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[24/10/2017 ~ 24/11/2017]

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  • Promotion period: 24 October - 24 November 2017
  • Order must be made in selected products/ stores featured in this promotion page.
  • Only 300 selected buyers with confirmed purchased prder are eligible to receive the credit
  • Only applicable for products purchased within the promotion period.
  • Credit is valid for one-time use only
  • Credit validity period: 14 days from the issuance date.
  • Rewarded credit will be retrieved if the order is cancelled after successful credit rebate.
  • 11street deserve the right to discontinue the promotion, as well as amend any of the terms & conditions without prior notice.
  • The above terms and conditions are supplemental to the 11street standard terms and conditions for members, which can be viewed here.
  • Lace Panties

    Stretchable & Soft

    RM 98.00

    RM 2.30

    I WANT IT!

    Dribble Bibs

    Design Variety

    RM 6.00

    RM 5.00

    I WANT IT!

    Ice Breaking

    Penguins Mini Game

    RM 79.90

    RM 10.25

    I WANT IT!

    Shower Head

    For Kids

    RM 39.90

    RM 17.77

    I WANT IT!
  • Swimming Pool

    Sling lounge Chair

    RM 119.00

    RM 19.90

    I WANT IT!


    Air Humidifier

    RM 130.00

    RM 69.00

    I WANT IT!

    Decorative Mirrors

    Wall Stickers

    RM 39.00

    RM 14.90

    I WANT IT!

    5 Second

    UV Light

    RM 40.00

    RM 11.90

    I WANT IT!
  • NOVO

    Play Colour Eyes Shadow

    RM 55.00

    RM 22.40

    I WANT IT!


    Diamond Lipstick

    RM 55.00

    RM 51.70

    I WANT IT!

    Super Ring

    14gm x 12pkts

    RM 3.80

    I WANT IT!

    Peach Resin

    14gm x 12pkts

    RM 58.00

    I WANT IT!
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