02537New Fang Nai Er orthopedic slim waist slimming pants

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In recent years, orthopedic underwear suddenly sprung up everywhere, attracted the attention of all women, women become a popular product in consumer goods. The birth of orthopedic underwear can be said that the product of the times, when the quality of human life to progress to a degree after the functional requirements for commodities will be relatively improved, so the clothes in addition to cover themselves, warm outside, women clothes design, style, With higher demand fabrics and functional so, and our bodily aging muscle tissue, the effects of gravity, sagging with age, it will produce the phenomenon. Especially in the waist and abdomen because modern women to have children, lack of exercise, sedentary office, nutritional imbalance caused by obesity, muscle relaxation decline, while adjustable underwear due to meet the expectations of women for body curves and by the modern women of all ages.

Compared with the advantages of traditional underwear



Features Name Weight Thickness texture Comfort package price cleaning service life
Traditional heavy orthopedic underwear thick rough around 2 years of tension expensive hand wash ordinary boxed
Fang Nai children slim slimming underwear soft light cheap machine washable move freely around three years vacuum aseptic packaging


Fang Nai children slim slimming orthopedic underwear is based on ergonomics, aesthetic theory and design principles developed by professional underwear out. After the designer's sophisticated design, can be adjusted immediately form the waist and abdomen, showed off slim figure, long-term wear can correct shape, adjust the body, fixed fat, fat burning Cellulite, so the beauty of women again have good posture.
Oriental female abdomen aesthetic standards:
Waist proportioned, medium thickness, rounded, flexible; flat or convex waist, abdomen soft and flexible.
Waist and abdomen bad shape:
Waist and abdomen is the site most likely to accumulate fat, where the accumulation of fat most easily destroy the human body. Fat accumulation level, men and women differ, men mostly intra-abdominal fat deposition, while women in most cases is the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, accumulation of fat due to the different thickness of a portion, to form a variety of forms of adverse waist and abdomen:
1, gourd waist fat in the abdomen (lower chest to the navel) and abdominal (navel pubis) has a lot of fat deposition. Was depressed at the navel belt-like form two enlarged, its shape as gourd-shaped, so that gourd belly.
2, Yongquan major abdominal fat accumulation in the lower abdomen, extend to both sides, and has been around the waist, shaped like a spare tire shape, so called "spare tire belly."
3, barrel waist fat accumulation evenly ring waist and abdomen, waist Alice disappeared, the disappearance of the natural ups and downs of the abdomen in the shape of the upper and lower generally thick cylindrical barrel, said barrel waist.
4, spherical belly fat accumulation in the abdomen, such as the shape of the ball, so called globular belly. Such amounts are large general shape of fat, skin elasticity is acceptable constrain waist sagging.
5, such a situation overhanging belly abdominal subcutaneous fat deposits found in many and poor skin elasticity, causing sagging shape, hence the name overhanging belly.
Waist circumference, abdominal circumference measurements:
Take the stand at attention posture, relax, be measured.
Waist finest office level consistent with the hands at the elbow in the abdomen, horizontal measurements.
Abdominal circumference in the abdomen of the most prominent parts of the level measurement. In the abdomen than the front side to be accurate.
Measurement standard weight: Military Academy's latest measurement methods
Northerners ideal body weight = [height cm-150] x0.6 ten 50 (kg)
Southerners ideal weight = height cm-150] [x0.6 ten 48 (kg)
The basic requirement to wear orthopedic underwear
One can adjust the fit and graceful curve;
The second is comfortable, can be worn for a long time;
Third, adaptation of daily physical activity can be no deviation in the activity, maintain beautiful curves.
Second, wearing method:

The first step is to wear into the legs, then slowly pulling the waistband, while pulling, while slowly twisting hips.
The second step will be the crotch and belts to adjust to the most appropriate site.
The third step will be ranked buttoned to the optimum position.
Special note: counterfeit products will bring you the following consequences
1, fabric poor, airtight, do not sweat
2, less flexible cloth, use a short time
3, nano-infrared poor, affecting blood circulation
Third, the key recommendation of the crowd:
1. Abdominal obese women;
2. want to keep slim women;
3. Long-term movement of women sitting in front of a computer rarely;
4. After birth the child's waist loose women (especially suitable for 3 years);
5. Using a variety of instruments, but the effect of weight loss is slower women.
Fourth, the washing and maintenance: To avoid breaking the hook during the washing of fabrics, please fasten breasted.
Underwear special washing liquid shower gel dissolved in warm water, soak for 5-10 minutes underwear, do not use bleach.
After the hand rub, rinse thoroughly with water, to prevent leaving a residue detergent.
Wring their hands, the shrinkage of underwear leveled to the status quo, not iron, to avoid distortion.
Please underwear hanging on in a cool ventilated place to dry naturally, not directly on the sun exposure, in order to avoid color distortion.
To extend the life of the product during storage Please keep clothing flat, to avoid the store with underwear and camphor products, so as not to lose their elasticity fabric.
V. Note: * Pregnant women, disabled;
* Waist abdominal surgery only recovered after three months of use.

Size: in small yards, the yards, big yards, four yards to increase

Foot code 64 (S code) 70 (M code) 76 (L code) 82 (XL)
Hips (cm) 84-90 88-94 92-98 98-105
Waist (cm) 62-66 65-71 70-76 75-81
Weight 80-10095-120 110-135120-145
Photographed please indicate the size, or delay the delivery time a rate is not responsible for the restaurant.
This shaping pants as cans sealed package, so we will not accept the post open escape or return. Please carefully before you buy a good size amount they need. Bought inappropriate, can not be returned.



At least 3 cm above the narrow waist; waist and abdomen fat immediately leveled, abdomen bump disappeared, was flat state; hip lift more than 15o.

Seller Information

Seller Information
Seller Ai2shopping
Ship-From Address Batu Pahat, Johor
Return/Exchange Address Batu Pahat, Johor
Notice on Return/Exchange Due to the nature of the merchandise, we will not exchange or refund any items that have been used or washed.
Please check the size chart when ordering and ensure you receive the correct item by checking the label on the wrapping when you receive it.
An exchange will only be made if there is a fault in the garment within 30 days.

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    • Check seller’s approval on buyer’s request.
    • Buyer sends product in question to seller.
    • Seller receives and checks returned product
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    • When request due to change of mind is made after 7 calendar days following delivery date
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