01687Fang Nai Er magic of natural bamboo carbon fiber body orthopedic clothing

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[Fabric] bamboo carbon fiber - Nylon Lycra
[Washing] warm, dry naturally
[Material] high-tech nanoscale bamboo carbon fiber
Bamboo carbon 360X: adsorption odor, moisture, heat, bacteria, antimicrobial, antistatic, shielding electromagnetic radiation
Bamboo carbon magic clothing features:
◎ original no steel reinforced, no hooks, no zipper, unrestrained body sculpture, S-type out!
◎ design using dynamic shift fat, back, chest, waist Tuntui, 15. sculpting elastic zone, tighten fat, fat transfer, small 3-inch waist soon, very soon posture up!
◎ particular the use of diamond grade bamboo carbon fiber, release super far infrared, to speed up blood flow, exercise fat, once put, continuous transfiguration!
◎ carbon nano-days to prime the whole bamboo fiber fabric, flexible, powerful sculpture waist curve, so Waist immediately reduce one to two inches, improve bucket waist
◎ special X-type hip cut home strong body, completely covered so hip, prop concentrated, rounded compact
◎ side of the three-dimensional cut, coating resistance, focus pushing the chest to prevent sagging, focused firm, deep cleavage, resolved annoying problem of milk paid to prevent breast sagging foreign expansion, so you get the perfect breast shape.
◎ special tailoring, strong hips and thighs curve sculpture, remove excess fat and improve cellulite, so the legs more slender type.
◎ Forced crop, stomach lining adopt special inelastic tight fabric, sculpture flat belly

If at any time you want to consume fat, if you want to eat and drink are not fat, if you want just given birth rushed to restore body, a magic clothing is equivalent to have a corset belt, a girdle, a leg trousers, a care bras, wear more girly now the most expensive diamond bamboo carbon fiber fabrics, and the cost is only the price of a set of ordinary underwear, really value!

Bamboo carbon magic clothing features:
The humidity but breathable nano bamboo charcoal underwear has to absorb harmful substances, decomposition also has sweat deodorant and inhibits the growth of bacteria and eliminate odors sculpting and anti-convergence Xie, improve sleep and other effects. It can be when you put on body, massage your skin with internal organs, skin breathe easier, more flexible, better metabolism. Without any dyed, natural color, more environmentally friendly and healthy.

Massage internal organs, sculpture appearance, activation of the body

1, using natural materials no radiation hazard. It's warm, because the material used is a diamond grade of far infrared fiber, can absorb the outside world and the human body temperature, to achieve thermal insulation function, the study detected, adjust the temperature effect of bamboo charcoal yarn is a general cotton products times.
2, bamboo charcoal yarn can promote blood circulation, body care diet: textile research found that bamboo carbon clothing can increase the superficial capillary blood flow within the body by about 30%, effectively reducing the risk of disease. The blood circulation is good and helps to metabolize excess subcutaneous fat, prevent fat accumulation, or vascular obstruction.
3, bamboo carbon fiber release of far-infrared wavelengths between 6-14UM, consistent and far-infrared wavelengths produced by the body, the body of poor health, the bamboo charcoal yarn far infrared energy can be released immediately to the human body and the human body resonance, helps the body break down water molecules, accelerate blood flow, expand microvascular flow.
4, to promote the growth of far-infrared: can activate the body of water molecules, activation of cells, improve body microcirculation system, promote human metabolism, accumulation of gas in the human body and water, are easy to follow circulation metabolism in vitro, long time down the already acidic aging physical adjustment back. Natural skin becomes shiny and bright

