7Focus Leg Slimming 7 Focus 瘦腿王牌 (15 caps)

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7 Focus delivers major benefits including fat burning, breaking down of fat and boosting of metabolism. It contains Vitamins A, B and C which are often lacking in individuals on a weight reduction diet. With the help with our advanced technology: MaxyCore Complex™, 7Focus is infused with Melilotus extract, which expedites water excretion for those prone to water retention and accumulation of internal body fat.

7 Focus contains the anti-oxidant qualities necessary to promote thermogenesis which increases the metabolism of fat. It also helps increasing carbohydrate burn and metabolic rate, maintain energy levels while dieting and fat burning process meanwhile curbing the appetite.

MaxyCore Complex™ (MCC) is an unique technology which was developed by our researchers in North America. The incredible results of 7Focus came from mainly the amazing patent-pending MaxyCore Complex™. This advanced technology infuses all of the main ingredients to our body twice as fast. It also makes them so concentrated, which then help maximizing the already potent slimming effects. Besides, MaxyCore Complex™ is a 100% natural formulation which is scientifically designed to have Dual-Action in order to enhance your weight loss efforts. It also promotes happy mood and protects against cellular oxidative stress. These added synergistic benefits truly make 7Focus a full spectrum supplement.

After conducting a clinical study with 100 overweight asian women and men after taking 7 Focus for 7 days, as high as 95% resulted in reduction of body weight and 98% claimed to have slimmer contour at the lower part of their bodies.

When used with a healthy diet plan, the highly effective 7 Focus helps shaping your calves, thighs, hips, legs and stomach in just 7 days! Love to over-indulge, yet hate the unwanted kilos creeping on? 7 Focus will definitely be the smartest choice for you to have the perfect body.

- Anti-edematous 消水腫
- Diuretic & carminative 利尿和驅風
- Breakdown & burn fat 分解和燃燒脂肪
- Curb appetite 抑制食慾
- Boost up blood circulation 促進血液循環
- Anti-oxidant 抗氧化

Main Ingredients & Functions 主要成分:
- Melilotus extract 草木樨提取物 (Coumarin 香豆素 5%) 200mg
- Java tea extract 爪哇茶提取物 20mg
- Ginkgo biloba leaf extract 銀杏提取物 20mg
- Chilli extract 辣椒提取物 2mg

Melilotus extract 草木樨提取物 (Coumarin 香豆素 5%):
Antiphlogistic, diuretic, emollient, carminative, anti-edematous and anti-exudative.

Java tea extract 爪哇茶提取物:
Anti-edematous, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antispasmodic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. 

Ginkgo biloba leaf extract 銀杏提取物:
Improves blood circulation and acts as antioxidant. 

Chilli extract 辣椒提取物:
Breaks down fats and burns fats. 

- Suitable for female within 18- 60 years old
- Not suitable for pregnant / lactating woman, menstrual period, diabetic, anyone who has terminal illness 

- 适用于18-60岁人士
- 不适合孕妇,哺乳期妇女,经期女性,糖尿病患者,其他严重疾病患者

- Take 1 capsule per day (maximum 1 capsule) before bedtime.
- 每日睡前服用1粒 (勿超过1粒)

Q: How soon will I be able to see the results? 我何時才能看見效果?
A: Every individual reacts differently to any supplement, hence, the result may vary. Most consumers experience significant improvement within 7 days. However, according to our evidence based report and testimonial, 7 Focus reduces the problem of oedema and edematous, reduces body fat and weight issues. 每一個人的身體狀況和反應都不同,因此其結果也會有所不同。大多數服用者可以在 7 天內體驗顯著的改善。根據我們的統計報告,7Focus 能夠有效的改善浮腫和水腫問題、改善脂肪以及體重過高的問題。

Q: Who is not suitable to consume this product? 誰不適合服用此產品?
A: Pregnant and lactating women are not suitable for this product. For those who are on medication or undergoing doctor’s supervision, please consult your doctor or physician before taking this product. 此產品不適合孕婦和哺乳期婦女。如果您正在服用藥物或正處於接受醫生的監督的狀況下,請在服用此產品前諮詢你的主診醫生。

Q: Why do I need to take 7Focus? 為什麼要服用 7Focus?
A: 7Focus is scientifically proven to be very effective on anti-edematous, reduces body weight, and shaping your lower body in just one week time. With the enhanced MaxyCore Complex™ technology, the results will be doubled up and twice as fast. 7Focus 已經科學證明,是一種擁有抗水腫、減輕體重、以及能在短短一個星期內塑造您身材的健康輔助品。再加上 MaxyCore Complex™ 高端技術的配合,其效果將會被大大提升而且更快速。

