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501960STPC Ready Stock Massager Pump Enlargement Tool 现货 男用真空助勃增长锻炼器

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Sold by Virene Collection


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This is an extremely easy-to-use vaccum penis pump that can be used as a drug-free way to fight ED, effective means of enlarging the penis or just as a means of pleasuring yourself and your partner! All you have to do is insert your penis into the see-through acrylic cylinder that has an air hose and a little hand pump used to suck the air out of it attached to its end. As the air gets sucked out of the cylinder, the penile body gets filled with blood which results in its hardening and a significant increase in its size

Is penis pumping safe?

Sure, penis pumping can involve certain risks but is proven to be totally safe when done in full accordance with the doctor’s recommendations. Most frequently, problems are encountered by those who apply too much pressure on their penile bodies during the pumping process. Penis pumps have been used by doctors to treat ED for years. If used carefully, they prove to be much safer than most popular anti-ED drugs.

Can I expect permanent results?
Yes, if you use Pistol Pump (Passion Pump) regularly over an extended period of time, your penis will gain both in length and in thickness. During the first weeks of usage the observed increase in size of your penis will be only temporary. However, after several more weeks of regular usage of penis pump you can expect the acquired results to become permanent.

How to use vacuum penis pumpHow can I clean Pistol Pump (Passion Pump) after using it?
Wash Pistol Pump (Passion Pump) with usual dishwashing detergent and then rinse it with warm water. If you ejaculate into the cylinder we recommend you to rinse it immediately.

Pistol Pump (Passion Pump) can be used for 4 basic purposes:

·         - Fighting ED: Looking for a way to get an erection without having to resort to the help of anti-ED meds? Just insert your penis into the cylinder and pump the trigger gently. This will increase the flow of blood into your penile body and make it become stiff. Use the cock ring in order to sustain the acquired erection. Bingo! You are ready to get down to business! The vibrating cock ring (optional) will help you prolong the intercourse and give extra pleasure to both you and your partner.

·         - Penis enlargement: You can increase the length and girth of your penis by up to 2 inches each simply by using Pistol Pump (Passion Pump) for 10 minutes daily! Average gains recorded among Pistol Pump (Passion Pump) users are 0.25-0.5 inch/month. Pistol Pump (Passion Pump) Penis Enlargement Method has no known adverse side effects.

·         - Masturbation: Simply by adjusting the suction in the vacuum pump you will be able to reach overwhelming orgasms that feel just like the ones reached during oral sex. Let’s uncover a little secret: masturbation is the thing that Pistol Pump (Passion Pump) is used for most widely!

·         - Prelude: There are thousands of couples all around the world that use Pistol Pump (Passion Pump) as a sex toy in their sex games. Believe us, your girl will love to be in total control over your buddy! Plus, you will also be able to use Pistol Pump (Passion Pump) for your pleasure – it works great to suck vaginal lips and the clitoris! Just place Pistol Pump (Passion Pump) over her vagina and start pumping gently – bet she will never forget the orgasm she will reach after that ! 


Erection Helper

Instructions for use

Erection helper is the latest product specially designed and invented for man, based on the principles of physics and negative pressure acts to help male penis erection in short time. It plays a very good role in improving congenital penis and impotence, repeatedly using may gradually enhance penis’s stout and length and erection may enhance. This is an ideal erection helper for men, and a must have item for those who are looking forward to high quality life experience.


Suitable user target:
Congenital penis and impotence, or those men who are erected but not firm enough;
Improve body function; strengthen the penis exercises and those who are looking forward to high quality life experience.


Instruction for use:
1.       Set condom onto penis, and apply adequate lubricant onto the surface, set the soft plug on.
2.       Insert penis into the vacuum tube, and gradually eliminate air in the vacuum tube using suction gun, until your penis feels sense of fullness on your penis.
3.       When the sense of fullness is disappear, you may eliminate air or gas using finger tip or discharge valve, and completed a section of strengthen training.
4.       Remove penis from vacuum tube.
5.       If you wanted to improve your strengthen training, you may repeat step 3 and step 4.

(Experts recommended that is not encourage releasing all the gas out, just stopping when you feel sense of fullness. In the process of repeating, you may increase the tube pressure gradually to meet with the result of training; Do not insert your testis into the vacuum during use.) 


1.       Only for personal usage, clean it before and after use and product hygiene should be concerned.
2.       Clean it with water after use (Sterilize it with 75% alcohol or disinfectant liquid regularly).
3.       Safekeeping for further usage.
4.       Under-aged people are prohibited to purchase and consume this product.
5.       Use with care if you have heart diseases.

( Please use this product with lubricant. )

真空助勃器是流行于国外很多年的男性勃起辅助工具,完全物理辅助,无任何副作用!让男性更自信、更硕壮。 最安全,有效的增大阴茎产品。安全、自然,无副作用,使用简单。                            
 用真空副压原理精制而成的增大器,也是协助男性阴茎增大的情趣极品,其设计别出心裁,在套筒上还设计了一个自动缓压阀,当您在使用的过程中,套筒内的压力 过大,它会缓慢进入空气,使套筒内压力释放,以免阴茎在套筒内压力过强引起不良伤害。                            
 勃器以男性增大为根本,通过真空泵的吸引和拉扯,推动阴茎内血液的充斥,增强阴茎充血功能,让阴茎时刻处在最佳充血状态,从而激发阴茎潜能,最终让你的阴 茎更粗更大更强,透明的外壳能够让你清楚的看到阴茎的变化,看到阴茎生长的速度哦。                            
 过拉杆式抽气泵反复的吸气产生气压。当您在使用的过程中来回的抽气,套筒内的负压逐渐增大, 压力按摩阴茎海绵体,根据自己适宜范围,达到最合适的时候,按下套筒主体的下端的真空释放阀,负压使阴茎血管扩张,血液流入量增加海绵体膨胀充血;通过反 复来回使用,正压迫阴茎体表面静脉血管,阻止和延缓海棉体内的血液回流,使阴茎反复充血、扩张、刺激海绵内部纤维组织生长,从而达到增大的目的。                            
 阴茎通过塑料套进入套筒内,手握拉杆式抽气泵反复吸气产生气压,在密封状态下阴茎会因套筒内负压充血膨胀增大,根据自己的生理情况自行通过铬合金主体的下 端的真空释放阀解压,反复即可;在停止时,先放压以后再抽出。                            




1.       阴茎戴上避孕套,表明涂抹适量的润滑油,套上软胶塞。

2.       将阴茎插入真空管内,使用抽气枪将真空管内气体逐步排除,直至阴茎有胀满感。

3.       待膨胀消失后,使用指尖或放气阀将真空管内气体排出,完成一次强化训练。

4.       从真空管内退出阴茎。

5.       若想对阴茎进一步加强锻炼,可重复以上



1.       仅供个人使用,使用前后注意清洁卫生。

2.       使用后用清水洗净(定期用
3.       妥为保管,以备再用。

4.       未成年人谢绝购用。



(温馨提示: 这产品要和润滑油一起用哦!)

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