Bamboo carbon knowledge
[Bamboo carbon odor absorbent characteristics] [function] [] [activation function comfortably cool resonance function] [nano bamboo carbon adsorption function]
Bamboo Charcoal Features
1, there is a bamboo charcoal yarn has validated the function, that is "to increase anion, slow down aging," is the main function of anion and "oxygen free radicals", so that "oxygen free radicals" Yuan poison, and "oxygen free radicals "The study confirmed that there are chronic adverse effects on health, not only will cause cell aging, damage proteins, recent studies have found that" oxygen free radicals "also reduce the immune system, accelerated arteriosclerosis or carcinogenic insurers. "Oxygen free radicals" electronic small and unstable to be neutralized by negative ions, you can make the oxidation of cells slowed.
Based on the findings, wearing bamboo charcoal yarn products, the absorption of negative ions, with early morning walk in the park the same effect (approximately 400-800 cc), equivalent to 2-4 times the office, outdoor heavy traffic at 6 8 times. In addition, bamboo charcoal yarn as well as anti-UV function, wearing bamboo carbon clothing, there is a natural protective layer of the body. Can be anti-magnetic wave, prevent electrostatic intrusion.
2, bamboo charcoal scientifically proven, there are far infrared effect, nano bamboo charcoal yarn warm, breathable, absorbent, deodorant, anti-bacterial, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic effects, Siamese girly wear more comfortable without having to starve , pain, muscle pull over pull over.
3, bamboo charcoal as well as anti-bacterial deodorant effect: According to describe, bacteria every twenty-four hours will Reproduction 10x to 10X (2 of 24 power) the amount of bacteria, that can provide much environmental temperature and nutrients, because water and nutrients It is a breeding ground for bacteria, and bamboo carbon adsorption porous, allowing moisture to effectively control, in turn, can sterilization, and control bacterial growth rate. The reproduction of the bacteria will release the odor of ammonia, and thus a substantial addition to low. Effective deodorant.
Moisture smell function
The amount of the fine pores of the carbon bamboo wood plant carbon six times, is the highest level of carbon, since carbon has a dense bamboo pores with an electron microscope at 500 times magnification observation, and assay thermostat per 1G of bamboo carbon pores have a large area 250 square feet to 300 square feet, so super bamboo carbon adsorption function, can absorb moisture, odor absorbing and effectively impede electromagnetic waves.
Comfortable refreshing function
Bamboo carbon fiber through friction can produce about 2,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. Considerable amount of negative ions in the forest, the steady rise of your sleep environment * anion can adjust the balance of the autonomic nervous system to eliminate stress, can promote blood have the effect of sleep, improve the quality of sleep.
Resonance activation function
Infrared part of the sun's rays, is an electromagnetic wave, the wavelength of from about 4 microns to 400 microns, low energy, will not harm the human body, is not free of radiation. Far infrared can be quickly absorbed by the body, the body far infrared deep but will cause vibrations of atoms and molecules, formed through resonance absorption of thermal reaction, prompting subcutaneous Deep temperature rise, and deep skin temperature rise, and capillaries promote blood circulation, metabolism disorder affects blood stasis eliminate all clean, new enabling organizations resurrection, and promote enzyme production, activation of cells, enhanced immune function.

Nano bamboo carbon adsorption function:
After more than 1,200 degrees Celsius temperature carbonization, bamboo carbon fine pores is more than six times the number of charcoal, it is the highest of high-quality bamboo carbon carbon high hardness, having a crystalline carbon, tapping a metal object. Because bamboo charcoal has dense pores with an electron microscope at 500 times magnification observation, and assay thermostat per 1G of bamboo carbon pore surface area of 250 square feet to 300 square feet, about football fields.

Can you imagine a small bamboo carbon has a surface area there are so big? So super bamboo carbon adsorption, can absorb moisture, odor absorbing and adsorbing chemical toxic substances. Functional design, create the perfect body curves, good wear oppression. WHR sculpture, strengthen lumbar support on both sides of the pelvis to the thigh strengthen, let Tunxing focus, narrow hips lower thigh relaxation, reducing pine bark tissue, the modified portion beautiful sculpture curve. Wei pants bottom opening for easy toileting, hygiene and safety. Prevention of intimal prolapse, uterine protection, promote blood circulation, strengthen the lower abdomen and tighten loose upper abdomen.
Bamboo carbon magic clothing size (co-wear range) Reference Table:
Size: small yards, the yards, big yards



64-70 (S, small yards)

2 feet -2.2 feet


70-76 (M, Medium)

2.2 feet -2.4 feet


76-82 (L, Large)

2.4 feet -2.7 feet

























. How to wear
a first wear into the legs, then slowly pulling the waistband, while pulling, while slowly twisting hips.
b the crotch and belts to adjust to the most appropriate site.
C after fixing bra straps and no fixed cover profile.
. Washing and maintenance
a special underwear washing liquid or shower gel 30-40o dissolved in warm water, and soak for 5-10 minutes underwear, do not use bleach.
After b hand rub, rinse thoroughly with water, to prevent leaving a residue detergent.
c wring their hands, the shrinkage of underwear leveled to the status quo, not iron, to avoid distortion.
d Please underwear hanging on in a cool ventilated place to dry naturally, not directly on the sun exposure, in order to avoid color distortion.
e To extend the life of the product, while maintaining smooth store clothing, underwear and camphor products to avoid storage, so as not to lose their elasticity fabric.
. Recommended crowd
Abdominal obese women;
A, I want to keep slim women;
B, very little long-term movement of women sitting in front of a computer;
C, will birth a child waist loose women (especially suitable for 3 years);
D, using a variety of instruments, but the effect of weight loss is slower women.

Seller Information

Seller Information
Seller Ai2shopping
Ship-From Address Batu Pahat, Johor
Return/Exchange Address Batu Pahat, Johor
Notice on Return/Exchange Due to the nature of the merchandise, we will not exchange or refund any items that have been used or washed.
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An exchange will only be made if there is a fault in the garment within 30 days.

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