Q: Do I need to continue consuming 7 focus even i have lost weight? 如果已達到瘦身效果,我還需要繼續服用7 Focus嗎?
A: Yes. It is advisable to continue consuming 7 Focus even you have achieved your desired body weight, in order to maintain your ideal weight in a longer period of time. 是需要的。若想要效果更持久專家們還是建議您繼續服用7 Focus。這是因為7 Focus能夠幫助您保持理想的體重,效果不會反彈。

Q: Will long-term usage of 7 Focus cause any side effects? 長期服用會帶來副作用嗎?
A: All of our ingredients are 100% of natural origin and there are no side effects that have ever been reported even in its prolonged consumption. 7 Focus所採用的成份都是100%的天然來源。即使長時間服用都不會有副作用。

- Avoid consuming more than recommended daily dosage.
- This product is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women.
- Consult your doctor if you are on medication, or undergoing doctor’s supervision.
- 避免服用超过建议的每日剂量。
- 此产品不适合孕妇和哺乳期妇女。
- 如果您正在服用药物或正处于接受医生的监督的状况下,请在服用此产品前咨询你的主诊医生。

7FOCUS 瘦腿王牌(1 盒 15 小包)

对于每个想瘦身的人来说一定都会做这个白日梦 ....

名副其实 ✌��️ 确确实实 ✌�� 睡觉也能����
一点都没错 ���� 睡醒马上就瘦了2.1KG❤‍

不是夸大其词  确有此事 ✋✋✋
手上已经有见证了!!!  你也想睡醒马上就瘦吗??

7Focus 所帶來的好處包括脂肪燃燒、脂肪分解和促進體內新陳代謝。它也含有瘦身飲食裡經常缺乏的維生素A、B和C。再加上先進技術MaxyCore Complex™ 的幫助, 在充滿草木樨提取物的 7Focus 裡發揮完美功效,加速消除水腫以及脂肪囤積的煩惱。

除此之外,7Focus 更包含人體必要的抗氧化劑,提升體內產熱功能,進而提高脂肪的代謝。這也有助於加快燃燒碳水化合物和提高代謝率、維持能量水平,同時在脂肪燃燒的過程當中有效的抑制食慾。

當您服用 7Focus 時,只要再加上健康的飲食習慣,您將能在短短的 7 天內輕鬆塑造完美小腿、大腿、臀部、腿部和腹部。如果您偶爾想要放縱自己,但又擔心自己變胖,服用 7Focus 將是您最明智的選擇。

[1] 消水腫
[2] 利尿和驅風
[3] 分解和燃燒脂肪
[4] 抑制食慾
[5] 促進血液循環
[6] 抗氧化

草木樨提取物 ( 香豆素 5%) 200mg
爪哇茶提取物 20mg
銀杏提取物 20mg
辣椒提取物 2mg

[a] 草木樨提取物 (香豆素 5%): 消炎、利尿、潤膚、驅風、消水腫和抗滲出。
[b] 爪哇茶提取物: 消水腫、抗氧化劑、消炎、利尿、解痙、抗微生物和抗真菌
[c] 銀杏提取物:改善血液循環和作為抗氧化劑。
[d] 辣椒提取物: 分解脂肪和燃燒脂肪。

MaxyCore Complex™是一項在美國研發的高端技術。7Focus 能夠擁有神奇的瘦身效果,主要是因為它含有被稱為 MaxyCore Complex™。這種先進的技術把 7Focus 的主要成分快速的注入體內,並能使它們更為濃縮,進而幫助加強減肥的效果。此外, 7Focus 採用 100% 天然成分,在經過科學研發後,其 Dual-Action 有助您更快速的減輕體重。此外,它也能幫助促進愉快的心情和防治細胞氧化。MaxyCore Complex™ 是我們多年的心血,它成功的把 7Focus 化身為一個全方位的健康瘦身輔助品。

根據統計 100 位超重亞洲女性和男性的臨床驗證報告顯示,服用 7 Focus 七天後,95%服用者的體重下降,以及98%覺得下半身(腹部和腹部以下)有明顯的變瘦了。

FAQ 常問問題:
每一個人的身體狀況和反應都不同,因此其結果也會有所不同。大多數服用者可以在 7 天內體驗顯著的改善。根據我們的統計報告,7Focus 能夠有效的改善浮腫和水腫問題、改善脂肪以及體重過高的問題。


為什麼要服用 7Focus?
7Focus 已經科學證明,是一種擁有抗水腫、減輕體重、以及能在短短一個星期內塑造您身材的健康輔助品。再加上 MaxyCore Complex™ 高端技術的配合,其效果將會被大大提升而且更快速。

如果已達到瘦身效果,我還需要繼續服用7 Focus嗎?
是需要的。若想要效果更持久專家們還是建議您繼續服用7 Focus。這是因為7 Focus能夠幫助您保持理想的體重,效果不會反彈。

7 Focus所採用的成份都是100%的天然來源。即使長時間服用都不會有副作用。


每天睡前服用 1 膠囊。


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