Age Reverse Secret Facial Spray by Annes Ferms Paris 100ml

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Age Reverse Secret 100ml 

by Années Fermés Paris


3 Seconds all it takes for V Face Spray to restore beautiful tight skin and V face instantly.

Age Reverse Secret by Années Fermés Paris (100ml) 三秒V脸精华瘦脸喷雾 (100ml)

Age Reverse Secret by Années Fermés Paris (100ml) 三秒V脸精华瘦脸喷雾 (100ml)

Age Reverse Secret by Années Fermés Paris (100ml) 三秒V脸精华瘦脸喷雾 (100ml)

Age Reverse Secret by Années Fermés Paris (100ml) 三秒V脸精华瘦脸喷雾 (100ml)


Product Features:

- Formulated in Paris

- Age Reverse Secret using a variety combination of peptides promote dermis collagen and elastic fibers hyperplasia, improve skin moisture, reduce wrinkle. Greatly ease the inhibition of skin wrinkles, make skin smooth and supple elastics tissue to restore the lines.

Age Reverse Secret by Années Fermés Paris (100ml) 三秒V脸精华瘦脸喷雾 (100ml)



Product Benefits: 

Age Reverse Secret by Années Fermés Paris (100ml) 三秒V脸精华瘦脸喷雾 (100ml)

Age Reverse Secret by Années Fermés Paris (100ml) 三秒V脸精华瘦脸喷雾 (100ml)

- Smooth Wrinkles
Age Reserve Secret can penetrate directly into the dermis layer of the skin, promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers, smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

- Moisture
Age Reserve Secret can effectively help skin cell metabolism, accelerate cell growth, improve skin moisture, prevent skin moisture evaporation, so that the skin moist and shiny.

- Upright Breasts
Age Reserve Secret can stimulate the regeneration of connective tissue collagen and elastin, so help flabby tissue tightening, upright breast fullness.

- Pigmentation, Acne Skin Repair
Age Reserve Secret of the active ingredient, can inhibit the formation of melanin, help pigment discharge and also repair damaged tissue, relieve acne troubles.

- Remove Dark Circles, Eyes Bags
Age Reserve Secret may be the best blood circulation, diminishes dark circles due to fatigue, and bags under the eyes while increasing the tightness of the skin surrounding the eye.

Main Ingredients:

Age Reverse Secret by Années Fermés Paris (100ml) 三秒V脸精华瘦脸喷雾 (100ml)

Hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, high-growth factor complexes, light brown silk peptide, six peptides, deionized water, micro-elements collagen peptides, amino acids, seaweed extracts, allantoin, multi-peptides, vitamin C, arginine acid mucopolysaccharides botox, chamomile.


Suitable for : 
- Men & Women

Direction to use:

Age Reverse Secret by Années Fermés Paris (100ml) 三秒V脸精华瘦脸喷雾 (100ml)

- Use after cleanse
- Spray apropriate amount of Age Reverse Secret on face & neck
- Pat on face gently until fully absorbed by the skin




Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

1) Age Reserve Secret suitable for people of all ages, especially for 30 years of age and above. Those people with problem of rough skin, fine lines, pigmentation, dull, flabby, premature aging persons, pores problem, dry yellow complexion, pigmentation, sagging breasts, dark circles, eyes bags and etc.

2) Just spray Age Reserve Secret on the face, result shown immediately after 10 minutes. But if you want to maintain a healthy skin for long term, which requires a certain amount of time, use about a month will get preliminary results, the desired effect is best to use more than 3 months.

3) Age Reserve Secret collagen ingredient presence in small molecular structure, which can easily be absorbed by the body at once, the effect is immediate.

4) Age Reserve Secret's effect never rebound. Because the active ingredient of Age Reserve Secret is pure of natural extracts, has affinity with the skin, by regulating metabolism eventually make the skin smooth and white, moist and shiny, skin repair itself and improved capabilities.

5) Collagen in the skin proportion as high as 72% to lock in moisture, the skin elastic and shiny. With the age getting older, the body will be a gradual loss of collagen, the skin will appear dry and rough aging phenomenon. Therefore, in order to restore the skin younger, it is necessary to ensure adequate skin collagen.

6) When using Age Reserve Secret, we recommend that you thoroughly clean the skin, the face is aligned 15cm from the nozzle and spray evenly on the face, spray once every morning and evening. To enhance the effect quickly, increase the frequency of use. For sensitive skin, at the beginning, it is recommend to use only after the product is diluted, diluted 1:1 with distilled water, then spread evenly on the face.

7) Acne skin does not affect the use of Age Reserve Secret. Because Age Reserve Secret contains plant extracts, has a good bactericidal effect, and thus have good skin repairing effect for acnes problem.

8) Age Reserve Secret application of new protein stabilization technique. When in use, the surface of the skin will form a slightly sticky protective layer, this is to ensure the active ingredient is completely absorbed. Sticky layer feeling of the time will be different for different person, for the first time is generally 20 to 60 minutes, when increase the number of usage, vitality of skin cells and tissues enhances, this time the feeling of the presence of sticky protective film will be shorten, the skin will become healthy.

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