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(Hot Sell)Taiwan Magic Tea Slim Patch (Free 1 slim gel)01990


 Sleeping also will be THIN !!! Hot at Taiwan now!

Package : 6 piece + Free 1 Slim Gel / Box

Storage : Store in a cool and dry place.

Expiry : 36 months

Ingredients :

Weight reduction grass, rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, herba lycopi, rhizoma alismatis, fructus crataegi, endothelium comeum gigeriae galli, natrii sulfas, radix et rhizoma rhei, frustus aurantii immaturus, cortex magnoliae officinalis, herba speranskiae tuberculatae, lignum sappan, actives extracted from onganisms (MS-135)

Scope of Application :

Rehabilitation and health protection for people, who have redundant flesh at waist and belly and fat men.

Usage :

Clean the skin, reveal the sticky prevention paper, paste it directly on the navel after supper or before sleep, 1 piece per day.

Reveal it after 8-12 hours.

7 days per box, that means continuing use it for 6 days and rest 1 day, allowing it has the most effect.

4 boxes consitute a period of treatment.

Use slim patch at morning, slim gel at night.

Use slim gel at morning, slim patch at night.

Magic Tea of Adhibition is a humanization designed product for weight-reducing through externally applying.

The new generation product for weight reduction is supported by herbalist doctor union of Taiwan, supervised by the Taiwan female health and weight reduction study centre, and manufactured by the TianJin Shiji Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Researchers of the products, cooperating with many famous experts and professors in traditional Chinese medicine, endocrinology and nutriology, have made in-depth study on the traditional plant prescription of hill tride and the achievement of Chinese medicine and pharmacology in the weight-reducing field, combined with the developing direction for weight-reducing of domestic and foreign markets, and applied transdermal slow-release technology and low-temperature ion-exchange technology of modern Chinese medicine and pharmacology.

Notes :

● A small number of people may have skin sensibility. It will be cured after stoping use it without any other treatment.

● Following people shouldn't use it. Who has fextered skin on paste position, pregnant woman and who has cesarean section in 3 months.


魔茶睡睡瘦是根据中医理论为基础,采用现代国际先进的透皮吸收技术,可通过人体神阙穴(脐部)直接作用于人体体内,调节内分泌平衡,促进细胞新陈代谢, 有效通过皮下毛细血管进入脂肪堆积部位,快速分解脂肪,抑制脂肪形成。睡睡瘦春季强效装选择晚上时间使用,晚上贴,早上瘦,在睡觉的过程中不知不觉睡出完 美身材,全新的睡觉减肥法开创了减肥新纪元,谱写了瘦身新公式,独特的穴位减肥作用于肥胖根源,并非单一减脂肪,而是以点带面瘦全身,收腹提臀塑造持久的 完美身材!

















排 瘀收腹贴是由采用国际先进超临界液体萃取技术从二十几味天然名贵中药材中提取的活性药物精华,富含宝德科技独有的BD—ZHT(宝德植物活性体),选择人 体经络的总枢、百穴之王——肚脐(神阙穴)为主要给药治疗途径。药物贴敷肚脐后,有效成份药气离子能迅速通过皮肤进入人体内的血液循环系统,发挥作用。
    a.恢复人体正常新陈代谢功能:肥 胖者的物质代谢与正常人相比有明显差异,在饮食条件相同情况下,肥胖者的合成代谢比正常人亢进,特别是脂肪合成增加而分解减少。排瘀收腹贴通过药物穴位刺 激,恢复正常新陈代谢、平衡能量代谢、物质代谢,抑制脂肪的合成、促进体脂的动员及脂肪的分解,重建体内脂肪代谢平衡机能;
    b.调节胃肠道、胰脏功能:胃 肠功能紊乱会导致水分无法在体内代谢,从而导致多余的水分推积在体内,而脂肪的分解作用也无法正常发挥。另外,胰脏功能低下,会导致将糖分分解转化为热量 的荷尔蒙(胰导素)的不足,所以不仅是糖分的代谢,包括脂肪、蛋白质、水和矿物质的代谢也会出现异常,其结果人体为补充能量而暴饮暴食,以致脂肪屯积,形 成肥胖。排瘀收腹贴调节胃肠道、胰脏等脏腑功能,改善人体内环境,进而充分阻断多余脂肪在体内的再蓄积;
    c.调理内分泌:内分泌紊乱、激素分泌不正常如:胰 岛素、肾上腺素、女性荷尔蒙的异常分泌都可以导致肥胖。如:体内雌激素分泌过多时,脂肪合成加快;雌激素分泌过少时,饱腹神经受到抑制减弱,食欲大增,摄 入更多的食物,从而更多的脂肪在体内屯积。排瘀收腹贴调理内分泌,排除体内“三瘀”,斩断存在于体内的“肥根儿”,彻底解决肥胖问题,健康安全不反弹。

暴食型:顾名思义,这种人就是那种食欲旺盛的“大食客” 。这种人如能强制节食,可暂时瘦下来,但一旦控制不住食欲时,?谢岱吹乩矗液苡锌赡鼙纫郧案帧?
压力型:由于压力所造成的肥胖又被称作“肝胃郁热肥胖”。压力过大肝(中医的“肝” 除有西医的肝脏功能之外,还有中枢神经系统、自律神经系统、运动神经系统的功能)功能下降。甚至会影响到胃,使胃发热,食欲异常旺盛。
水肿型:又被称为“痰湿内蕴肥胖” ,臀部和大腿浮肿,也就是所说的“下半身胖”的人。这是因身体的排水功能教差,多余的水分在体内积聚所造成的肥胖。
贫血型:学名为“血虚肥胖” 。因体内血液不足,身体基本机能下降,代谢功能发生异常,最终导致肥胖。


第一  绿色包装 包装上有消费者正品防伪标志

第二 每盒6贴的规格 每一盒都用送一支易抹瘦日用装


第三 每盒里面有一份魔茶的彩页说明书

第四 里面的每一个药贴片外面都有魔茶LOGO的密封铝箔袋

第五 每个贴片的药片上 都有一个超导红外永磁石 是调节新城代谢的原理

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Seller Information
Seller Ai2shopping
Ship-From Address Batu Pahat, Johor
Return/Exchange Address Batu Pahat, Johor
Notice on Return/Exchange Due to the nature of the merchandise, we will not exchange or refund any items that have been used or washed.
Please check the size chart when ordering and ensure you receive the correct item by checking the label on the wrapping when you receive it.
An exchange will only be made if there is a fault in the garment within 30 days.

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