. 

Aloe Verra extract: 
A natural moisturizer and lock skinmoisture, the effective mechanism helps promote fiber polymeric protein down into NMF, thus increasing the natural moisturizing factor, it immediate increase skin’smoisture content, reducing transdermal water loss (reduced by 20% in 28 days). It forms a smooth layer of moisture film on the skin surface to enhance the skin flexibility in this formula without increasing the viscosity due to its rich polysaccharides and soothing effect. It provides good anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects by it’s containing enzyme hydrolysis process with the skin.

Vitamin B5
Helps cell formation, produce antibodies to resist infectious diseases, and promote wound healing, manufacture and replace tissue cells.

Trehalose is composed by two glucose molecules- the a, a, 1,1- glycosidic bonds constitute non-reducing sugar, and its properties are very stable. Trehalose have magical protective effect towards biological organisms, this is because trehalose will form a unique protective film on the surface of cells at extremely high and low temperatures , high osmotic pressure, extremely dry and other harsh environmental conditions. It effectively protects the protein molecule invariance inactivation.

Ceramide also known as sphingolipid, a lipid present in the skin plays an important role in the process of the stratum corneum formation. It is a structural unit of sphingolipids in common. Fatty acid amide having the structure in the sphingosine amino group. In recent years, studies have shown that when the skin appears dryness,peeling and cracking means its barrier function in skin was significantly reduced, the skin can be quickly restored it’s moisture level and barrier function by adding ceramide.
Ceramide exists between keratinocytes and skin cells, it is to maintain the moisture and important ingredients of skin cuticle. Ceramides will gradually lost with ages like collagen, causing skin appears dry and ageing.

· 神经酰胺是高效保湿剂,非常易被皮肤吸收,并能促进其他营养物质渗透,适用于粗糙、干燥多屑皮肤,尤其对老年干性皮肤保湿有效率为80%。通过氢键形成层状结构的分子复合体,促进表皮的水合作用,从而改善皮肤保持水分的能力。神经酰胺能增强表皮细胞的内聚力,修复皮肤屏障功能,从而缓解角层的脱屑症状,帮助皮肤再恢复,改善皮肤外观,令皮肤光滑有弹性,也可避免或减少因紫外线照射而引起的表皮剥落,从而有助于皮肤抗衰老。神经酰胺并有助于祛除皮肤上的皱纹,除去皮肤皮炎,保持皮肤的弹性。神经酰胺常被运用于一些抗衰老或功效型保湿护肤品中,在神经酰胺保湿剂的研发前期,它更是被广泛运用于眼霜中,力图改善眼部的皱纹状况。
What’s the effect by adding ceramide to the skin? 
· Ceramide is a moisturizing agent, it is very easily to be absorbed by the skin, and can promote other nutrients to penetrate, suitable for rough and dry skin, especially effective in elderly ageing skin with it’s percentage of effectiveness is 80%. Water molecules through hydrogen bonding complex layered structure is formed to promote cooperation with the skin, thereby improving the skin's ability to retain moisture. Ceramide can enhance the cohesion of the epidermal cells to repair the skin barrier function, and thus relieve the symptoms of skinpeeling, and then help the skin restore and improve the appearance of the skin, making the skin smooth and elastic, but also can avoid or reduce skin peeling caused by ultraviolet radiation, effectivelyin skin anti-aging. Ceramides also help in get rid of wrinkles on the skin, remove the skin dermatitis and maintain skin elasticity. Ceramide is often used in anti-ageing skin care products, in the pre-development of ceramide,it is even being widely used in eye cream in an attempt to improve the appear of the eye wrinkles.

Blanc 28作用:
7 days: spot becomes smaller: reduction of the size of spot up to 37% 
14 days: spots becomes lighter: significant improved in skin pigmentation
19 days: the spots become smaller: in just 19 days, the number of visible spots decreases. 
28 days: Clean Whitening: skin significantly improved becomes brighter,fairer, hydrated and comfortable!

· 使用方法
注意: 请使用棉花片或纸巾包着后扭断瓶子
After Careful cleansing, distribute the content of the ampoule evenly over the face, neck, and decollete. Apply light massage with pinching movements until the serum is fully absorbed. 
Then apply day cream or foundation in the evening before applying any night cream. Advice to use 1 bottle perday , 1 bottle able to supply morning and night use. 
(Please follow the number sequence to apply)

· 使用人群: 所有肤质
· Suitable for all skin types.
· 保质时间: 三年
· Expiration Period: 3 years
· 原产地: 瑞士
- Switzerland Formulated

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      After seller checks if returned product is flawed, and approves your request, return is completed and payment is refunded.
    • You can request for exchange if wrong product is shipped, you should send the product in question to seller.
      After seller checks if returned product is flawed, seller approves your request, and re-sends new product.
  • Criteria for Return/Exchange

    You can request for return/exchange within 7 calendar days following delivery date. But return/exchange request cannot be made in following cases:

    • When request due to change of mind is made after 7 calendar days following delivery date
    • When product is used, destroyed or damaged
    • When tag attached to product is removed or package of product is opened and product value is damaged
    • When sealed package is opened or packaging materials are lost
    • When too much time has passed and product value has so decreased that its re-sale is not possible
    • When return/exchange request is made for customized product such as hand-made shoes or accessories
    • When components of product (including free gift) have been used or lost
    • When buyer did not follow instructions included in product
  • As e-voucher products are immediately sent to your e-mail, returns/exchanges are not available. Please take note of this before purchase, and input your e-mail address correctly.
  • As Mobile Top-up products are directly reloaded on your cell phone number, returns/exchanges are not available. Please take note of this before purchase, and enter your cell phone number correctly.

For any inconvenience regarding Cancellation/Return/Exchange, please contact Customer Service at 03-2720 0000 and we will do our best to help you.


  • Please note that, direct transaction with the seller without using 11street payment service can cause problems such as; not receiving the product, receiving different product etc.
  • For sales products and contents registered by the seller, 11street run by Celcom Planet has no responsibility on any of the registered contents.